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Kroger and Randall’s Grocery Haul | GREAT DEALS | PRICES SHOWN | Frugal Living | Grocery Shopping

This is The Long Run with Joel and Christy I’m Christy and I’m flying solo at the moment this week we are going to show you our grocery haul we had kind of a large grocery haul because we were basically out of everything so we stocked up on a lot of things we also found really good sales at Randall’s you’ll see both Kroger and Randall’s in this haul so let’s get to it okay so guys we’re gonna start with our Kroger haul and then we’ll go to the I’m saving the best for last Randall’s where we just got special deals so this was the beginning of the Kroger haul um we had a dollar off the apple cider vinegar which was good because we use that to make barbecue sauce homemade barbecue sauce for pulled pork sandwiches alright and we have some cumin oregano the organic beans were on sale at Kroger so this was only 69 cents for these two cans 69 cents each alright we have tomato sauce and you see no salt added that’s what we go for when we can’t get organic I don’t know if Joel didn’t see that but he didn’t get one with no salt in it but that’s okay diced tomatoes and this goes in the taco soup we will make pizza on Saturday if you bought five things you would get a dollar off each thing which would be 89 cents for each one of these and we did push that to make sure that we had five things so these are for our son who likes goldfish crackers and this is also for him his pop-tarts this is for Joel 2 snack packs dollar each as always we did not need ground beef for our cooking this week however this was only $1.97 per pound which is an excellent deal so we went ahead and gotta pack so that we could stock up so a little bit of this is was not needed it’s just making sure we have this stuff okay and pepperoni hamburger buns for the pulled pork Joel wanted grapes $1.28/lb it was also three times the fuel bucks on it if you bought it so we got feul bucks for three times for the grapes we got mushrooms we’re gonna have a chicken Tetrazzini you won’t see that on the meal plan because that was actually for today and my meal plan starts on Monday so but I didn’t buy the mushrooms last week as I knew they would be bad by Sunday dry active yeast for pizza crust Joel needed more spread butter and they did not have the kind that he normally gets what was interesting was he was looking for something else and there was one that said health heart so he looked at it and then I looked at the ingredients and I pointed out to them that the ingredients was showing vegetable oil palm oil and different things like that on the cholesterol lower cholesterol one so then we went and looked at this one look at that and it was the same price but twice as much yes we decided to go with that this was only $1.97 per pound or $2.97 per pound scuse me and that’s a really good deal for chuck roast around here so we did not need it for this meal plan so this again it’s just stocking up and we’ll probably have a roast next week sometime our son wanted naan bread they actually only had one pack so we only bought one pack of it so he may have to go out later in the week and get another pack but we are going to have chicken and sausage gumbo later in the week so there’s our Andouille sausage for that I got a couple more of these protein packs they’re just really quick and easy if I don’t feel like cooking because I’m still getting used to not having coffee everyday some days I’m just like so tired but we bought two pounds of shrimp because it was on sale It was only $4.99 per pound we had a request from My Real Life Budget y’all go check out her account she’s real honest about her financial journey and her debt free journey and I just love that but she asked us to show how we make Tuscan butter shrimp so we bought some more shrimp so that we could film that recipe being made this I got three and we got a bell pepper that will be for the chicken and sausage gumbo I got one bunch of kale for kale salad got another thing of creamer yeah half and half that’s for the Tetrazzini have the whipping cream for the Tuscan butter shrimp this is for the Tuscan butter shrimp as well one of the things that we did to get but Buy 5 like I mentioned earlier with the goldfish was Joel picked up a thing of ice cream which you know he loves he also got a pack of this bread which was only $1.99 on the Buy 5 so that keeping up that was four I got this pack of spinach for $1.90 because I had in store coupon so really good price for five ounces of spinach and we need that for the Tuscan butter shrimp the whole chicken there was only 89 cents per pound we got some dinner rolls we usually have that with the whole chicken my non-dairy milk $3 creamer this will hopefully be one of the last creamers I get for a while because when I start the AIP protocol you can check my health goals video to understand what I’m talking about one of the things I have to give up is coffee so that’s one reason why I’m transitioning slowly to the diet is because I think that if I tried to go from having coffee every day to no coffee I would probably have severe headaches and that would make the diet much more frustrating so I’m slowly decreasing it I’m down to only coffee two times a week at this point but this will be my probably my last creamer for a good long time that is for tacos soup and this is for the chicken and sausage gumbo and that is for the Tuscan butter shrimp yes I can’t remember exactly I also use it in some of my snacks we also got some regular butter I got two sweet potatoes here we go two sweet potatoes we got several red potatoes and we will use that to make roasted red potatoes with our whole chicken and these two potatoes with the pulled pork sandwiches I will make french fries so which sometimes one potato is enough to make french fries for just the two of them guys so this is the Randall’s haul which I saved the best for last right okay so what you’re seeing here is three cases of cokes they were $8.88 total yeah my son’s already gotten into them that’s a really great price normally like they were on the sale at Kroger for three cases for $12.99 so it was worth it to us to run into Randall’s just for the cokes itself so there you go and our son drinks those and so since there’s three he has to ration them they should last for three weeks and the eggs were only 29 cents a carton so we got two dozen for only 58 cents there’s a coupon in the app for that if you are in the area of a Randall’s store there’s also a pork butt that was only 99 cents per pound and what we love about those is like if you see it’s like a is 10 pounds we actually will we will put this in the slow cooker cook it down it’ll be about 4 meals worth we’ll use some for leftovers the next night so we’ll get two meals out of it and then we’ll freeze in two different packs so that we can do two more meals later on so so we’re basically getting four meals for just $10.41 really good and we make our barbecue sauce homemade so it’s really good and doesn’t cost a lot and these were only $0.99 per bag and you know like normally like I think at Kroger it was like $3.99 for three pounds so this was a really good deal because we’re basically saving a dollar there but I will say there were some other things at Randall’s that were on sale but we really try to be very careful about picking certain things we’ve been burned by the fact that they sell their chicken really cheap sometimes we’ve gotten boneless skinless for $1.69 per pound there and just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean the quality is good because what we found was the chicken they’re from signature farms was the brand I think it’s very stringy it doesn’t taste that good at all so you know sometimes you pay a little bit more for quality right alright so that was all for the Randalls haul okay we hope that you enjoyed our grocery haul for this week and our menu plan the total that we spent at Kroger’s was $113.85 and the total for Randall’s was $22.85 which was one hundred thirty six dollars and forty three cents Joel is telling me the totals over on the other side because I’m not mathing today anyway and so that meant that we budget six hundred dollars every month for our family of three adults and so that meant we had $112.97 left over and we move that to our household essentials sinking fund to use for future things like toiletry items or whatever we might need for our house that’s all for today don’t forget to Like share subscribe and comment below and tell us about the deals that you have found recently and be sure to check out one of these videos it’s probably grocery haul videos that we’ve done to the past and that’s all for The Long Run with Joel and Christy Joel’s on the other side of camera and I’m Christy bye

2 thoughts on “Kroger and Randall’s Grocery Haul | GREAT DEALS | PRICES SHOWN | Frugal Living | Grocery Shopping

  1. Thank you so much for watching our grocery haul video. If you are curious about how we define “health,” please check out this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLisMmCmTQU1rC2fAy6YO1sj23TpdN18vw

  2. Wow those deals!! Such good deals I can't get over it. Thank you for the shout out! I'm really looking forward to your Tuscan butter shrimp video!!
    God bless you for giving up your coffee lol I tried and still need my one cup a day ☕

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