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LE CALCIUM : rôles , carence , besoins journaliers , aliments / Noura Marashi

Hello everyone I hope you
okay today I decided to you make a video dedicated to a
mineral very important for our body, calcium. First of all know that calcium
is mainly at the levels of our bones and our teeth. He participates in muscle contraction, to the transmission of nerve impulses the release of hormones and therefore chemical messengers at the activation of enzymes, then the enzymes are simply proteins that can activate chemical reactions in our body. It also has a fundamental role in the
blood coagulation, ie all the reactions that take place
in place for the formation of a clot when there is a hemorrhage in our body. Know that a calcium deficiency well can cause embrittlement
bones, stunting numbness as well as
muscle cramps but also problems in the gums, teeth and kidney levels. It is interesting to know that some people do well recommend taking calcium to prevent osteoporosis, muscle cramps, maintain growth in the child, but also fight against stomach problems related to acidity. It should be noted that calcium can interact with certain types of drugs so the advice I give you is simply shift your intake of calcium from other types of medications 2 hours. Also be aware that certain foods such as spinach, rhubarb and sorrel reduce the absorption of calcium. Know that vitamin D helps improve calcium absorption. I draw your attention to the fact that the daily needs in calcium for an adult are 1 to 1.3g you can very well fulfill these
needs with a diet rich in dairy and food products
containing calcium. You can find calcium in many foods such as seeds, pulses, orange, gooseberry, kiwi and blackcurrant. It’s over for this video dedicated to calcium I really hope that she will have informed you well about this mineral very important for our organization. Do not hesitate to like
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14 thoughts on “LE CALCIUM : rôles , carence , besoins journaliers , aliments / Noura Marashi

  1. moi j'ai des points blanc dans mon corps
    ma mère me dit que jsuis en manque de calicium cest vrai ?
    merci de me repondre.

  2. Moi j m fatigue vite et j bail trop des maux d tête intense et j m en dorme vite pouvez vous m répondre svp

  3. Je deconseille les produits laitiers qui acidifient votre organisme et qui dit terrain acide dit terrain propice au developpemen des maladies, de plus les produits laitiers creeent des etats inflammatoires, et enfin, nous n'avons tout simplement pas les enzymes necessaires pour les digerer

  4. Salut dr ma femme(age 35) ca fait 2 mois quand a u la naissance de notre fille le taux de calcium 82mg/1 est ce que c normale

  5. Bonjour c'est une belle video tres constructif mais j'aimerais savoir le nom du carence en calcium exactement s'il te plait?merci pour votre reponse

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