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Knee Arthritis – Expert Pain Advice

Do you suffer from debilitating arthritic
knee pain? Are you looking for a simple and effective
way to manage the symptoms and to prevent it getting worse? Well if so this video will help. Arthritis of the knees is very common and
it should be regarded as part of the normal aging process. All of us over the age of 40 begin to experience
degenerative bone disease particularly in the load-bearing joints like knees and hips. Degenerative bone disease in the knees occurs
when the smooth hyaline cartilage that coats the joints begins to wear. Now arthritis of the knees only becomes problematic
when the cartilage is worn to a significant degree that the bones on the underlying surface
of the cartilage begin to touch and rub together. Now when you have a situation where you have
bone rubbing on bone then the joint becomes inflamed and irritated and the inflammation
then causes pain. Now when we get pain in our bodies our brain
responds to the pain with a guarding, tightening of the muscles and it’s a protective mechanism
to prevent us from causing more damage to the area concerned. Now in relation to knees that mechanism becomes
counterproductive. There are a number of groups of muscles at
the back of the knee which cross over the joint, so with tightened muscles across the
knee joint you have compactive forces which then compress the cartilage and the bones
together and then make the situation worse. So with all degenerative joints in the body
there is a cycle of inflammation which then causes pain and then causes a tightening contracture
in the tissues and this compound effect then just makes the situation worse. So tightening in the muscles makes the joint
surfaces rub even more and you have this ongoing cycle of inflammation and pain. Now in inflammatory fluid there are white
blood cells and white blood cells contain lysing enzymes which are designed to dissolve
and destroy bacteria and bugs that may have come in from outside the body. Now when inflammation sits in a joint it stagnates
and the white blood cells within that fluid die and they release their lysing enzymes
into the joint space. So we get further an accelerated damage through
the death of white blood cells, which sit in the inflammatory fluid and then further
degenerate the joint. So the secret to managing degenerative bone
disease, particularly knees, is to manage the inflammation and the pain that’s associated
with it and to keep the joint decompressed. So to keep the muscles loosened off and stretched
and to slow and halt the effects of inflammation. Now if you have degenerative bone disease,
or if you have arthritic knees, my advice would be to go to the iphysio website which
is www.iphysio.io download a copy of the ebook relating to to osteoarthritis of the knee and that will tell you eve rything you need to know about that condition. How to manage the pain and how to embark on a programme of conservative care. So this is what the ebook looks like. It’s a comprehensive resource. It tells you all you need to know about osteoarthritis of the knees. How to manage the pain and symptoms associated with it And also how to care for your knees conservatively to reduce the liklihood of further wear and tear and to prolong the
life of the joints. So good luck with this, and if you found this
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