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Lady finger (Okra) is The Best Vegetable for Kidney | Lady Finger Benefits | Kidney Friendly Diet

Friends come on let us talk about one vegetable
that is consumed by people as one of their
favorite vegetable and that is Lady finger It can be cooked with a lot of variations
and is widely available in India Bhindi is commonly known as lady finger in
English it is enriched with nutrients and the flavors are delicious. it is a seasonal vegetable that is available
in summers but with the cold storage method
it is available 12 months It is necessary for a kidney patient to make
a list of what to eat and what to avoid because
of the food restrictions during the treatment that will not affect the functioning of kidneys.
And lady finger is one such vegetable. It can be a part of
your kidney diet Those vegetables that are available as fruits
on trees can be a part of kidney diet, and same goes
with lady finger. It is rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin C Vitamin B, Vitamin K & folic acid It is also rich in minerals like calcium,
iron, zinc and low amounts of potassium. manganese and magnesium. It may surprise
you to know that lady finger is one such vegetable that is
enriched with phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. so let us know that what
are phytonutrients these nutrients are essential nutrients that
make your body strong from within. Generally it is required
in fewer amounts but if these nutrients are releasing from the body
then it may cause weakness in your body so lets know about antioxidants these are the nutrients that prevents from
the loss that can occur because of oxygen Though oxygen is the most important type
of air for human if we don’t inhale oxygen then may not work
properly. But this oxygen produces free radicals that travels to different
parts of the body that damages the healthy cells gradually. Here
antioxidants present in lady fingers can help in fighting all of these. Lady finger
is enriched with beta carotene, zenithin and lutent that
makes our body strong and by the presence of various vitamins
and antioxidants it becomes a energy boosting food it boosts the immunity levels and prevents
from multiple diseases that is reduced during kidney diseases during kidney diseases, it is good if our
kidneys get the maximum amounts of energy. When kidney
diseases reaches the end stages then we may get caught by bone diseases because of the inefficiency of the production
of vitamin D because of which the calcium from the foods
we consume doesn’t get absorbed but the presence of calcium, foliate and vitamin
K in lady finger makes the body strong continuously so that
because of kidney diseases we do not have to suffer from bone related
disorders. Lady finger is loaded with iron that do not let the situation
of iron deficiency come in the body. And prevents from the problems
of Anemia. And keep supporting the production of red
blood cells the more the merrier, a healthy count of
RBCs will help in maintaining the body. and will increase the flow of oxygen and
you will feel energized Heart attack is the major cause of death
lead by kidney diseases that means you have to keep your heart strong
during kidney diseases. The high amounts of high fiber in lady finger
will not let the formation of blood clots and
accumulation of cholesterol and the functioning of heart stays healthy.
If kidneys and the heart work together then even during kidney diseases you can lead
a healthy and wealthy life. so that means lady finger can be a boon during
kidney diseases but you should consult your dietician before
consuming anything because only your dietitian would be knowing
your condition better and he will manage the kidney diet accordingly For free consultation you can connect with the experts of Karma Ayurveda on the numbers
scrolling underneath Here a team of experts and Dr. Puneet Dhawan have cured thousands of people from past
8 decades. So let us meet one such patient Namaskar friend, today we have one more patient
Mr. Bilal from Kashmir (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) where in Kashmir? (Mr.
Bilal)Srinagar, (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) Sringar,
what were the problems you were facing before? (Mr. Bilal) had swelling and couldn’t eat
anything (Mr. Bilal) even the creatinine was increasing
(Dr. Puneet Dhawan) Hmm.. (Mr. Bilal) it
was around 6.3 mg/dl (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) How much? (Mr. Bilal)
6.3 mg/dl (Mr. Bilal) so when started with your medicines, felt
improvement gradually (Mr. Bilal) and can walk now (Dr. Puneet
Dhawan) OK, so is she your wife? (Mr. Bilal)
Yes (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) please sit down on the
chair, and tell us you must be watching how
well is he improving? (Wife) Yes there are improvements but there
is a thing that it has been 4 months but not free from it.
(Dr. Puneet Dhawan) so the creatinine was
increasing before (Mr. Bilal) I was recommended for dialysis
(Dr. Puneet Dhawan) So you were recommended
to get dialysis (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) but now you are out of
the protocol, how much was your creatinine
then? (Mr. Bilal) it was 6.3 mg/dl (Dr. Puneet) what were the physical problems
then? (Mr. Bilal) had a lot of problems could not walk could not eat and could not sit properly back pain, couldn’t walk (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) you were on bed then
right? (Mr. Bilal) no, not completely like
that but was weak (Dr. Puneet) but now you walked
on your own, right? (Dr. Puneet) and now you have travelled all
the way from Kashmir and now you are fit.
(Mr. Bilal) yes I am (everyone smiles) (Dr. Puneet Dhawan)And
you have got very good results, no? creatinine was also increasing and the doctors
in Srinagar also recommended to get dialysis (Mr. Bilal) they said that
it will not improve and you will have to get transplant done (Wife) they said that they will keep on dialysis
for 1 or 1 and a half year and then will
have to get transplant and they were convincing us again, just a
few days back (Dr. Puneet) now there is no
need, have you shown the reports to them? (Mr. Bilal) No sir not yet may be that is
why they are calling Dr. Puneet Dhawan: do have the problem of
swelling? (Mr. Bilal) no not anymore also my weight has reduced that was increasing
then (Dr. Puneet) So, they have very good results
and are free from many complications and was
suffering from physical problems also and the creatinine was also increasing now everything is stable. So did you see
how Karma Ayurveda’s treatment came as a divine source to this patient? So we hope that you have liked the video,
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