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Ketogenic Diet: Does it Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

Hi there! Tthis is Dr. Dave Heber, Founding
Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and I’m talking you today
about diets that don’t work. The next one I want to talk about is the Ketone
Diet or as it’s known sometimes the ketogenic diet. Now ketones are
substances broken down from fat Actually it happens while you’re asleep and it happens during fasting. It’s part of the adaptation to fasting. These things are
soluble in your bloodstream, so they can carry energy around your body–
unlike fats, which are not soluble and have to be carried on proteins so these
ketones go up about 300 fold over the first six weeks or so of starvation.
And they even come out in your breath and create a fruity smell to your breath.
However they have little effect on appetite. The original theory was that
they would reduce hunger — actually that is not true. Now the other part of this
is there are sticks that you can put in your urine, which will turn blue when
your ketones are high. Now in order to keep your ketones high you have to eat
less than 100 grams of carbohydrate per day which means that these diets are
only 5% carbohydrate and about 75% fat with little amounts of protein – maybe 10
to 20 percent. So you’re going to eat a lot of bacon and you’re gonna eat a lot of
meat. You’re getting butter and you’re going to eat oils. No effect on weight
whatsoeve. There have been some interesting studies on epilepsy and
other brain disorders. However, for weight loss, this diet doesn’t work. This is Dr.
Dave Heber and we’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet: Does it Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

  1. Ketogenic diet doesn’t reduce hunger.. hahahaha how the hell did he get to be a MD.. I went down from 105kg to 78 in 3 months and it was a breeze transitioning into intermittent fasting.

  2. Funny keto worked for me ive always had a big “beer belly” never really drank beer was extremely active and always eating and lost 40lbs and my stomach is almost gone huh i guess my weight loss is just a gift from loki

    Edit:Wait a tic is this guy for real he is a proud member and board member of herbalife has written multiple books about weight loss a couple that i have even read such as “the color of your diet” that don’t work or even help with weightloss

  3. Lately the Keto Diet, has become all the rage. Chances are you know someone who's tried it or even eats Keto all the time. But, what is this diet really about – and more importantly, is it right for you? The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet contains information about why Keto is better than the low-fat or low-calorie diets of the past.

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    Now, it’s not like she was grossly overweight, she just wanted to lose about 15 pounds and get her energy back.

  4. So the 30 kg I lost in 4 months, and the 30 cm of waist circumference that have allowed me to throw away my size 46 jeans, to buy size 32 jeans were just a figment of my imagination?!!! Darn it.

  5. This diet is reccomended for women with PCOS. Apparently it helps us balance our hormones….which imo is more important than shedding a few pounds. It's not that this diet "doesn't work" it has positive effects on the body, and can be very therapeutic for people with imbalances…if that results in weight loss..great!

  6. I want try keto diet again,but I need to put on weigh and I affraid if I reduce carbs I gonna loose even more weigh… How to be on keto and gain weigh? Is any doctor or expert or somebody can help me with that?

  7. Oh my god !!! That means that I have to gain back the 97 lbs I lost with keto and moderate exercise …has anyone seen lost fat around ? I just realized that’s my fat that I didn’t lose

  8. My mom lost weight really fast using some Keto diet she randomly stumbled upon. I think this is the right link if you're curious because it freakin' worked somehow lol http://bit.ly/KetoWeightLosses
    Just thought some other people may like it

  9. Hey Doc, you forgot to mention how Keto CURES insulin resistence, important since insulin is the MASTER FAT STORING HORMONE! Two years keto, with one year Carnivore, arthritis and chronic back pain COMPLETELY gone, and STRONGER at 43 y than at 20. Just saying…

  10. Interesting I lost 45 pounds and have kept it off for 18 months and brought my blood pressure back to normal. I find plenty to eat of what I like and feel better than I have in 15 years. Strange that no substantive research cited.

  11. lmao Dr Heber is full of crap down 75lbs in 3 months reversed diabetes and I dont have a fatty liver anymore.. He apparently knows nothing about keto or is paid by a group that opposes it. Big pharma maybe? They dont want us off of our meds now lol to much money to be lost.


  13. This doctor is wrong. This diet is very effective for weight loss. The evidence is extremely strong. Also, it is excellent for improving markers associated with many diseases (cancer, heart disease,…).

  14. https://youtu.be/hvxh5iZW8I0
    Dr. Heber is very misleading. I lost 25% percent of my body weight being mostly fat mass while maintaining strength and making increases in strength and incredible increases in cardiovascular endurance since going keto and low carb. Blood work is now perfect.

  15. This guy sounds as smart as my dad's GP that told him for 7 years running that he had developed asthma at 73. Hmmmm….of course, like the guy above, he wore a white lab coat and took lots of X rays, "See! There's nothing there". Till he went on vacation and my dad still couldn't breath even taking all the asthma medicine so a YOUNGER doctor sent him for a CT scan. You guessed it, tumor had almost blocked off his right lung, had spread to the spleen, spine and kidneys. Oncologist gave him 3 months, he lasted 2.8 month. Smart oncologist, dumb as hell GP.

    If you want to go broke and die young, go ahead and blindly believe doctors. The idiot above, QED.


  16. keto diet is a big add campaign for fat and what ever they say is fake you will loose weight but not buddy fat so you will remain fat but on a low weight.😂

    I knew it’s fake from the first time I heard about it.

    To loss weight you need to take less sugar and less fat + working out to burn what you eat.

  17. This is the ONLY diet that has worked for me because of insulin resistance. Bet ‘Dr’ Heber has some serious sugar money behind him. Criminal.

  18. Hmmm … thanks for the 90 seconds Doc!!!… no research needed, well said. Come on guys keto doesn’t work! Sure having a low Carb no sugar diet has strongly shown to promote weight loss but that’s not keto. Sure eating a high fat diet can work well in feeling satiated for a longer period of time and have a low impact in insulin but eventually your going to be hungry. If ketones use your fat stores as energy, does that mean your losing fat? According to this very trusting and definitely not influenced doctor, no. Keto does not work.

  19. If ppl are getting healthy then ucla will be out of business …these hospitals are crooks exploiting ppl by creating fake news

  20. Dang, so I don’t look good in my clothes then, my clothes have be lying to meh.
    That 24Ib most be stuck to my body somewhere.
    But really tho I hate fruits ugh

  21. LOL!!! Here what you really need is a high-carbohydrate diet because it has been working so well for all of America for the past 30 years.

  22. What the heck is he talking about? I've lost 75lbs and my fasting morning blood sugars are down from 90's to 70's in the morning. Where is the list of studies to support the BS statements? On the upside…instead of yelling to get his point across he just talks really fast.

  23. Bullshit Doc! He’s probably mad that he has been prescribing less high blood pressure pills since people started doing KETO. Good job on supporting the big Pharma and not caring for people’s health UCLA!

  24. I lost 36 pounds, my Hba1c went from 10.5 to 5, got off meds in just 4 months since being diagnosed with diabetes. Feel 10 years younger. Food bills are down 50%. Lol. UCLA is sham.

  25. This is blind USDA conformity. I'm on low carb/high fat and just finished week 4. Dropped 20 lbs this month, probably a mix between fat and carbohydrate bloat/water retention. I've never dumped so much in one month in my life and I've eaten 3 meals a day, not counting snacks if needed.

  26. Errrrrm… so what about the 24lbs I've lost in the 12 weeks I've been living a ketogenic lifestyle? Must've imagined that! And as for 'starvation'?! Seriously, I want to know who paid this guy and how much…

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  28. yes it's good for loosing weight but not lifestyle keto is bullshit it was terrible for me thanks god i didn't follow those new bastards i was infront of many health trubbles when you didn't eat fruits you might waiting for cancers

  29. A lie a lie. Un ethical lier doctor. I m pretty sure some one has to pay him to lie. You can argue the amount fat you consume during the Keto diet may have negative side effects. But when it comes to lose weight and suppress your appetite KETO diet is the champion.

  30. My buddy is down 100lbs since the beginning of the year doing this diet. No exercise and sits for 14 hours a day apparently it doesn't work for him. I started 2 weeks ago and I'm down 7lbs doing nothing other than my normal routine with a slight food change, guess the earth is just losing it's gravitational pull making us think we're weighing less.

  31. That's why I've lost 68 pounds and 3 waisted sizes without exercise, save for walking. Well then I guess the fat will be coming home when I wake up. This doc smells like bullshit to me.

  32. Unfortunately this chap is an old man from the old school of thought that don't know how to be open to explore what they don't know . He is clearly sponsored by the Big food industries .

  33. Yep that’s a doctor. Doesn’t actually give you any information just rushes in, tells you something, then says goodbye. Lol 😆

  34. Dr David Heber! How stupid can you be! Quit you day job. You’re about as qualified as a box of rocks. Which drug company are you on the payroll of?

  35. I followed a doctor like this guys weight loss plan? Shit results-Followed
    keto and lost 74 pounds and reversed my diabetes and blood pressure was

  36. This Dickhead is paid by the pharmaceutical industry to talk crap for 90 seconds.
    Looks like he would benefit from the keto diet fat bastard.

  37. Ketosis is an emergency survival mechanism, it's not a better metabolic state. Eating a better well balanced diet is the better option for most people.

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