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Low Carb Jalapeno Cheddar Balls Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making jalapeno cheddar protein balls these are so good they’re decadent
they taste exactly like yummy fried bar food and what’s so great about them is
it’s super high in fiber and really high in protein and just a few of these are
going to make you feel so full so let’s get started alright you’re going to need
half a cup of coconut flour make sure you’re using coconut flour and not
substituting with an almond flour because we want this to be really nice
and dense now you’re going to need about two tablespoons of minced garlic you’re
going to need one 8-ounce package of cream cheese that you’ve brought to room
temperature right here and then about three-quarters of a cup to a cup of
cheddar cheese that you’ve shred it now i also have a little over half a cup of
bacon that I cooked up a little bit earlier today and it’s been diced up
into really small pieces and then I have half a red onion that I’ve diced really
well and of course I like that kick with jalapenos so we’ve got about two large
jalapenos or for using it out of a jar about three tablespoons of jalapenos
that are all diced and ready to go and of course the most important ingredient
you’re going to need is natural Nutralean what’s so great about natural
Nutralean means you’re going to get all of your prebiotic fiber plus your whey
protein and the whey protein in Nutralean is cross filtered so you get all of
the peptides that you need and that’s what helps you feel really full and it’s
also what helps you burn more fat so I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to
start with our dry ingredients so I’m actually going to start with our
Nutralean and I’m going to put in five scoops of Nutralean and you can be
a little bit generous with this because your balls are going to be really really
nice and dense so we’ve got two scoops three and five generous scoops of Nutralean and
now I’m going to mix in my half a cup of coconut flour and because what I want to
do is coat the rest of the dry ingredients i’m going to start adding in
my onion that I’ve already pre dice and what you’re going to find as your dry
ingredients are going to coat those on wetter ingredients we’re going to do the
same thing with our bacon here and also with our cheese and I’m going to put our
garlic in and our jalapeno so really all I’m leaving is the cream cheese until
after we get all of this nice and coated with our Nutralean and our coconut
flour and I’m just going to show you what that looks like as you coat
everything it should look nice and even and very crumbly and once you get it so
you feel like you have it nice and evenly mixed all the way through now
you’re going to take your cream cheese and you’re going to mix that in so this
is going to take a little bit of elbow grease and you might be thinking oh this
is too dry it’s not going to mix up don’t worry keep working at it it’s only
going to take a few minutes it’s really easy but that’s what’s going to give
your balls the density they need to hold their shape once you put them in the
oven as you can see if you just keep working at it and working your dry
ingredients through into your wet ingredients it starts to get thicker and
thicker and more like the consistency that you’ll be able to use to form your
balls now if you’re wondering what the consistency is going to look like think
a little bit of a traditional cheese ball that you would serve that’s what
you’re aiming for okay so I have my baking sheet here and I put some
parchment paper on it or wax paper and now all I’m going to do is I’m going to
take out not quite an inch i would say a little over half an inch balls here
one at a time you just roll it between your hands like this and then
put it right onto your cookie sheet and we’re going to go ahead and do that with
all of them until all of our batter is used up and then we’re going to put it
in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes if you find your batter is a
little bit wet just roll it in some natural Nutralean just like that okay
so we have cooked these for 25 minutes at 350 degrees and they have turned out
perfect it smells so good in here you guys are gonna love this recipe look at
these amazing jalapeno bacon cheddar cheese balls I’m going to break one
apart just so you can see how totally amazing these look these are so filling
and so delicious they’re perfect to throw in your lunch the next day and I’m
gonna have to try these out oh these are so good you guys are going to love these make sure you subscribe every Friday we put out a new video I would
love to hear how yours turn out or if you have a variation on this recipe I’d
love to hear about it and we’ll see you guys back here next Friday thanks guys

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