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JUNK FOOD vs HOME FOOD Challenge | #Funny Healthy Eating Moral Story for kids | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi Friends, I am Pihu. Today we are going to do JUNK FOOD vs HEALTHY FOOD CHALLENGE We will enjoy Sister I am also coming. You said, junk food challenge – I will also do. It is not Junk Food – It is Junk vs Healthy Food Yeah, we will enjoy a lot. Yes Aayu, gets excited after listening Junk Food. Look at Aayu’s smile He is smiling OK, I will bring I want Junk Food No, I want Here comes…. Healthy & Junk Food First – Stone Paper Scissor I can smell, French Fries No from here…. Oho, don’t do guess work. Stone Paper Scissor Yes I will choose Junk Food What have I got? Sister has got Laughing I have got Chowmein I have got Rice Cha – Cha This is Peas Pulao (Rice Dish) Mine is very good Mine too Mummy, you have made very tasty Peas Pulao Healthy food is nice This is also nice OK Chowmein was a bit spicy, but I enjoyed a lot I got Pulao, they were healthy But tasty also. I will win in next round No I will win Me Me Me Start next round Stone Paper Scissor Oho… Aayu will choose, healthy or Junk Choose Healthy Aayu you can take healthy Yes I like Idli I have got Burger Mine is tasty Mine too Sister, do you want to taste No Cheating You can’t taste that Pihu’s mouth is watering You tasted chowmein, that time Aayu didn’t ate it. Rule is Rule Yes Yes Aayu Pihu I am enjoying Laughing Now in this round I will win Win Stone Paper Scissor Stone Paper Scissor Stone Paper Scissor Aayu won Junk Food What have I got? Yes and me I like it Open it Open now Orange juice is very tasty Would you like to drink this No Orange Juice is better It is Healthy I also like Juice, more than Cold Drinks. But I can taste cold drink is a challenge Sister finish this juice tasty Father, do you want to drink cold drink ? No my son. I don’t like cold drink. Juice? Yes, I like Juice a lot. Thank You Your Mumma, never give me juice to drink. Laughing I burped I don’t like this thing in cold drinks. Stone Paper Scissor Stone Paper Scissor What is happening? Aayu, what will you choose? Home Food This is mine I saw that What is this? Paratha Sister Just imagine, what will I get ? I don’t know Yes My Favourite You have to eat it I can finish the whole Pizza I can finish this pizza Laughing No Just 1 bite No Eat your paratha Who got healthy, has to eat healthy Who got Junk, has to eat it It is a bit spicy Mumma, please bring some sweet. Stone Paper Scissor Pastry Halwa This is also good But, sister has got a very good option Aayu, I will enjoy a lot while eating pastry I wanted pastry Very Very Very Tasty Sister, you can finish All those who like pastry, like Finish it I will not do cheating Stone Paper Scissor French Fries Why did I got these? I have got Poha (Breakfast Snack) I have got French Fries I already take Poha in Lunch Box Tasty Who has watched our Finger Chips Challenge? In that we ate finger chips with various sauces. I am done What is Junk Food meaning? Because junk food, does not have Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals They can be tasty to eat But, not that healthy But, home food is more healthy But, taste a bit less Stone Paper Scissor Your Favourite Wow Yeah I also got a nice one I have got mango Good that I didn’t ate mango peel. Laughing Let me taste a bit That will be cheating But, still good Today’s challenge was very tasty And very healthy also Yes, you like Junk Food But you allow it once a week. Correct We should eat healthy home food 6 days 1 day Junk food is allowed 6 days healthy 1 day junk food

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