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Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin, CEO of draxe.com,
where we believe food is medicine. I’m your host for Ancient Medicine Today,
where we’re going to discuss lemongrass essential oil, its benefits, and how to use it. Lemongrass smells amazing, but you know what? It’s not a lemon, and it’s not even a grass. Discuss. Lemongrass actually is a grass. It has an aromatic aroma and it’s great for
so many things. I defuse lemongrass every day. It is my wife’s favorite essential oil. People that walk into our home just love it,
but there’s more to it than just a pleasant aroma walking into your house. What is lemongrass? Well, you can see it here. It kind of looks, to me, like a spring onion,
or what my grandmother used to call a scallion. And they smell amazing. There are, sort of, more leafy areas of lemongrass,
and where it grows, everywhere you step is a pleasant aroma. But lemongrass is a serious, powerful remedy,
and we’re going to tell you why in just a moment. But if you’re somebody that loves essential
oils, I want to encourage you to check out draxe.com. We have articles on lemongrass and so many
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oil or wants to know how use it, make sure to click that Share button below. So what does lemongrass do? Number one, it repels bugs. Citrus oils are good at repelling insects. Think citronella, lemon, orange, tangerine,
and lemongrass. I use lemongrass in a do-it-yourself bug spray. So put it right in there, awesome. Promotes skin health. Lemongrass is great for your skin. We’ll tell you how to use it in just a moment. It’s a natural deodorizer. As I mentioned, lemongrass oil, defused or
simply put in your hand, rubbed, you can inhale it, you can put it in a little spray bottle
with water, and it’s also a great, sort of, hand sanitizer, but it also deodorizes the
room. And any surface you put it on, it’s great
as a cleaner as well.  Lemongrass oil has been shown in studies to
treat gastric ulcers due to its powerful compounds. That is pretty amazing. Lemongrass oil, defused or combined with other
oils, can be a fever reducer. Lemongrass oil can lower cholesterol. And lemongrass oil can help conquer or treat
yeast infections caused by candida. Wow, that is a powerful punch for a little
oil. Lemongrass smells great, lemongrass is powerful
for you in multiple ways, and look at all those benefits. This is pretty awesome. Couple of cautions. Because lemongrass stimulates menstrual flow,
women who are pregnant should not use it. Also not recommended for children or nursing
mothers. And lemongrass can be toxic to cats. Cats won’t eat lemongrass in the wild. There’s a reason. A lot of these essential oils are powerful
and they don’t work well with pets. So pregnant women and cats, stay away from
lemongrass. Everybody else, it’s amazing. Lemongrass essential oil can repel insects. Promotes healthy skin. It’s a natural deodorizer to surfaces and
rooms. Treats gastric ulcers. You can take it orally if it’s labeled as
a dietary supplement. Helps reduce fever. Lowers cholesterol. And can help fight candida yeast infections.  Folks, essential oils are a must-have in your
medicine cabinet. They may be all the rage today, but to some
they’re the best-kept secret. So if you know somebody who wants to learn
about essential oils and add lemongrass to their repertoire, please make sure to click
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