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100 thoughts on “Low Fat vs. Regular Ice Cream Taste Test

  1. i always thought i was more of a rhett guy but the comment link has about vanilla ice cream is me. I love the basic creamy vanilla ice cream.

  2. i like knowing that im not the only one who eats ice cream this way. thank you Link for standing so firmly behind your beliefs <3

  3. I recently learned that Dr Pepper is spicy cherry flavored. That’s probably why you think it has a medicinal taste. Because many medicines are cherry flavored.

  4. Should have done this without knowing which was witch and you had to decide which one was the low-fat one

  5. Watch from 2:00 to 2:20 to see link redip the spoon with ice cream still on it. it doesn’t show but as he picks up the spoon again there is obviously more ice cream on it

  6. Am i the only one who leaves some on the spoon like link (I do not put it back in tho i eat the rest of it)

  7. I have to say, the way Link eats his ice cream by eating only half of the spoonful does make me uncomfortable for some reason.

  8. Did they have cherry brick road howling cow ice cream yet when y’all were at state? Cause I would get that a the bragaw c store just about every day too

  9. I eat ice cream the exact same way as link. Sometimes, if the spoonful is really big, I'll eat it in 4+ little bites.


  11. You didn't factor in the price difference. A half gallon bucket of Breyers/Dreyers is $2.77 at Vons, but the much smaller pint of 310 Breyers is the same as any Ben & Jerry's at $3.99+.

  12. GMM: "Ice Cream Review!"

    Instagrammers: opens and licks sealed ice cream containers then put's it back in the store freezer

  13. Someone saying that after 4 or 5 minutes your rabbit cage will be clean. Lets me know theyve never owned a bunny.
    I have two.

  14. Oh Link. You DID double dip it. Look at the spoon properly from 11:11–11:13.
    You can see little bit of ice cream leftovers at the tip of his spoon.

  15. For Halloween they should do a “would we be able to tell if we were poisoned” game where the poison is what popular poisons tastes like (almond extract, etc) and see if they can guess which is compromised

  16. I eat ice cream like Link, my husband thinks it's so weird. I think it's cos I can't handle all the cold at once haha!

  17. But are the serving sizes the same for both? Like one serving for one might be 1/4 cup while the other could be 1/3

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