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Metformin For Weight Loss

Can metformin be used for weight loss in
diabetics and non diabetics alike? We will cover new groundbreaking research
which shows how powerful this medication is that not only lowering blood sugars
but how it aids in both fat loss and muscle gain. As a type 1.5 LADA or
technically a type 1 diabetic I will explain why I also use this medication
to help leverage both my a1c values and for better body composition. Finally you
will get some up-to-date tips and limitations this medication has. What are
the best doses and which brands would you want to avoid. But before we begin
let me welcome all of you Resilient Diabetics out there this is the channel
we turn ordinary struggling diabetics into extraordinary well controlled
diabetics. If you don’t know who I am and you are brand new to this channel I
welcome you my name is Jay Sampat and I am an insulin dependent diabetic
diagnosed a little over 6 years ago so the prouder of a pancreas that’s gone
on a permanent and a lifelong vacation. So not only am I a diabetic just like you
where we will be walking that walk and talking that talk together but I do also
have a University of bachelor science degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and that
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that LIKE button for me. Metformin is considered a first-line medication in
the treatment for type 2 diabetes and its main action was thought to lower
the amounts of glucose released by the liver especially at night. But there is
much much more to how this medication works. Our main focus today is how it helps insulin work better by helping muscles
use glucose more efficiently. In other words it increases the sensitivity of
muscle cells to glucose so that the excessive glucose in the blood can be
removed and stored in the muscle instead of being either converted to fat, and
then stored, or continued to float around in larger and larger amounts thus
destroying the nerves and small blood vessels alike. So this is a twofold
mechanism. When insulin works better and insulin sensitivity improves the amounts
of insulin needed drops thus once pancreas does not have to work so hard,
or in my case less insulin is needed to be injected. Why is this important? One in
three are now pre-diabetic and it will get progressively worse. And for many who have become diabetic the pancreas has just been worn out or is burnt out due
to years of excessive carbohydrate intake. The body has become highly
resistant to insulin due to the fats known as triglycerides that have been
stored in all the wrong places such as inside the muscle tissues within the
liver and in and around the body organs. But as we have discussed these fats are
not coming from the fats we eat but rather from the excessive carbohydrates
that have been consumed, both the good and the bad. It is then our livers that
convert these carbs into fats which then cause insulin resistance.
Remember in type 2 diabetes years of the pancreas beta cells having a pump-out
ever-increasing higher and higher amounts of insulin because of the
resistance then begins its own demise. It just gets tired and worn out. But another
important point to factor in all this occurs over years sometimes decades
prior to being diagnosed. So by the time of diagnosis 50% of beta-cell functioning may have already been lost for many many
diabetics. In my case I had what’s known as an autoimmune disease that occurred
due to a severe gluten allergy attack. My own immune system subsequently destroyed all my pancreatic beta cells which produce insulin and did this within a
few years thus making me an insulin dependent diabetic. New groundbreaking
research has shown it is where the fats are stored that separates the healthy
individuals from the unhealthy. If the excessive calories and carbohydrates are
being stored subcutaneously that is directly under the skin as fat then one
can still remain healthy and have high insulin sensitivity. If one has the genes
that converts the excessive carbs into fats then stores them in places that
cannot be seen such as in the liver, inside the muscle cells, and in between
the body organs, then you will develop diabetes and all the other host of
health issues that follows. This is why the vast majority of new diabetics you
now see today they look normal, they are not obese or extremely overweight.
Because again it’s the fats you cannot see that is now killing society as a
whole. The million-dollar question could metformin help in either case of fat
distribution or rephrased can metformin help you lose weight even if you are not
a diabetic? The answer is a resounding….. maybe. And here’s what you should know
about metformin when it comes to weight loss as well as why your doctor actually
may prescribe it for you. When doctors prescribed metformin for weight loss
even if a patient does not have diabetes or prediabetes then it is called an
off-label use. That means the FDA has not approved metformin as a weight-loss aid
as a result there is less information about how effective it is for that
purpose. They are however some newer studies that do show metformin helps
with weight loss but the drug is not a quick fix solution or
a magic pill. According to one long-term study the weight loss from metformin
tends to occur gradually over one to two years. The amount of weight loss also
varies from person to person as I’ll explain why. In one of the studies the
average amount of weight lost after two more years was between 4 to 7 pounds.
Taking metformin without following other healthy habits may not lead to weight
loss. Individuals who follow a healthy diet, that is lowering their carbohydrate
intake and exercising while taking metformin tend to lose the most weight,
and most importantly they keep it off. Those who decide to follow the
old-school outdated weight reduction schemes where they keep their intake of
carbohydrates high and then they severely restrict their calories at the
same time in attempt to lose weight always gain it back plus more, in a
vicious not ending circle, where in the end they end up gaining more weight than
when they began. In the Diabetes Prevention Program study, their aim was
to examine the effectiveness of metformin as a weight reducing drug in
obese and overweight patients with regards to their degree of insulin
resistance over a two-year period. Patients with severe insulin resistance
actually lost more weight as compared to the insulin sensitive patients. The
metformin patients did lose body weight compared to the placebo but what was
interesting not all had waist circumference reductions, and the
untreated control group actually gained weight over the life of the study. What
was also enlightening was the weight loss remained for at least 10 years and
was related to the adherence to metformin. One of the major benefits of
metformin is that it not only caused weight loss but it did not cause any
weight gain, and this is not true for many of the medications used to treat
diabetes. So why did the metformin work better in the resistant group of
patients? And what big clue to the researchers missed and why? Hint it had
to do with a waist circumference. We now know metformin increases sensitivity
thus it lowers the amount of insulin required by the
body. Lower insulin levels allow the body to start removing or oxidizing the fats
inside the muscle tissue and in the liver to be then used for energy.
Remember it is where the fats are coming from that is the key. The reason why
circumference did not drop or drop by much and many other resistance
participants was because the metformin was removing the fats you cannot see, the
dangerous toxic ones inside the body. Now this is very important to understand the
limitations of the medication. Metformin mono-therapy only reduces our A1C by
around 1.1 percent that is why it’s not a miracle drug by any means. If one is
still consuming a traditional high carbohydrate food guide pyramid style
diet, then metformin leveraging action cannot and will not work. It has to be
used in conjunction to a lifestyle, exercise, and diet change concurrently.
This is where metformin shines. When I was first diagnosed, I was incorrectly
misdiagnosed and typed as a type-2 diabetic. But I was also given metformin
therapy at the time of diagnosis. I was also heavily emaciated I had lost a lot
of weight but I was still trying to eat as best as I can and I was still
exercising. I for the first time saw an increase in exercise performance with
just the metformin addition alone. It was convincing as to how well my muscles
responded to metformin in isolation. But unfortunately with no pancreatic
functioning I actually should have been properly tested and put on insulin
instead, and immediately. The metformin was able to reload my sugars into the
muscles but it was nowhere near enough to lower my blood sugars below the 200s.
without insulin. And here’s why I’m doing this video on metformin today. I
mentioned in a previous video I have a brand new endocrinologist who wanted me
to come off metformin to see if I actually even needed it at
all because of my intensive exercise program and my already low carbohydrate
diet approach. Would they be enough to warrant metformin’s use? I removed
metformin for the last several months only to realize the power metformin had
at keeping my blood sugars even better regulated. I required not only more
insulin, the bolus for meals, and my basal for the 24-hour coverage, but I could see
my body composition began to change for the worse. What was most disappointing
for me was the inconsistent readings I would get. When on metformin I could tell
you where my blood Sugar’s were gonna be plus or minus 10 to 20 points, but not
anymore. I am actually back on metformin and I
will continue to take this medication. So not only does metformin keep my blood
sugar stable and low but I can do this with most importantly lower insulin
requirements, which again changes my body composition and improves my health
markers all at the same time. Here’s a picture taken just last week….. Your health
is not only based on how low your blood sugar’s are, but just not if not more
importantly, the critical part most of the experts out there missing to this
day, is the amount of insulin needed to keep blood sugars low and controlled!
The lower the amount of insulin needed, the less the body inflammation, the
healthier you will be!! There are two more very important tips I want to share with
you. The first has to do with the quality of metformin. Over the years I have
probably had four or five different generic brands prescribed to me. Some of
which actually smell like dead rotting fish. I can tell you right here right now
not all generics are created equal. Some gave me terrible gastric distress
whereas others did not. There is now in my opinion a continuous need for random
assessment of the quality of metformin brands by our regulatory bodies to
ensure compliance. A simple Google search on the quality of metformin will show
you the grave variances between generic brands, and unfortunately the vast
majority of generics do come from overseas. So I recommend under no
circumstances should one be using the generics. Ask
your doctor for the name-brand Glucophage Extended Release or the XR
versions at all times. Yes the brand name is a bit more expensive but well worth
it. You get what you pay for when it comes to metformin. Second is the dose.
More is not better when it comes to metformin. Studies show doubling the dose from a thousand to 2,000 milligrams per day only adds approximately .25-.3% change in one’s a1c, that’s it. If one is being
prescribed metformin for weight loss then five hundred to a thousand
milligrams per day is pretty much all that is needed maximum, that includes me
too. There is no need for two to three
thousand milligrams per day. If one is using high amounts then that tells you
the diet is not optimized. Results will then be minimal and side effects will be
exaggerated. Remember metformin works best in conjunction to a low
carbohydrate diet and exercise together. This is where you will see the changes
to your health and your body not even your eyes will believe. For those
diabetics brand new to this channel I’ll create an important playlist for you
with videos related to health as diabetics. In the video How Long Can You
Live With Diabetes, I’ll cover the life expectancy of a type
1, type 2, or even a type 1.5 LADA diabetics such as myself. The latest
research is showing you can outlive your non-diabetic peers provided you are
aware of the main factors that influence your health. And what are they which we
will discuss in detail? One, how fast and accurate have you been diagnosed. Two, your doctor’s overall view on the a1c and their ability to tailor your treatment
to your specific diagnosis. And third and most importantly, how promptly you
execute on the correct diet plan. And what is the correct diet plan? There will
be multiple videos on exercise, in the video Why Does Exercise Raise Blood
Sugars, to understand this paradox you first have to ask yourself what causes
diabetes in the first place. In the case of a type 2 diabetic there may be a combination of causes. What has just been discovered
is their revolutionary reasoning behind the mechanisms of the disease. New
technology has revealed those important links and once known will change your
approach towards remission. We know as diabetics there is no cure, but what has
just come to light will enable you control and master this disease in ways
you never could have imagined. If you’re on your desktop or laptop use that mouse
to click that upcoming box. If you’re in a mobile device tap that with your
fingers. The first is the link to subscribe to this all-important channel.
The second is the link to the playlist mentioned earlier. So ,have a great and
productive day. And we will see you soon with another new episode which I said
are always released weekly.
Bye for now..

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