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Karamani  Drumstick leaves Poriyal | தட்டைபயிறு முருங்கை கீரை பொரியல் | Recipe | English Subtitles

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Today we can see a recipe of Karamani Drumstick leaves Poriyal Drumstick leaves are rich in Iron It contains more vitamins and calcium too Karamani is rich in protein and it is a type of pulses This is known as Karamani Combining this Karamani and Drumstick leaves will give a good taste to the poriyal This measure is for 4 persons. I have chopped the big Onion to fine slices and 2 or 3 Red chilies Take some Oil, Mustard and Jeera for Saute’ 1 bunch Drumstick leaves washed. Nearly 2 cups of this measure I have uploaded a video of “How to clean the Drumstick leaves” in my Channel to know the tips Take Karamani and soak it in water for 8 Hrs overnight and cook it in a pressure cooker with 2 whistles Or, you can soak it 1 Hr at morning hrs and cook it in cooker for upto 5 or 6 whistles. Add salt only to the cooked Karamani and mix it by your hand. I have added 2 spoon oil to the pan. Add 1/2 spoon Mustard and 1/2 spoon Jeera for saute’ing Since I am adding Karamani I skipped Bengal gram and Urad Dhal After popping add the Onion and Red Chilies and saute them well for 2 mins. After sauteing them add Drumstick leaves without water. Drumstick leaves has more benefits than other leaves. Very rich in Iron and vitamins I have uploaded a video on Drumstick leaves soup which will be healthy and useful Now the leaves will get shrink’ed and add required amount of salt (1/4 spoon) to it and saute it well. After the leaves get saute’ed after 1 minute add 1/4 tumbler water to it. It takes nearly 7 or 8 mins to be cooked, so keep close the lid and pressure cook for 1 whistle. Now I put off the flame after 1 whistle, pressure cook. Lift up the cooker weight so that the steam escapes out. I left out the grated coconut and jaggery in the ingredients I told before. Take 1 Tb. spoon of grated coconut and 1/4 spoon of jaggery It is traditional, adding jaggery to Drumstick leaves. Adding jaggery to drumstick leaves enriches more iron content it gives good taste to the dish Some even add sesame seeds which are also rich in iron 1 spoon dry roasted black sesame seeds will be enough It also gives good taste. The added water was less perfect to be absorbed well and the jaggery will melt well in the heat Now add the cooked karamani to the drumstick leaves This kind of pulses contains more health in it There is combo’s for this pulses and karamani is an best combo with drumstick leaves. I have already added an red chilly extra, bcoz of adding this karamani I have added salt to karamani before Now stir it and mix it well until the water is steamed out well and the mixture gets salty and spicy. Now the water is steamed out well and the karamani gets spiced up well It is said Karamani or Thattai Payiru Check the video I have uploaded for “Thattai Payiru Gravy” i.e Bottle guard and Brinjal with Karamani in my Channel It is also an traditional South Indian Dish. Now add this grated coconut to the mixture The combination of drumstick leaves and karamani as poriyal will be so delicious dish Try this at your home and send us your feedbacks

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  1. But ma'am ,healthy a samayal seivathu ,brown rice la romba nall iruuku. ,white rice eliminate pannuga ,only empty calories,you cook brown rice in the small cooker for one glass of brown rice ku two and half a glass of water add panini two whistle ku cook ,yummy ya tasty a ,irrukume,please try this.

  2. பொதுவாகவே கீரையை முழுவது மூடி வேக விடக்கூடாது. இப்படி குக்கரில் வேக வைப்பதை தவிர்த்து விடுங்கள்

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