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Arthritis Diet and Exercises


welcome all to my channel, today’s topic in
diet class is very very important for all- CALCIUM. first of all, let us know, what are the functions
of calcium in our body?it helps in formation of bones and teeth, helps in blood clotting,
muscle contraction. helps in absorption of vit B12. also aids
in enzymatic activity. next we should know, what are the sources
of calcium? the best source- is MILK! infants get this excellent supply from mother’s milk. milk products like- curd, paneer, khoya, ragi,
white sesame seeds are very rich source of calcium. dark leafy vegetables also are a good source
of calcium.but only a part of them gets absorped because oxalic acid and phytates and fibres
— all hinder calcium absorption. (as it was discussed in last class). fresh and dry fish, also contain good quantity
of calcium especially if the bones are eaten.few spices like cumin seeds, coriander seeds,
also possess good quantity of calcium. next we should know, reccommended daily allowance
of calcium- as shown in table, values are in milligram–for adult men its 400. for adult
women its 400. in pregnancy its 1000. in lactation time , its also 1000. in infancy its 500,
in children its 400, in 10 to 15 year age group, its 600 mg, and in 16 to 18 year age
group its 500 mg.now lets have a word about deficiency of calcium–in it are included
some very famous terms about which many people know, many dont know, lets discuss them–
firstly, calcium deficiency doesn’t show up very early, it takes years to know about it. indian women in large percentage suffer from
this deficiency. its known as osteoporosis. it shows important symptoms like- loss of
stature,bent back, and high susceptibility to fractures, especially hip area and wrist
area. rickets occur due to vit D and calcium deficiency. its symptoms are bow legs, enlarged joints,
beaded rib joints, and related other deformities. teeth also get affected, blood does not clot
properly. now let us know what is osteoporosis? best way to prevent this condition is adequate
in take of calcium, do physical activity, there should also be adequate exposure to
sunlight so that vit d can be synthesized as it aids in calcium absorption. second term is osteomalacia, its the failure
to provide vitamin D by the absorption and utilisation of calcium, this is known as osteomalacia
in adults and rickets in children. now we should know, the differences between
osteoporosis and osteomalacia. in latter, bone’s mineral content decreases, but no effect
on bone mass occurs, but in osteporosis, both mineral content and bone mass decreases. spru is a term , it means coeliac disease,
its a malabsorbtion disorder, unabsorped fat combines with calcium and forms insoluble
salts, also hinders calcium absorption. chronic renal failure is a marked contributing
factor of hypocalceamia,. next lets know Tetany- it also signifies low
blood calcium level, in this there is increased excitability of nerves, and uncontrolled contraction
of muscles is also seen.i hope you all found today’s topic very useful and liked it too!
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