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Make Healthy Food Delicious (here’s how)

bjbj Make Healthy Food Delicious (here’s how)
Mike Chang: What’s up guys! This is Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts.com. In this video,
I am going to teach you all probably one of my most valuable tricks when it comes to making
healthy food taste good. So why don’t people eat healthy? It’s pretty obvious, right? Food
needs to taste like crap, that s why it’s dry, it’s non-tasteful, there is no flavoring.
It’s just not, it just doesn t taste good, you don t enjoy it. And honestly, this has
been a huge problem of mine for a long time, and being a trainer and helping people and
doing what I teach about and preach about, I just got to stick with it, but I always
found myself just taking it. I am being just be like you know what, the stuff tastes nasty,
but I have got to do it you know because I can’t teach people how to do good things and
then eat crap myself and then also my body would show it. So I just got suck it up. Well,
recently probably been about the last year now, I discovered something that s been around
forever, but I don t really hear a lot of people talk about it. So this is what I do
now. Any type of healthy foods, first of all number one is I put my foods in a Tupperware.
So this is a natural Tupperware, and I am eating in just a sec. So here it is, chicken,
and look at this. See how it’s kind of dry, right? You see how dry it is. I mean, it tastes
decent, but chicken breast is just a little dry. I have got some sweet potatoes, and then
I have got some spinach. So I am going to microwave this up. And usually, when you microwave
it up, that s a little dry, it doesn t really have a lot of taste in it, but what I have
found is coconut oil. This stuff here is going to make everything taste better. Now, coconut
oil, when I first heard about it, I was like, coconut oil, I mean, and what do you mean
I am going to put oil, it’s fat. I mean if you look at the nutrition label, I don t know
if you guys can see it on camera, but it’s a lot, right? It’s 130 grams of calories,
and the fat is 14 grams of fat, and 14 grams of fat, 130 grams of calories, and that s
1 tablespoon, right? So, it didn t make sense to me before when people talk about you need
fat, and so I am like, well I am not going to put extra fat, because extra fat is going
to make me fat. While with coconut oil, this is actually one of the best fats. Coconut
oil is good, amino, your omega 3s, your omega 6 like fish oils is good, and then there is
good fats like avocado is a good fats, nuts are good fats. But, here is the thing. All
those are good fats, but this good fat, you could put this in any regular food, you can’t
put like nuts in your regular food, it’s not going to have, it’s going to make taste nutty,
it’s not going to make it taste good. But, coconut oil will make all of your food taste
good. So guys, if you re having trouble eating healthy just because you don t like the way
it taste, put coconut oil. So, this is what I do. I am going to do it right from here.
So, I usually go ahead, and put about this much. I mean, this is a good amount. This
is probably more than a tablespoon, so trust me. I am not just putting a little bit for
taste, I am loading, I am caking it on, check that out, right? So — and this is delicious,
I mean I love this stuff, this is what I do. I love this stuff. That tastes really good.
Then afterwards, I will put it on, put the lid on, toss in to microwave, for me, about
2 minutes. Afterwards, the coconut oil is all melted and everything taste juicy, extra,
extra good. And once I discovered how to do this, men, all my healthy foods that were
before not that enjoyable, now I love eating everything just because I put coconut oil
in everything. And guys, don t be afraid to eat it throughout the day, because honestly,
it’s not going to get you fat. I eat this, I eat this, and this isn t — I am not really
recommending this brand, this is a good brand, but just coconut oil altogether, I eat about
a spoonful like that about 5 to 6 times every single day, and it’s not going to get you
fat. So, do that, that s going to make all of your food taste good, it’s going to take
care of the fat that you need in your body, and that’s perfect. Now, you can eat healthy,
now you don t have to worry about food tasting bad. So I ve got a minute left on the microwave.
So, do that, it’s going to really help you out. Once I take it out, I am going to go
ahead and eat my meal. Hope we enjoy this tip, go out and buy. One more tip. So you
want to buy this, you can probably buy this at a regular grocery store, but in a case
that you don t find it in a regular grocery store, oh! Number one is you’ve got to look
in the Healthy section of the regular grocery stores. Like for me, in my grocery store,
there are areas they have like the Supplements, the Vitamins stuff like that, and you can
find that there. If you don t find it there, you can also, A, order it online or you can
go to like your local supplement store and you should be to find like coconut oil. So,
another one to keep in mind when you re buying coconut oil, something like this costs I think
about $9, okay? It’s actually pretty good because this will last you depending on how
much you eat. For me, when I eat about 5 teaspoons, it’s going to last me about, you know about
2 weeks, give or take, sometimes maybe about a week-and-a-half to two weeks. So I go through
about 2 of these per month. So, it costs me about 18 bucks, 20 bucks, no big deal, it’s
not too bad. So, one tip to keep an eye when buying these is they have different types
of coconut oil. If you just kind of go ahead and put this in your food and microwave it
up, you want to get the ones that will set in room temperature. So basically, this doesn
t say anything about high heat because the coconut oil that you can get to where it’s
meant for high heat cooking. And I am not a chef, so I am not going to go into detail
in that, but basically, sometimes you can cook food and if the heat is super hot and
if the oil starts to turn black, well if you get the high heat ones because you re cooking
with it, and you cook like that, that will be perfect to go. But, for me, I don t cook,
I don t cook too much but just once a week, and when I do cook, I don t use much oil.
So I put directly into my Tupperwares; these work really good. If you re going to decide
you want to cook with them, you can use this for cooking, but if you do the high heat ones
like you cook really hot, then you want to get the high heat coconut oils. Either way,
it doesn t matter you can’t go wrong, even if you buy the high heat ones, you can still
stick them in the microwave, and microwave it up and now shake it out. Now, if you look
at it, now look at that. Look how juicy it looks. See how everything has all this juice,
it all just melts, and it’s all this coconut oil on there, and so this dry chicken breast
now is juicy chicken breast and it’s so super healthy for you still. So hope you enjoyed
the video, tell me how you like it, I honestly like the taste, so I want to get your opinion
on it. Thanks for watching guys! For more nutrition videos and workout on how to get
lean and ripped, check out the website sixpackshortcuts.com. See you all guys next time! gdi+ :pi+ Make
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  4. Thank you very much for this video. πŸ™‚ I've been considering buying coconut oil but I normally hear of people using it for their baking (naughty foods! ack!). But anyway, I think I'll be giving this a shot. Thanks!!!

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    Awesome point and esp awesome to hear from someone like you that it actually DOESN'T translate to weight gain.

    Thanks for the tip, Mike!! xox

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  19. It's also a thermogenic. Meaning its a serious metabolism booster. First thing in the morning, put a tablespoon full in black coffee and blend it. It's a great replacement to creamer, and the amount of energy you get is bananas. Man, I'm glad you finally woke up to this, but like the Jamaican lady said…we been using this shit for everything for YEARS. Lol! Hair, skin…you name it. Enjoy!

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