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Kidney Disease | 7 Foods that Are Damaging Your Kidneys Day by Day, Kidney Health

it’s not too late to unlearn these
kidney damaging foods and some common foods that you might not realize are
putting pressure on your kidneys if you want to keeping your kidneys healthy and
functioning then is essential for detoxifying your body and removing
wastes unfortunately many foods can harm your kidneys and keep them from
functioning at optimal levels here are the top seven at one salt
diets high in salt are high in sodium which can increase blood pressure and in
turn harm your kidneys flavor your foods with herbs and spices instead of salt
over time you may find it easier to avoid using added salt on your food –
red meat red meat contains a large quantity of protein while your body
needs some protein to grow heal and stay healthy too much protein makes your
kidneys work harder want three butter butter contains saturated fat which
increases your risk for heart disease the National Kidney Foundation notes
that heart disease is a major risk factor for kidney disease and vice versa
consume less butter lard and shortening to reduce your intake of saturated fat
and lower your risk for heart and kidney disease for alcohol regular heavy
drinking more than four drinks a day has been found to double the risk chronic
kidney disease heavy drinkers who also smoke have an even higher risk of kidney
problems smokers who are heavy drinkers have about five times the chance of
developing chronic kidney disease than people who don’t smoke or drink alcohol
to excess through five processed foods processed foods are significant sources
of sodium and phosphorus many people who have kidney disease need to limit
phosphorus in their diets some studies have shown that high phosphorus intake
from processed foods in people without kidney disease may be harmful to their
kidneys and bone try adopting the – diet to guide your
healthy eating habits six carbonated beverages carbonated beverages such as
soda and energy drinks are associated with the formation of kidney stones a
2018 study demonstrated this showing that drinking two or more colas per day
was associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease 7 caffeine soda
and energy drinks are similarly dangerous if you already have issues
with your kidneys studies show that long-term caffeine
consumption can worsen chronic kidney disease and may increase the risk of
kidney stones in reasonable amounts this shouldn’t stop your kidneys from
accessing enough water to do their job but in excess it can be a problem if you
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