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Low Fat Cooking Tips : Low Fat Substitutes for Cooking with Meat

Kirsten Herbes. I am a registered dietician
and health educator. When cooking meat in your recipes, you will automatically add more
fat than if you were cooking vegetables or green base products simply because meat by
nature since it comes from an animal is apprised of fat. There is however several ways you
can avoid adding more fat than necessary to your meat based dishes. For example if you
are cooking with a beef dish consider using instead of ground beef which is likely what
the recipe will call for, consider using a ground chicken variety. Ground chicken generally
has about the half amount of fat per serving as the ground beef would. While ground beef
with lower fat variety is available at the regular grocery store, ground chicken will
still be your better option. Something else you may want to consider if using ground turkey.
Many people initially shy away from turkey simply because they are not used to cooking
it in a ground variety but ground turkey will make the flavor of beef more closely than
ground chicken. Both of these are available in your regular grocery store. You would cook
them the same way that you would cook ground beef. Another thing to consider when cooking
with meat is try substituting fish instead of meat in your regular recipe. Most of us
should consume 2 to 4 serving of fish per week and most of us unfortunately don’t
get that many servings. A meatier fish like maybe a mahai or a tuna or salmon will give
you the same texture as beef will in a regular recipe. So try considering using the fish
instead of the beef in cutting your fat content virtually in half. When you do buy fish and
if you buy can fish, make sure you pay attention on how the fish is packaged. Tuna for example
comes in two varieties. You will see right here the top can is tuna packed in vegetable
oil and the bottom can is tuna packed in water. Obviously you want to choose the water based
version to reduce the fat amount in your tuna as much as possible. When you are cooking
with pork, ham tends to have the fattest grams per serving. A good alternative is buying
a turkey ham in place of pork. Turkey is a little bit harder to get your hands on but
if you go to your butcher your butcher can generally give you turkey ham and it will
have very similar flavor but a lot less fat that the pork based ham product.

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