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Living Proof Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream: First Impression

hey everybody welcome back to my channel
so today’s haircare review is on the living proof no more frizz nourishing
styling cream if you’d like to see my first impressions of this then please
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ballet I upload a video every single day of the week I don’t want you to miss any
so I did receive this in an allure Beauty box this is a two fluid ounce of
bottle it does have a four star review a full-size 8 ounce bottle is $38 that is
pricey if you wanted to get a 4 ounce bottle it is $28 so this is a 2 ounce so
this little baby right here would cost you $14 to me it is lightweight it
blocks humidity it’s silicone free there’s no parabens sulfates or phalates
so it sounds like it does a lot of good things you’re supposed to use this on
clean damp hair from roots to ends and for best results you should heat style
so I’ll definitely be using a blow dryer to see how this goes I’m just gonna be
honest guys I did use the no more frizz shampoo conditioner I got that for free
in an Influenster box like almost a year ago so just thought I would go ahead and
use the whole haircare line but the shampoo and conditioners okay okay I
prefer my nexus so I really don’t feel like this is going to totally change my
first impressions of the nourishing styling cream so it doesn’t say how much
to use it says you should apply a liberal amount generously coat I don’t
like to use a huge amount just because my hair is it super thick and I feel
like if I weight use a ton it might weigh it down even though it says it’s
lightweight and what we are here to carry down but my hair is a little bit
longer than shoulder length so we’ll just I think that’s a pretty liberal
amount for someone like me has the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner
it’s kind of poorly but kind of scenery and kind of musky – I’m gonna do most of
it down on my ends that’s where I get most of my frizz and then if there’s
anything left on my hands then I will go ahead and apply it towards the roots
just to dry off my hands you know just to dispense the product so okay okay
guys I’m gonna hurry up and blow dry my hair and I’ll be right back okay so I
just got done blow-drying beings are looking a little wonky I
haven’t worn them down in a while but just gonna go ahead and get this brushed
out it is looking pretty smooth I mean right off the bat it still smells good so I mean yeah it looks really nice so
far it does feel pretty lightweight so this styling créme says that it can
be used for any hair type but it is geared more towards thick frizzy unruly
hair so you know I don’t have you know super thick hair I don’t have curly hair
my hair is wavy and it does get frizzy from time to time and it has been
raining all day so the humidity is a little bit higher but yeah guys I mean I
think it looks really nice so far so first impression is that it definitely
did help to smooth I mean it’s it looks natural you know what I mean it’s not
like when you put like any like bio silk or like a oil or anything in your hair
and it’s like that’s super shiny so you can tell it looks like you put something
in it this doesn’t really look like you put anything in it it still has that
semi matte finish that most hair has you know so I do like that about that it
still smells good but it’s not as strong as when you first apply it and I did you
know do most of it from like ear level down but I did have residual styling
cream and I did put it in through my roots and bangs and I do have to say
that it does look really really nice it doesn’t look oily or weighed down so
that is definitely a plus and it didn’t make my hair flat you know what I mean I
do think that this stuff would be great or the individuals that do have that
curly coarse frizzy unruly hair type I think that you would absolutely love
this product it does seem really really nice do I think it’s worth you know
thirty eight dollars for an eight ounce bottle or even twenty eight dollars for
a four ounce bottle I mean I don’t have that hair type so I really can’t say yes
or no for me personally with my you know medium thick wavy hair no it’s not worth
it to me but I think if you did have the very frizzy unruly hair type I do think
that you would really enjoy this and I would definitely recommend seeing if you
can get the four ounce bottle for $28 I mean you don’t need much once again my
here’s not you know SuperDuper long but I mean I still think it’s considered
long so I do think that this would last you a while I used the size of about a
quarter you know and I also know that I wash my hair daily and I think most
individuals that have that coarse or curly hair they don’t because you know
it it gets really frizzy and it can dry out really easily so I do think that you
know if you do have that hair type that this really is made for yeah any hair
type can use it but it really is made for curly really dry frizzy unruly hair
I think that a four ounce bottle would last you a very long time and I do like
the way my hair looks and feels very soft and I will be definitely trying
this out so I’m going to be going out to dinner a little bit later like I said
it’s been raining all day so this blocking out humidity thing is
definitely going to be tested I will definitely put down in the description
box below whether this really did kind of help shield my hair from the humidity
in the air but guys I do really like it it did leave it really really nice I
would definitely go to a store Sephora whatever and see if you can get maybe a
sample size of the living proof know morphers nourishing styling cream if you
can I would definitely try it out before you do splurge
twenty-eight dollars on a four ounce bottle or you know even you know the
eight ounce bottles 38 if you know that you’re gonna love this stuff definitely
go with the 8 ounce bottle for only ten bucks more you get four more ounces of
product so it is the better deal but guys I do really like this it did make
my hair look really really nice and I will definitely be using it again you
know those april showers bring May flowers really is a thing here in
northern Utah so April will probably be a pretty high humidity month I will
definitely like I said I’ll leave down in the description box how this held up
through the evening because I will be going out but you guys I hope you did
enjoy this haircare review on the living proof nourishing styling cream if you
did then please go ahead and give this video a thumbs up also make sure that
you share this video haven’t seen much about living proof it
is a pricey hair care brand but I mean they’re they’re they’re okay products
I’ve only tried the first free shampoo conditioner and oil you know they’re
okay I’ve tried this now and I do have to say I do / I do think that this is a
really good product and you know if I did have that coarse hair type
I definitely think I’d probably be splurging on this so but you guys also
make sure that you follow me on my other social media twitter facebook Instagram
and snapchat is all at budget glam babe and I will see you guys tomorrow for
another video have a great one guys you

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