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Kill Food Cravings with These 7 Spices, Oils & Supplements

Are you somebody who is constantly going into
your refrigerator, constantly going into your pantry or cupboard, constantly hungry? But maybe you’re not hungry for food, you’re
hungry for snacks, you’re hungry for sweets. Have you been called a carboholic? Do you think stressed is deserts, spelled
backwards? Well, you may be right on that one. Well, I have great news for you today. I’m going to share with you seven spices,
supplements, essential oils, and foods that can kill food cravings. I’m Jordan Rubin here for “Ancient Medicine
Today” brought to you by draxe.com, and as always we’re here to help you transform your
health by understanding and applying the principle that food is medicine. Folks, cravings are real. And when we feed those cravings we often end
up with unwanted pounds, unwanted toxins, a blood sugar rollercoaster, and ultimately
we look in the mirror years later and don’t even recognize who’s looking back at us. But I have great news for you, if you pay
attention to what we’re going to talk about today you can kill those food cravings and
actually train your body to crave what you need. Yes, your body can do that if you expose it
to the right foods. Let’s get started. Number one, I love spices by the way, spices
are amazing. Remember I’ve said this before. Out of the plant kingdom, fruits are good,
veggies are great, herbs are awesome, and spices, well, they’re the bomb. Flavor bomb, antioxidant bomb, and in this
case spices can kill your cravings. The four C spices are pictured here. Cinnamon, cinnamon is great for blood sugar. It’s mildly sweet and it fights candida. And here is the good news, candida can overgrow
when you eat a lot of sugar. So if you can curb those cravings, you can
get a twofer, curb the cravings, kill the candida. Bottom line it’s awesome. Cloves are amazing as well. All the spices that you’re used to having
in pumpkin pie were in various ethnic dishes are amazing. We don’t get enough spices here in America. We need more. Cloves are very antimicrobial. There are many stories as part of middle age
folklore that clove and other spices protected people from the plague. Clove is absolutely awesome and it tastes
really good, great for the oral cavity, but it also helps curb cravings. Also cardamom, cardamom is another spice we
don’t use all that much, although we use it occasionally in chise [SP], etc. Cardamom is very good for the gut and it helps
curb carvings. Last but not, least coriander. Here’s a nice fact for you, you all know what
cilantro is, right? Coriander is the seed of cilantro. How cool is that? Coriander has some of its own benefits. It has essential oils that are great for the
gut, great for the immune system, and help you detoxify. Here’s the bottom-line folks, add more spices,
cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and coriander, remember the four Cs, spice up your food. Maybe you’re going to eat some grains, maybe
it’s a sweet dish, maybe it’s a smoothie, those species I believe will help kill your
cravings. In addition, we recommend citrus essential
oils. Folks, we’ve all heard of the grapefruit diet. We all know that lemons are good for you,
right? Citrus essential oils made from the rind or
peel are great for so many things in the body. But one thing they’re good for is to help
curb cravings. They work on the brain actually and the lymphatic
system not only to help curb cravings but to detoxify you from the junk that’s in your
body. I recommend using citrus essentials oils,
two to three drops a day in water or juice. You can use it in a smoothie. There are a lot of great recipes to make using
citrus essential oils. In fact, the other day, my wife was making
a fish dish and didn’t have any lemon juice, she used lemon essential oil and it worked
great. Folks, the good news is, here at draxe.com
we have amazing information to help you understand how to better use oils. So if you want some recipes go on over to
draxe.com or checkout our Facebook page, Dr. Axe, or our other page Food as Medicine, and
you will find dozens of recipes of how to get citrus essential oils into your everyday
diet. The third craving buster is bone broth. Bone broth satisfies on a level that is hard
to explain. It’s called a comfort food after all because
it comforts your insides. Bone broth contains amino acids proline and
glycine that we’re deficient in, because most of our diets don’t contain them. Bone broth also contains collagen as well
as other powerful nutrients including electrolytes, powerful minerals to support your health. Bone broth consumed in between meals or even
before a meal can help curb your cravings. You know what doesn’t? Eating bread. Last night I went out to eat. I actually got chicken soup prior to my meal
while others ate the bread. And guess what? People that eat the bread want dessert later. I was just pretty much satisfied. Consume one to three servings of bone broth
a day, make it yourself, recipe on draxe.com. You can also buy bone broth from your health
food or grocery store or take a protein powder made from bone broth. Now, here’s a great craving killer, vinegar. Apple cider, or coconut vinegar is powerful
in its effects on the gut and blood sugar. There’s even research that shows apple cider
vinegar is great for people with diabetes. Folks, here is what you do. A teaspoon or a tablespoon of unpasteurized
apple cider or coconut vinegar right before you eat maybe 10 minutes before, add a little
honey if you want it sweet. Maybe you can add some stevia instead. You can add some lemon juice. Folks, I really believe that the power of
sour, which you get from apple cider or coconut vinegar, will kill your cravings for sweets. So do that before meals. Added bonus, boost your digestive health. I’m Jordan Rubin here on “Ancient Medicine
Today” brought to you by draxe.com and we are talking about ways to bust those cravings. Cravings lead to the bulge. The bulge leads to all kinds of things such
as blood sugar issues, etc. Cravings can also be linked to poor sleep,
lots of stress, it’s this whole chicken-egg, what happened first, I don’t know. But the bottom line is you can bust those
cravings with common spices. Essential oils, foods and supplements, and
we’re just getting started. Number five, minerals including chromium. Chromium is a mineral that is great to support
blood sugar. Chromium and one of its variants known as
glucose tolerance factor is great to support blood sugar. They’ve shown that diabetics typically have
less chromium and also another mineral, vanadium, in their system. You can consume chromium-rich foods such as
nuts and seeds but chromium is deficient in most soils. So I recommend taking a chromium supplement,
look for fermented chromium typically from saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. Chromium is really, really great, 200 to 600
micrograms a day in your supplement. Number six, perhaps my favorite carving buster
is ashwagandha. Ashwagandha known as winter cherry or even
Indian ginseng is a powerful adaptogen. Helping you adapt to stress. One thing ashwagandha has been shown to do
in randomized clinical trials is to bust or destroy stress-related carb cravings, get
this, stress-related overeating. Ashwagandha in its many forms, supplement
form. You can do it as an infusion similar to a
tea is great to balance hormones, thyroid, adrenals. It lowers cortisol and increases DHA and all
that means better sleep, less pounds, more energy, better mood. I take ashwagandha every day and I wouldn’t
be without it. In fact, it might be the best long term strategy
to bust your cravings. And chia seed, this tiny dark colored seeds
are packed with a punch. Chia seeds had been known as runners food
because the carbohydrates it contain provides sustained energy. High end plant based omega-3 fats such as
alpha-linolenic acid as well as fiber. Chia is amazing. You can consume chia whole. I like chia ground. Grind some chia, try two tablespoons. Mix it in 12 ounces of your favorite beverage,
let’s try water, shake it up and drink it fast because it will gel and guess what that
gel does? It makes your tummy feel full. We talked about apple cider vinegar earlier,
I can tell you a secret that will bust those cravings for sure. Take 12 ounces of water, a teaspoon to a tablespoon
of apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons of ground chia, a little bit of honey or stevia
if you need it. Shake it up and drink it before meals, you
will eat much less. Chia seed will also give you sustained energy. It’s good for the heart, good for the brain,
great for your digestion and elimination. Chia is an amazing craving killer. Folks, this has been a great program because
I know and I know that you crave certain things. I do as well. And guess, who else knows, big food companies. We see their advertisements. We see where they’re displayed in stores. We see how restaurants walk around sometimes
with that cart of desserts. I don’t even think those things are real. But if they were, that’s not fair, right? You’re sitting there eating and stroll by
with a whole thing of desserts. Buffets are so popular because we love the
“all you can eat.” But folks we need to get out of that mode. We need to bust those cravings for salty and
sweet with the following, and here they are. The Four C spices. We talked about cinnamon, clove. We talked about coriander and cardamom. All of those spices help to boost your metabolism
and curb cravings. Citrus essential oils, lemon, grapefruit,
orange, lime, tangerine, use it in your beverages or your meals. Remember, draxe.com is your go to for essential
oils information including our brand new book “Essential Oils Ancient Medicine” which I
believed is the most comprehensive guide to using essential oils. Bone broth is great, one to three servings
a day helps nourish the body on every level and helps you be satisfied. Apple cider/coconut vinegar before meals or
even as a salad dressing component is a great way to kill cravings. Remember the power of sour kills your cravings
for sweets. Minerals including chromium are great for
blood sugar. When your blood sugar is balanced so goes
your cravings. When your blood sugar is up and it’s down
your cravings go through the roof. Chromium from yeast or fermented chromium,
200 to 600 micrograms a day is great. And one of my favorite craving busters, ashwagandha,
take it in an extract from, take it in an infusion where you buy the root, make your
own tea, if you will, is great to curb stress-related overeating and carb cravings, and that’s a
lot of the reasons why we crave. It also helps you sleep. Did you know that when you get less sleep
you crave more sugar? It’s a proven fact, make sense, doesn’t it? Last but not least, chia seed. Chia seed taken whole, sort of mixed in your
favorite beverage or ground in a little coffee grinder, you can make it into a pudding, you
can drink it, you can add it to smoothies. Chia fills up your tummy so that you’re not
hungry. Pretty funny, right? Now, folks, here’s the deal, cravings can
be discussed rather lightly. We can think about them as being cosmetic
but the bottom-line is when you crave you are triggering situations in your body, hormonal
imbalances already began that can set you back in your weight, your heart, your thyroid,
your adrenals. It can age you faster because if you’ve given
to those cravings, you will end up succumbing to some kind of situation you don’t want. But best of all we’re teaching you on “Ancient
Medicine Today” how to beat those cravings and train your body to consume what it needs. Think about this folks, how many of you have
to tried stop eating a bag of chips or crackers or cookies and your answer is, “Well, I can’t
stop until it’s all gone.” I know how you feel. Believe me, I like that stuff too. But have you ever craved or OD’d on broccoli
and salmon, I don’t think so, because your brain tells you when you’re full. So if your brain is telling you you’re hungry,
try these seven food, spices, oils and supplements that kill food cravings, and I bet you’re
going to be healthier for it. Folks, we’re here on “Ancient Medicine Today”
to transform your health but we need you. We need you to share this information with
someone you know, with your friend, with your son or daughter, your mom, dad, whoever, because
everyone of us deals with cravings here in America. We eat more based on our desires than we do
on our needs. So let’s change that around. And remember “Ancient Medicine Today” is here
each and every day for you to transform your health one bite at a time because food is
medicine. I’m Jordan Rubin. See you next time.

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