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Live Healthy: Conquer junk food cravings

welcome back news for Jax giving you stories to help you live healthy we have all heard about the stages of grief but did you know there are five stages of cravings you have arousal increased attention desire then consumption and then finally regret like why did I eat that cake however the last two stages are completely avoidable and we are going to show you how crunch sizzle pop we are constantly surrounded by tempting junk foods so what are you craving right now a gelato which I probably shouldn’t be having but that’s okay right now maybe Chinese food but if you always feed that craving we’re more likely to overeat we’re more likely to be at risk to gain weight and for heart disease so what can you do to resist the cravings first start a cravings journal write down the time of day you are craving those unhealthy snacks what are you craving your emotions at the time and what you ate before and how much notice if there are any patterns and the times you are craving them or any situation that might bring them on another tip find a healthier alternative if you are craving a sugar filled soda try a soda with low – no sugar if you want a grilled cheese sandwich make it on whole-wheat bread with reduced fat cheddar cheese and finally don’t deprive yourself it can cause intense cravings that lead to overeating it’s okay to indulge once in a while but it’s all about portion control food cravings decreased when they were consumes less frequently and at smaller portion sizes that story was talking right to me so experts say another thing that can help reduce those cravings is not to let yourself get too hungry in states of extreme hunger people tend to crave quick-fix foods like candy and chips things you can grab instead eat smaller meals throughout the day and really never let yourself get hungry

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