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Man who scoffed junk food and hit the booze when life fell apart loses 18 stone

 A man who turned to junk food and booze when his life fell apart is celebrating losing over 18 stone  Rob Diggory gorged on food and down eight pints a night after he lost his job and his marriage ended   But after reaching rock bottom, he turned his life around and is now fit and healthy and nearly 19 stone lighter, Birmingham Live reported  And he has been given an award by his slimming club for keeping the weight off for four years     Rob, aged 65, joined  Slimming World  in  Rubery  when he tipped the scales at a morbidly obese 28 stone 11lbs and had a 60 inches waist  But now he is a trim and healthy 10 stone 5lbs and boasts a 32 inch waist.  He still goes to Paula Hooper’s class in Rubery and this month was awarded its “Club 50” award – specially created to reward those members who’ve lost and kept off 50 per cent of their starting weight  Rob joined Slimming World in January 2013 and by 2015 had reached his target weight    And today, four years on, he is still at that weight and goes every week to the class  He said: “I’ve been overweight for many years of my life so I’m so proud and happy to win this award  “I feel like a new man since losing weight – in fact, I look so different that people who I haven’t seen for a while often can’t believe I’m the same person ”   His weight  ballooned when his marriage broke down and he was one of the 6,500 people who lost their job when the  Longbridge  plant shut down in 1995    He turned to food and booze, gorging on junk food and downing eight pints a night  “The day we all lost our jobs at Rover – it all started from there,” said Rob  “I went through a bad divorce, and I was just on the road to nowhere.  “I was feeling very low and went completely off the rails with my eating and drinking alcohol in the pub every night ”    But it took seven years for Rob to eventually hit rock bottom.  In March 2012 he was dangerously obese and had no money to buy food, while the gas and electricity was cut off at his home  “It got so bad that I didn’t have any money left, and was just living in my house with no heating or electric,’’ he said  “I had really just given up, and I wasn’t bothered about anything in my life.    “I had not eaten anything for over a week, I was freezing cold in my own house and in so much pain my legs felt like they were going to burst  “I felt like I was going to die.”  He then became so unwell due to his living conditions that he was taken into hospital and then put into a care home  “That really made me sit and wake up,” said Rob “I wanted to get better and go back home.”  His brother Mark persuaded him to go to Slimming World and that was the start of a new chapter for Rob  “Walking through those doors was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done – I was embarrassed about my size and scared that I might be the biggest person there,” he said  “I needn’t have worried though and I was so relieved when I found out that my weight was confidential between me and the consultant – I’d had visions of having to tell everyone how much I weighed!”  Rob said although all that is behind him now and he’s kept the weight off for four years, he continues to go to the class at Rubery Memorial Hall  “I’ve made so many friends at the group and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without their support each week,” he said    His Slimming World consultant, Paula Hooper, said: “The changes we’ve seen in Robert are incredible I hope his success will inspire other people who’d like to lose weight.”  Paula’s group meets every Monday at 10am, 12pm, 3 30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm at Rubery British Legion.  To join call Paula on 07900 997303

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