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LIFE AFTER VEGANISM: New Diet (and Everything I Eat!) 🍟

And I have to say I have to say hand on heart ever since I started doing this I do feel Substantially better no question about it Over the last 20 years I tried Everything under the Sun to find freedom and fulfillment. I did everything humanly possible I’ve tried every possible Avenue To be able to finally take control of my life Okay in that process of self-discovery took two decades and So what I have now done now that the puzzle pieces have fallen together. I created a free course That everybody can complete in the space of one hour that will install it will hardwire this knowledge Into everybody’s brain For free and in one hour so go down in the description get the course and do it now while it’s free Hi there, amazing people Today I want to share with you how I eat as many of, you know, two months ago I stopped calling myself a vegan and In this video I want to tell you How my food intake has changed since that transition? because many people expect or have these visions of me becoming a carnivore or doing those drastic Dramatic changes in my life and that’s not the case Here’s why and that explains also why I stopped calling myself a vegan because when we place ourselves as subjects to ideologies this is when we stop using our own brain and that’s that’s proven historically throughout the ages that you know under the auspices of Ideologies humans have done the most mindless And often hurtful things throughout history So I didn’t want to place this thing on me this ideology of veganism on Anything I do in my life, so that’s one thing The other thing is I wanted to spread my bets when it came to nutrition. So what does this mean? It means that I can continue eating as a vegan As a vegan does and in my case pretty much a fruitarian Which means I can continue having my smoothie I can have my fruit lunch. I Can have my vegan dinner? every single day but then Once a week I can have animal protein okay, so it doesn’t mean That I’ve gone to the other extreme. It doesn’t mean that I became a carnivore It means that I am making The best of what I’ve learned as a vegan and also I’m spreading my bets which means that I am now Getting more things of what my body needs from different sources so my strategy at this point is that I Continue exactly what I was doing which is Banana smoothies close to lunchtime intermittent fasting that is and then Later in the day around 1:00 2:00 p.m. I have fruit lunch usually here in Thailand that consists of dragon fruits because there are calorie dense and also they have water volume, which means it’s fantastic for digestion and Then later in the day. I will have a cooked vegan meal. It could be a Green curry or Whatever it doesn’t really matter point is I will have something which is usually vegan and then once a week I have discovered the place where they can prove access to grass-fed meat and After doing my research and finding the single place, I am not aware of any other restaurant in the entire city of Chennai that offers Grass-fed meat after doing my research and finding this place I now Go there once a week. Okay, and I have to say I have to say hand on heart ever since I started doing this I do feel Substantially better no question about it okay, so and in fact, I’m even more convinced about saying this because I only do this once a week Which means I can witness the effects So the other day the restaurant was closed so I missed my once a week food from the restaurant and then I noticed the effects of going without it for two weeks and then how I felt when I actually went back to eating it and There is no question about it. It does make me feel stronger. It does help me Who knows in what way I’m not a scientist I don’t play one on the internet And so all I can tell you is that by spreading my bets a bit by adding this tiny portion like if it’s this tiny portion of grass-fed meat Into my food intake once a week has made a huge change in how I feel my strength in my exercise My sense of well-being and then also I’m doing intermittent fasting which is something I’ve also learned over the over the years Which helps? Also my body to preserve its energy so I spend less Energy digesting and more energy doing the things that matter to me and again as I’ve mentioned in other videos Compare this state of clarity balance and well-being to how I felt 10 years ago before I became vegan, which was a constant physical and mental brain fog and now I know that It’s not because of the meat that I was feeling that way it was because I was eating Low quality food. I Don’t feel bad about my choice If instead of being a 100 vegan, I’m currently 90% vegan, that’s perfectly okay, and you know what? it would be fantastic for the vegan agenda if the entire world was a Certain percentage. I’m not saying 90% even if 50 percent was the percentage that most of the world attained would make a huge difference for the welfare of animals so the major mistake that Vegans are making is that they’re they take the all-or-nothing approach There are some people who can be 100% vegans for a sustained amount of time I certainly Went 10 years, but not many people can actually do this easy without in caring health problems and the vegans are making a huge disservice to them to their to their cause and to the animals that they’re supposedly protecting by being so intolerant of people who are not 100% vegans Veganism as a name as a label didn’t exist before the fifties Okay, the label itself didn’t exist before the 50s because that was when the industrial food production Came into its for and so if people just regulate how much meat they eat If they save up their money to buy good high-quality Grass-fed organic biodynamic or whatever it is the best quality meat that they can get very Occasionally once a week once every two weeks once a month, whatever it is that their body requires Then they are already making a huge inroads in reducing the need for industrial animal farming I Think this is a much better example than the skinny angry vegans that you see out there advocating 100% black or white extreme veganism. Those are not good role models. Nobody’s going to Emulate their example because nobody wants to be Akemi hungry and angry person all that to say thank you so much for watching and If you haven’t done so already like this video subscribe, and I will see you on the next one

5 thoughts on “LIFE AFTER VEGANISM: New Diet (and Everything I Eat!) 🍟

  1. Here it is, my life after veganism. After 10 years as a vegan and several years as a fruitarian, I took the best of what I learned and created my very own diet. Let me know what you think.

  2. I still don't know what the magic is for sure—maybe choline, maybe better protein, cholesterol, natural hormones—but I've noticed the same from eating animal products on occasion. I get some problems from them, too, so I'd like to try grass-fed some time to compare.

  3. So glad to see you find some balance in your diet. You are such a nice bloke, felt so bad for you when you were ill before. I think veganism leaves a person feeling very emotional as well as physically not the best, bec of lack of B vits (more bio-available in animal pdts than plants). x

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