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– Might as well put this sauce,
’cause I’m a saucy man. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Cinco de Mayo
is around the corner and we thought we’d celebrate
with some Mexican food today. – Oh, that’s awesome.
I love Mexican food. I mean, I’m Mexican,
so my grandma always makes me Mexican food. – Ooh, Cinco de Mayo.
Chips and salsa. Taco Tuesday, yes. – I remember I went
to Mexico before. – Mexico, yay! – (FBE) Most people think
that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s independence day,
but it is not. – Isn’t it when Mexico won
that war between three other areas?
I’m guessing that’s when they won. – (FBE) It is most celebrated
in Puebla, where the Mexican victory of the Battle of Puebla
took place on May fifth, 1862. Puebla is a city in east central
Mexico, and it’s just southeast of Mexico City.
– Whoa. You just kinda hit me with
an information bomb right there. – (FBE) So, the food we’re
presenting you with today were made from several
local authentic Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles and the food
is eaten year round, but especially on a day
of celebration like Cinco de Mayo. Also, just a disclaimer that
I am a non-native speaker, so I’m gonna do my best
not to destroy the pronunciation of these meals.
– Okay. I understand.
I pronounce a lot of things wrong. – One question.
Is it spicy? – I’m probably gonna get
really good food. I mean, I don’t think
there’s any really bad Mexican food out there. – My main favorite
is Spanish rice. I am excited, ’cause I have
many Mexican friends. – (FBE) Here is your first
Mexican dish. – A taco. – Reminds me of a taco
or a burrito. It’s cheese on it. – Yeah, there’s definitely
meat in there. There’s like–
I think that might be cheese. – It’s good.
The meat, it’s greasy. – It’s good.
I have no idea what the meat is.
I’m pretty sure it’s beef. – I like that a lot.
It has a little bit of spice and I love spice. – Feel like I kinda was
punched in the face with flavor right there. – (FBE) This is called
mole poblano and it’s considered the
national dish of Mexico. Making moles is very
labor intensive and requires many ingredients.
Certain recipes contain ten varieties of chilies alone.
– That’s a lot of work to put in just that. – As Gordon Ramsay would say,
“Finally, some good food.” – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– Ooh, it’s guacamole. – (FBE) That is not guacamole.
That is a salsa. – That is a salsa. – Is that cheese? – Looks just scary.
It just looks like red and it looks like it’s chili.
This in itself is an experience. – Just above spicy.
Might as well put the sauce, ’cause I’m a saucy man. – I don’t care for it.
Just a slimy texture. – I got a little of the chicken.
That’s good. I like the chip with the salsa.
A-ok. – Mm, so good.
Spicy, mwah, love it. – It was good for the
spiciness. – That’s definitely a good
amount of heat to it, but it’s not crazy. – This is so hot. Ah, that’s better. – (FBE) This one’s called
a chalupa. Chalupas are fried, thick
tortillas topped with salsa, shredded meat, chopped onion,
and sometimes queso fresco. – I knew there was cheese on it. – I would eat this again
and again. Good stuff. – (FBE) Okay, here’s your
next one. – Oh my God, yes!
It’s Spanish rice! – Is that an enchilada? – It has green in it.
Ew, I don’t wanna eat it. – It smells spicy.
I love it. – I don’t really like it.
It’s too greasy. – Tastes like grass. – It’s not good.
There’s a vegetable in it. It almost tastes like
a green bean. – (FBE) So, this one is called
chile relleno. – More like greasy
mc-grease grease. – (FBE) The chile relleno
is regarded as one of the most emblematic dishes
of Mexico. Its origin dates back to
the 16th century during the period of Spanish
conquest in Mexico. – That’s a very long time.
Did they write down the recipe and then just send it over
through generations or something? – (FBE) All right, here’s
your next one. This is a Mexican snack.
– Is that guacamole? These are tortilla chips.
This is my favorite one of all. – I think this is tomato.
Is it? – Is that watermelon?
Why is there watermelon? – I’m just going in,
’cause I might know what this is. – Mm mm.
I don’t like it. It’s just bitter to me. – I wasn’t expecting it,
so when I bit into it, it was all juicy. – Is that watermelon?
That’s watermelon in guacamole? – (FBE) Though uncommon,
this is a special kind of recipe to spice up
your traditional guacamole. It’s watermelon guacamole.
Watermelon is a versatile fruit with a flavor that pairs
perfectly with many of the ingredients in
traditional Mexican dishes. – See, I like watermelon,
but I wouldn’t want watermelon with guacamole on it. – Guacamole is amazing.
Watermelon is amazing. Put it together, the two best
foods in the world. – (FBE) All right, here’s
your last one. – Cake!
Yes, yay! – It looks like a liquid cake. – I had three milks before,
or tres leches. That’s right, I know it. – It looks so beautiful.
I don’t wanna eat it, but I am. – Just tastes kind of
soft and really sugary. – It tastes like regular vanilla
cake with frosting and chocolate. – ♪ (Chariots of Fire) ♪ – This is good.
I would eat this cake more often. – First of all, it’s cake.
Second of all, the frosting, the chocolate is so good. – (FBE) This is tres leches,
a very juicy kind of cake. This became popular in
Latin America and has evolved into a standard celebration cake.
Various regions of Mexico actually claim it as their own,
but Nestle is responsible for taking the tres leches
cake mainstream. – I had it at so many
birthday parties now, it’s unreal. – I love it.
It’s my child. Can I have it?
It’s my baby. – (FBE) So, what did you think
of these Mexican dishes today? – Some of them were really,
really spicy. In the end, I got to eat
dessert. – I’m excited for Cinco de Mayo
because it’s a day for Mexico to celebrate. – Cinco de Mayo. – Thanks for watching Kids
Vs. Food on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out, Subscribe. – If you like this episode,
then hit that Like button. – Adios, amigos. – Hola, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React Channel. Thanks so much for watching
us eat Mexican food today. Hope you’re excited about
Cinco de Mayo as much as I am. I’m gonna go eat some
tres leches. Hasta luego.

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  4. At first tres leches is hella lit but then you get tired of the sweetness. When we Mexicans see another tres leches cake at another party we just roll our eyes and be like “otro pinche pastel de tres leches”

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