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100 thoughts on “Low Carb Diets and Coronary Blood Flow

  1. All of the factors for heart disease went down when I started my "atkins" diet,  hum………who is lying?   low hdl , ldl and tri's
    on a low fat, almost vege diet everything went UP!    hum ……………what's up………………………………….every diet and dietary approaches don't work for everyone!  That's the point!  What a slamfest against low carbbers!  There are videos about 40yr old vegans that die of heart attacks also……………..Why is that? if I would have known this 4 min 17 sec video was another slam against "atkins/low carb" I would not have wasted my time.

  2. How bogus can you get. You should be ashamed. You conflate a High Protein diet with a Low Carb diet. Then you conflate increased risk factors–which have shown little more than correlation (not causation)–with actual mortality. Makes me wonder who funds you…

  3. Oh fine…..I cant eat high carb because im diabetic, and i cant eat low carb because ill clog my heart, so basically im dead either way.

  4. the problem with clips like this is, many people have different ideas of what constitutes "low carb". some people say anything involving 40% or less of your calories from carbohydrates is a low carb diet. other people aim for a lower carbohydrate, all the way down to 20g or less of net carbohydrates per day. 40% of calories in a 2000cal diet (normal caloric intake for many people) involves 200g carbohydrate, which will yield a VERY different result compared to 20g of carbs per day! 

    interesting clip, indeed. it does however need a definition of what the researchers designated as "low carb" vs "not low carb".

  5. absolute bullshit. Cholesterol does not matter. Who paid for this crap? Nutrition facts is a hack for the food industry or pharma. 26 people is not a comprehensive study. What a fucking lie…..

  6. When I eat low carb foods my blood sugar levels are A++++ ….then as soon as I put fruit, cereals (even if its weetbix and porridge), my sugar levels go up quite a bit…low carb I have more energy, my joint pain goes away, I just feel better.  Oh I blood pressure improves…shall I go on??

  7. I'll be back soon…I'm just going into the kitchen to make me a low-carb lunch consisting of salmon sautéed in a garlic sauce and a green salad…YUM!!

  8. Lol, dumbest study ever recorded! 26 people for a year……right…… And atkins is old news. Keto diet is the way to go. High fat from coconut oil, olive oil, fish oils, and real animal fat, moderate protein, no wheat or grains and the carbs we get are from dark leafy greens, fatty nuts, berry family fruits and depending on your activity level you can have 150grams of carbs and still be in ketosis but if you are very inactive you may only be allowed 20grams but on average i would say 75g and you people that think keto dieters dont eat veggies, well ya know i could eat 10 cups of kale or broccoli and still be under 75grams. But go ahead and count your calories, because the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree is exactly how the human metabolism works…… SMH!!!! Humans were meant to run off ketones! Do you think babies are eating high carbs? Do know why fruit is ripest before winter? Cause that is when the sugar is most prevalent and we like the taste of it, so it would fatten us up so we can survive off ketones when it was hard to hunt. We wernt making banana bran muffins with fruit salad and a sugary ass yogurt every day.
    And you morons know that cholesterol has nothing to do with having a heart attack, it is the damage from your arteries that cholesterol heals so you dont bleed to death!!! you keep damaging your arteries, the cholesterol has no choice but to block everything. STOP DAMAGING YOUR ARTERIES
    so what damages your arteries? well obviously nicotine but what else? Table salt and not for the high blood pressure but because table salt has micro glass and sand particles in it that tare your arteries so use pink himalayan salt. AND last but not least SUGAR!!! and foods that get converted into it, cereals, grains, flours, bananas, potatoes.. etc. they damage the fuck outta endothelial lining. And i have all the studies for reference. some of these studies have 80 000 ppl involved not 26 or whatever this BS is. and dont take this baby aspirin a day BS one of the most deadliest drugs out there and will kill your kidneys and doesnt prevent cardio vascular disease. plenty of natural ways to thin your blood pressure including WATER!!! anyways back on topic here.
    Want to heal your arteries???? here ya go. Take coq10, l-lysine, l-carnitine, REAL vit c with the bioflavonoids, omega 3 EFA …etc those are the main best ones and there are some other ones too. But doesnt listen to me, just take your statin drugs, kill your brain with it, support big pharma, die earlier, and think cause your number is lower youre healthier.

  9. How high in protein does a diet have to be to be considered a low carb diet? I do body building and I'm a vegan, so obviously I eat alot of beans, lentils, wheat bran, almonds and soy milk. My overall diet is pretty high in protein and lower than normal in fat and carbs. But does that make it a low-carb diet?

  10. Lo que observo en el estudio, es que las personas que consumieron una dieta 100% vegetal, si logran bajar la placa arterial, sin grasa ni proteinaanimal y sin carbohidratos, a la fecha la lesión que producen los carbohidratos al endotelio y al metabolismo no deja duda, 100% vegetal y carne blanca o solo 100% vegetal, obvio sin carbohidratos o azucares, la candida albicans y su relacion, en este proceso es vital, 100% vegetal cero azucares muere candida y daña nanobacterias sanguineum, forma de calcification arterial.

  11. Why is it that the left always seems to want to eliminate the good stuff?Me?  I'll continue to eat the stuff you consider bad until I die and really don't give a rip.  At least I have the satisfaction of having eaten lottsa great meals all over the world that you have missed out on.  And I continue to eat good stuff – BACON, Heavy Cream, Ice Cream, BUTTER, Steak, Shrimp, Lobster, and the list goes on and on and on.Thanks

  12. I took vegan advice and I did 2 fucking years of plant based whole food diet. I stayed away from any junk food. The results? My diabetes got worse. my HDL never went up to 40, my TG was always high around 150. never able to lose weight. Then I took keto advice and I lost 30KG in few months, I am off the diabetes pills, my HDL is now over 80, my TG is always below 100. Fuck the vegan doctos. they actually ruined my health. people need to understand vegan diet does not work for everyone, especially diabetic patient like me.yeah fuck vegan doctors they are doing more harm than good. Their life goal is to save animals, not humans.

  13. I'm not an expert but it's possible that the addition of carbohydrates are not the reason for cleaner arteries. It could be the antioxidants and the added vitamins and minerals, and/or the fiber that can not be had by many meats that was responsible for the cleaner arteries.

  14. TWENTY PERCENT LESS PLAQUE! GO VEG keep that blood flow strong! I'm talking to you MEN too… think of your penis lol

  15. What is defined as low carb? What is the fat to protein ratio?

    I've been on a high fat/low carb diet and my last cardiac imaging with contrast was SPOTLESS, and I passed my cardiac stress test with flying colors.

  16. Hello…Nobody is advocating a High Protein diet. That is a complete Red herring. … There's an an obesity and diabetic explosion over the last 30 years due to high Carb Low Fat…

  17. Doesn't matter what the science says to the vast majority of people. Low-carb is a trend right now and people will believe in it and do it regardless. Let them die whatever, I'm tired of trying to help people.

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  19. Saying low carb diets impair artery function is not that helpful given that low carb diets are not all the same.  Did the diets studied include fried foods/oxidized fats and or trans fats?  McDonalds?  etc.

  20. 100 years of research is no comparison to thousands of years of history. Why do Eskimos, they ear nothing but fat and live very healthy lives. I don't think either carb or fat is dangerous, as long as you don't mix the two! The human rase has been doing that for a 100 year!

  21. "However, this analysis is based on limited observational studies and large-scale trials on the complex interactions between low-carbohydrate diets and long-term outcomes are needed."

  22. So, what IS low carb? Vegetables are carbohydrates as are fruits. There needs to be more distinction on what is considered a low carb diet. Are only starches and processed grains considered the bad carbs? Should people be consuming more of these types of carbs? Please, someone bring some clarity to this discussion.

  23. I have to wonder where do low carb dieters get their energy? they talk about ketones but glucose is the preferred source of energy for every cell in the body I also need to look into ketones and if they have any pros and cons

  24. I m old… now I was a healthy diet vegan for about 5 yrs (SDA) I have all of mcdougalls videos and books. The problem was I was eating and chopping veggies like 24-7, never satisfied. No weight loss there. Keto is the only appetite suppressant there is…

  25. I am doing a low carb diet (75 lb loss so far) but I am about 95% raw vegan, getting my fat from seeds and avocado …was the blood flow impeded because of animal fats or are you implying all fats will do this
    (big fan but I love keto)

  26. There is a drastic difference between low carb+ high protein and the keto diet. Viewers must make that distinction and read into the research or else this video can be very misleading.

  27. Its all about the sugar intake , Bottom line! NOT FAT. I bet the low carb / high fat diet people that had decrease artery function had a diet coke every other day!!

  28. I think this shows I don't spend enough time, imagine that, reviewing the internet. Nicely summarized Dr. Greger.

  29. I just watched an Australian study of the benefits of a high fat diet. Very convincing, and I hope it's erroneous, because I could never eat all that fat cheese and meat

  30. The "study" clearly didn't measure low-carb, it measured high-protein … it says so in the title. High protein depletes the body of essential nutrients (potassium and calcium, in particular), compromising pancreatic function, and creating a fatty liver, leading to blood sugar/insulin imbalances, hence the rise in coronary risk factors. This video is conformation bias on gross display, as well as a flat-out lie, not to mention being scientifically meaningless due to the "study's" minuscule sampling size and misapplication. Wholesale bullshit from the first word to the last.

  31. I've been following the keto diet and practicing intermittent fasting for about a year now and I'm in WAY better condition than I was before.

  32. the title of the second study literally sais high protein diet, not low carb. Majority of your studies don't seem to be look at being fat adapted, just because you're on a low carb diet doesn't me you are really low carb.

  33. Do you know what bothers me? When Dr. Greger refers to studies are done with 'healthy vegetarian diets'. That would include dairy consumption. I wish they would use WHOLE FOODS, PLANT BASED DIETS in studies.

  34. Sorry but this seems very vague, what is the demarcation of what is considered to be low-carb and what is considered to be high carb? what is the composition and quality of these carbs in which we can draw such conclusions as high carbs are good for our diet. The Standard American diet when comparing it to relatively low carb diet, is much beneficial and practical to society and something to recommend would be a low carb whole food based diet versus high carb diet. Personally I utilize ketogenic (unprocessed) vegetarian diet and I have seen my BP drop by more than 30 pts and my heart rate is borderline on bradycardia, while feeling absolutely amazing and having the energy to work and exercise like no other point in my life. My personal definition of low carb (net carbs excluding fiber) is about 50-70 grams for my size and activity level

  35. Going into ketosis and am getting very sick. Have the keto flu and it hurts so much. Im going to eat a plant based whole foods diet. There are healthy carbs like sweet potatoes and beats. And I need to eat bananas to get some potassium. The keto diet may cause weight loss, but you're basically killing yourself to do it.

  36. No studies on HFLC? I mean, the studies you showed were HPLC (from what I could see in the video ) and I'm pretty sure protein burns like sugar when in high quantities.

  37. A high protein diet isn't what is classically called a low carb diet. Low carb diets are moderate in protein and high in fat. Sadly, there was no definition of what a high protein diet was among these participates. So, the results are useless as a comparison. And since the average 170 pound male was supposed to be eating 1,700 calories and very little weight loss was seen that should tells us both groups ignored what they were expected to do and they ended up eating a lot more calories. All we know is that those showing better results probably ate more fruit and vegetables and less junk while the high protein group continue eating the typical SAD diet which we all know is dangerous. For a guy who likes to take studies apart and point out weaknesses I'm surprised that Dr. Greger didn't do a better job with this one. A study from Israel's major medical university five year ago showed heart disease reversal on three different diets including a low carb diet. The mechanism for reversal wasn't what the subjects ate. It depended on systolic blood pressure drops based on weight reduction. There was a direct correlation between the drop in systolic blood pressure and reversal of heart disease. The correlation wasn't direct between either simply the weight lost, or diastolic blood pressure. I find this very interesting.

  38. I've noticed you talk about low carb diets as bad because of their high protein and fat, but those studies only talk about animal fats and protein. What about natural protein and unsaturated fat sources (seeds, nuts, avocado)? I spent a year on nutritional ketosis, plant based, and my diabetes is so controlled that I don't need insulin even with my type 1 diabetes diagnosis. The body has something called gluconeogenesis, which generates carbs from fat, making carbs not so necessary (not entirely unnecessary, but just enough to stay healthy with a low carb diet). Could you address this subject?

  39. This guy has another video about a vegan low carb diet saying its perfectly fine. A low carb high fat vegan diet is optimal for weight loss.

  40. Wait…these are high protein diets at 1:07, 1:28, and 3:51 which we already know are dangerous. That’s not the same as low-carb, high fat, moderate protein, keto style. Plus the first study was excellent for low carb diets but it was bypassed quickly and equated to cocaine, TB, and twinkies. This video is very not cool.

  41. I can't hear this low-carb bullshit anymore. My room mate lives low carb to lose weight; a few weeks ago she ended up in the hospital, becauce her circulation is bullshit with low-carb. My uncle lives mostly low-carb for years now and started having massive problems with his gut and other organs the last year. He is 38 years old and his dad (my grandpa) just died last year, he had colon cancer. I lived low-carb 2012 in order to loose weight. It worked, I lost a lot of weight, but felt like pure shit most of the time and got massive problems with circulation. Please stop this madness, low-carb is pure bullshit.

  42. My step dad just had a heart attack two weeks ago and his doctor told him to eat low carb!! What is going on!?

  43. "Low carb diet" defined as <45% of total daily calories from carbohydrates? That's not the same thing as a ketogenic diet people have been linking me here to look at.

    I've never made it into ketosis with more than 5% of my calories coming from carbs and less than 80% of my calories coming from fats. I don't know if this video is intentionally misleading, but I don't think you can really compare a diet where the carbohydrate content is over 8 times what it should be to a ketogenic diet. It truly is apples-to-oranges.

  44. Dr. Grieger maybe entertaining But he is essentially A fraud. The last study on the video He quotes from He conveniently Leaves out The conclusion that there was no Increase in death from cardiovascular disease for people on the low-carb diet. In the earlier portions Of the video he makes the case That there is a link betweenCardiovascular blood flow and low-carb diets. Yeah he makes no effort to explain The discrepancy Between These studies Because that would undermine the whole point of the video. What a dishonest And manipulative Man he is.

  45. If you start with claiming that low carb means a high protein diet then you are already changing the data to fit your desired conclusion.

    So you've proven that high protein intake is bad and that moderate protein intake is good.

    Now do a video about actual low carb high fat moderate protein vs high carb low fat moderate protein. What you will find is that it makes no difference. Humans have evolved to do great on both these variations in diet.

    And I think if you keep processed foods out (sugar, HFCS, bread, etc.) you will be healthy on a mix of the 2 as well.

    Ofcource, vegetables are required on all these diets.

  46. Flemings research didn't mention carbs, but high fat and protein, that's some misinformation there, most low carb dieters also eats lots of veggies and moderate protein and fat

  47. For sometime, I almost fell to the low carb high protein craze, but I am an empty cup, always open to new ideas and concepts. Good thing I'm open minded and bumped in to Dr. Greger's chanel. People nowadays have the luxury to access information anytime anywhere. At the end of the day, it's still their decision. It's their body anyways. Sometimes it's just their ego hindering them to accept the fact that for the longest time, what they believe was wrong all along, despite that statements mentioned in videos like this was based from scientific evidence.

  48. Although not a vegan by any means I started following Tom Brady's "TB12" method and have noticed a drastic improvement in my energy and no longer have sore joints from sports. He said 80% of your diet should come from RAW vegetables/fruits and 20% from very lean protein like chicken breast and the only oils you should be using are coconut and olive. Working well for me… much, much better than low-carb.

  49. Dr Gregor, could you comment on PURE study, recently published in the Lancet? (https://www.thelancet.com/action/showPdf?pii=S0140-6736%2817%2932252-3). It's a prospective study that purports to show that higher carb intake was associated with higher risk of mortality, while a diet higher in fat (incl saturated fat) was associated with lower mortality. Also, Nina Teicholz's book "Big Fat Surprise" is getting a lot of traction among smart friends of mine. She makes the point that outside of epidemiology, a relative risk ratio of less than 2 is not considered reliable. I find the evidence you present (against saturated fat and animal protein) persuasive, but studies like this PURE study and Nina Teicholz's arguments leave me unsure what to think. I hope your team can make sense of it.

  50. Can you do a video on the effect of Keto diet? There have been so many people promoting the benefit of this diet and don't have any strong scientific data to support it. I just saw a YouTube video that have people announcing giving up eating or minimizing any veggies, nuts, and berries in their diet to have better control over their macro intake. These people are spreading a very wrong message to their viewers.

  51. What is the actual definition of a plant based diet? Is it strict vegetarianism, or can fish, wholegrain, and Mediterranean diet stuff be included?

  52. How come half the people that die from heart attacks have what considered normal cholesterol. These simple minds don't realize it's not what your total cholesterol is or even your LDL. It's the LDL particle size that matters and we now know sugar creates small LDL which damages the artery wall initiating the formation of plaque

  53. I am confused by what it means to be low-carb. Does eating a low-card vegetarian diet negatively impact cardiac artery blood flow? Will eating low-card vegetarian diet have negative health impact? I don't think the video outlines what low-carb means.

  54. You repeatedly referred the studies as "low carb diets" when they were in fact titled "high protein diets" that were high in saturated fat. No wonder there was impaired blood flow. If the low/lower carb diet were more plant based we should see benefits like fat loss and arterial health.

  55. Very interesting. Moderation is key. Stay active. Eat clean. Eat whole foods. Drink plenty of water. Cut processed foods/sugar and stay within your daily caloric intake. Live your best life, you'll be alright.

  56. Interesting. But I would say good luck to anyone you wants to bet their life on a study of 26 people..which the doctor says is the best out there. It's relatively simple to see what any dietary approach is doing to you…go get your blood sugar and inflammation level tested. People are different…the apo gene can play a big role as would any genetic predisposition to diabetes. So, do you trust all these studies to the point of willing to risk your health on them?

  57. I'd love to see a 2 week study comparing inflammation markers of Alzheimer's patients half Master Cleanse, half Keto (aka Atkins)

  58. Low carb is not the same thing as high protein. Also that one study (was it the last one on here?) was 20 yrs old and new info is out since then. High protein is also hard on your kidneys. Most of us informed eaters know these things. If you're not defining "low carb" or "High Protein" then this "info" is pretty much meaningless.

  59. "Low-carbohydrate diets were associated with a significantly higher risk of all-cause mortality and *they were not significantly associated with a risk of CVD mortality and incidence. However, this analysis is based on limited observational studies and large-scale trials on the complex interactions between low-carbohydrate diets and long-term outcomes are needed.*"

    -Low-Carbohydrate Diets and All-Cause Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies

    The good doctor is not telling the whole truth. Even in the broad meta study he cites low carb is not implicated in CVD. The results of meta studies should not be used as evidence to push dietary recommendations anyway, 1 well run and controlled trial is better than 20 lit reviews.

  60. here we are again, a religious fight against a diet recommending the exploitation and slaughter of animals. Honest Scientific proof is to never rely and advertise on a single study, above all when the parameters are loosely respected by the subjects. What else did they do, disrespectfully to their health, that could have influenced the results.

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