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100 thoughts on “McDonalds Filet-O-Fish Sandwich Homemade Vegan-Vegetarian

  1. I'm not a tofu person, but I would totally be willing to try this because I always liked fish fillet sammies! Thanks for sharing! I've missed you.

  2. OMG this sandwich is like a dream come true for me because before going veg my favourite thing at Mcdicks was the filet o'fish!! And your glasses are great girl!

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  4. Thanks, Fish need more attention. Fish Farms, over-fishing and boiling small shrimp/lobsters/crabs alive for a few bites is insane. Not to mention millions of sharks killed just for the fin-soup, whales near extinct and mile long cargo nets that sweep up dolphins, turtles and tons of other sealife that are killed yet not eaten. Try scubadiving for respect. Rather than fish oil, get omega-3's via flaxseed oil or walnuts…

  5. This recipe was very good…I myself, liked the texture. Thanks for sharing this…you
    are appreciated. Hope you enjoy Atlanta….

  6. i am a new subscriber of yours. thank you for posting these videos. i am newly vegan and need all the help i can get. i have been starring at the tofu packages in my fridge for two weeks. I am going to try this.

  7. you're such a great inspiration for anyone wanting to go vegan! You have a wonderful spirit about you :DD thanks for all your great videos

  8. I loved the cucumber scallops! you are the Best! I just love your recipes.
    Keep em coming please!

  9. tofu is amazing…I prefer the extra firm. It's so inexpensive that you can buy it and experiment with recipes. I've discovered and created some amazing recipes using tofu. It's all about flavoring and playing around with textures…

  10. I realize this is an older recipe, but I've been looking for a good fish sandwich recipe in general. I'm so excited to find this. I love fish sandwiches and it's one of the few things I miss since going vegetarian.

  11. I would be happy to never eat anything resembling a Fillet-O-Fish for the rest of my life, but this is the first video of yours I've ever seen, and you seem like a really cool person.

  12. gosh i love you, youre awesome! im a huge fan of mcdonalds burgers and ive been vegetarian for 7 months, vegan for 1 and i miss my mickey goodness. you have all the "good burger" substitutes! thanks and make some more! haha

  13. I completely understand about the flesh texture. I made my homemade wheat meat and it was so close to a pork chop that I couldnt finish it because it grossed me out so much.

  14. I just died laughing as soon as you said I'm like disgusted…also your glasses comment. Lolololol sooooo funny

  15. You are adorable!!!! I am definitely making this immediately!!!! I am not vegan but I try to eat many vegetarian and vegan options because I do enjoy many of them. And I am not much of a meat eater. I make a wonderful focaccia bread and I am thinking this will be an awesome sandwich on hot crusty rosemary focaccia!!!!! 

  16. You are just…OMG. Too cute. Good grief. I mean, holy smokes. I watch a TON of vegan/vegetarian food channels and you are by a LONG shot the most easily likable. You are so adorably honest. "This was disgusting, but in a good way!" I totally know what you mean. Please keep making videos:)

  17. LMAO… "I really don't know how to review this, because it was so disgusting…" Totally craved me up. XD

  18. By the way, I love watching your videos. You are so enthusiastic and honest. Keep up the great work for those of us vegans around the globe you inspire!

  19. You look so cute with your glasses !!! I love your videos even if i'm not vegetarian or vegan… and i've tryed some recipes ^^ ! You're amazing <3

  20. I've subscribed. Such an awesome group of vegan copycat foods; makes it easier to slide back into a vegetarian lifestyle. I will probably eat fish once in a while but your recipes will keep me 90%. Thanks!!

  21. Where have you been? I tried this and its pretty good. As well as the vegan biscuit. Thanks for being honest with your opiniob

  22. Girl, you should get hired by McD's as a chef and help them develop some kick ass vegan items!  

    I will be trying this one!

  23. I am NEW to the vegan lifestyle. But I still think Im sort of vegetarian too…lol…but I don't eat dairy period. 
    But I am SO HAPPY TO FIND YOUR CHANNEL. I think you are the CUTEST, SWEETEST thing ever and I love your glasses girl! lol

  24. Hi Tasha, I can't wait to try this recipe! Thank you!  I love your videos and your personality.  Your glasses look very good on you. <3

  25. Why do you say you're vegan and vegetarian? Just say you're vegan–if you say you're vegetarian it means you still consume dairy, eggs and honey. Just say vegan if you don't consume any animal products. Also the title, just say vegan–if it's something that is vegan then it is pretty obvious it is something that vegetarians can consume as well. You can't say it the other way though (if it's something vegetarian, for example including dairy or eggs or something, then it isn't suitable for vegans.)

  26. I am definitely going to try this recipe. You are so fun to watch and you give very honest reviews of the foods you like and don't.

  27. Fish is the main thing I miss as a vegetarian, and a vegan lifestyle is my ideal if I can be strong enough for it one day, so you get an insta-subscribe from me! You're so charming, and your recipes look seriously on point. Can't wait to make this!

  28. Don't judge me I'm not judging I'm actually a subbie not a vegan but don't mind trying possible things.. Well i was just thinking that sandwich had to make your breath stink after ..

  29. Tried this today and it was very good. I couldn't believe how it taste so much like the real thing. I didn't like the way it looked with the little black specks of sea weed. However, if you closed your eyes and took a bite, you more than likely wouldn't be able to tell the difference between your version and the McDonald's version. I wonder if you can use sea weed power or sea weed flakes. I used silken tofu which gave it a much softer texture that I wasn't fond of. I will try it again and use a firmer tofu. I used Daiya Cheddar Style slices and Vegenaise tartar sauce. Very filling and tasty.

  30. Great recipe. My hubby misses the filet o fish so bad. Did the seasoning penetrate into the tofu or just stay on top?

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