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junk food problems | why is junk food unhealthy | fast food health problems | here is what happens

junk food problems
why is junk food unhealthy here is what happens if you consume junk food the
definition of junk food as food which is poor in nutrients and dense in calories
over the past few years convenience and fast food consumption have dramatically
increased and today around a quarter of the population predominantly consume of
processed food diet as a result there has been a rising epidemic of chronic
diseases the main problem associated with the consumption of junk food
regularly as obesity it is expected that the obesity rate in 2050 in the USA
alone with reach 42 percent children consuming processed food regularly eat
more carbohydrates processed sugar and fats and less fiber than they need
consuming 187 additional calories every day than they require it’s no wonder
that six pounds of weight has gained each year increasing their chance of
developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease among other chronic health
problems another complication arising from junk food consumption as the risk
of developing diabetes insulin levels rise whenever you consume processed
sugars which are found in white flour soft drinks and other food which lacks
the essential nutrients and fiber to metabolize carbohydrates effectively if
you eat junk food during the day your insulin levels can become chronically
high resulting in insulin resistance over time this causes type 2 diabetes to
set in if you remove fiber minerals and vitamins from your diet you can become
nutritionally deficient this can result in low energy levels sleep disturbances
low productivity and mood swings high levels of sodium found in junk food also
result in the overconsumption of salt this results in heart kidney and liver
diseases as well as hypertension not all the complications resulting from the
consumption of junk food are physical some are mental – a 2015 study showed
that people on high glycemic diet suffered more from depression than those
who had a low GI diet since junk food heavy diets are so bad for us it stands
to reason that we should look for a better way of eating that promotes
well being in good health this is where Whole Foods can come into play you

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