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Lenoir-Rhyne University Solmaz Institute

The Solmaz Institute was established in 2009;
it was a collaboration between Lenoir-Rhyne University and Mr. Gungor Solmaz,
who funded the institute. The mission of the institute is to prevent
and treat childhood obesity. There are 3 components to the Solmaz Institute.
The first component is higher education. Gungor Solmaz and Lenoir-Rhyne
University saw the value in training our professionals and providing
them with the skills, in order to treat and prevent childhood obesity. The second component
is a unique clinic that we have on campus, where overweight children
and their families come to receive behavior modification intervention. What is
so unique about it is that our students actually provide most of our services,
mentored by professionals and faculty and staff. The third component is
our community outreach. This is really where our service learning comes into play.
We are serving a need in the community, which is health education, obesity
prevention, training and teaching children and families to live and
maintain healthier lifestyles; and then our students are actually learning by providing
these services in the community. The Solmaz Institute at Lenoir-Rhyne University
offers some incredible learning opportunities for students, whether
they are undergrad or graduate students. I currently have over 40 undergraduate
students interning in the Solmaz Institute in the clinic setting, and
also in our community outreach efforts. We have students from Health and
Exercise Science and Nursing. At our graduate level, we have our Dietetic interns,
and also our Masters of Counseling students as well. So what can you expect as
a student in the Solmaz Institute? Well first, you are going to have a lot of
fun. Second of all, you are going to have a lot of client interaction through our clinic
and through our community outreach. You can also expect interdisciplinary learning
experiences, where you are coming together with students of different disciplines
to solve problems and to improve patient outcomes.

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