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Michael Phelps Diet Challenge (~12,000kcal)

Welcome to a new video. Today, I’m doing the often requested Michael Phelps challenge. Did I pronounce it correctly? Whatever. It took a few hours to prepare this. And I’m excited to finally get to do this. I was watching the other videos like: “It’s not THAT much food”. It’s… This is 12 000 calories. Ok, I have to add, that I have no clue how many kilocalories I had there. I made the French toast and pancakes with whole milk but I don’t know how much of it is absorbed into the bread. However, I have at least as much food here as others who have done this challenge. And they say it’s been 12 000 kcal. Of course, in Finland the nutritional values might be different in some foods. How much energy they contain. But, I can’t say for sure if this was 12 000. 10 000, easily. But I can’t say how much more. I figured this wouldn’t be so bad, but now that I see all this food in front of me… This is a crazy amount, I don’t know if I can do this. What I have here is: Breakfast. 4 platefuls of porridge. And blueberries. After which… 3 fried egg and cheese sandwiches. Then, 2… ham and cheese sandwiches, with extra mayonnaise. 3 slices of French toast, with powdered sugar. My powdered sugar had become a bit lumpy, but it’s alright. Then, 900 grams of pasta and tomato sauce. 3 chocolate-chip pancakes, or something. I put Oreo chocolate in the pancakes. Then, a five-egg omelette. A 40 centimeter, big pepperoni pizza which I had to reheat. Should probably do it again soon. And finally, 2,5 litres of energy drinks. Let’s see how I’ll do. The time…no! The time starts… now. Let’s start with the breakfast. So, porridge. These bowls of porridge add up to 1000 calories. I got some instant porridge. So, there’s white chocolate in this. Very good! That was the porridge. Damn it was good! How do I eat this? Five-egg omelette. A week ago, I was in an eating contest after which I’ve been on a break. And I decided to get back after it with probably one of the biggest food challenges I’ve ever tried. I thought this would be a lot smaller but it became astoundingly big. So, this is the Michael Phelps diet challenge. The Olympic swimmer in question, with the aid of a reporter figured that he’d eat all this food when preparing for an event. French toast, which has cooled down quite a bit already. Let’s have pasta. This might be more than 900 grams of pasta, but I don’t know. 4 minutes elapsed. “Jesse, this was supposed to be the 50k special.” Well, let’s say it is. Hot. I’m currently on the road. So, that’s why the different table. I should’ve said that in the beginning, because… there will be a lot of comments about why I’m sitting. I want to add, that it’s not possible for me to eat standing up at this table because the top is a bit above my knees. And so, I’d have to hunch down a lot. And, my face would be out of frame, unless I were filming from far away. So, enjoy the video. I enjoyed eating this. The pizza’s a bit cold, but Pretty alright. Have to open the window. Fortunately I had help with making the food. And when I get back home I intend to do a challenge by the standing desk. It’s a bit similar, and as popular. Not quite as old. But It’s rock hard, heheh… No, no…I won’t keep this in the voice-over. But you might guess which challenge is in question. These probably weren’t even supposed to be this big, but… I put Oreo chocolate in this. These ham and cheese sandwiches were very filling. They had 4 thick slices of cheese 3 slices of ham, and I put a lot of mayonnaise in them. Ok, there was a little left. This tastes a little like… Reminds me of some cough medicine. This was alright. Apologies, I’ve had the flu. But I figured… this kind of a calorie bomb could help. If you’ve noticed: I have this kind of a ring here. Pizza, bread, pancake. Pizza, bread, pancake… Oh! As BeardMeatsFood calls it… egg juice. As the yolk was left pretty runny. These are no crêpes. But pretty alright. Tastes good. This is like…thicc. By the way, these should’ve been grilled. Or fried. Roasted? I don’t know. Something should’ve been done to these. I forgot that. At first I said this is bad, but it’s starting to taste pretty good. As I recall, Furious Pete was the first one to do this. Um That was a long time ago. This is a very old challenge. If I remember correctly, Matt Stonie said that this is something like 7 kilograms of stuff. He probably included the energy drinks in that, though. But…I can say that those energy drinks are also filling. Surprisingly much so. I have to say This doesn’t look particularly tempting, but… I mean, I do like that kind of yolk, but now that it’s not fried- I get why the bread was fried – so that it wouldn’t look like this. Come out, burp Come, come… Come! Hm. Okay then. A slice. Two slices. Layered. Hamburger pizza slice. I don’t know anymore. Still left: these delicious energy drinks to drink, and I’d be multiple…I don’t know how many times he’s won. I don’t know, I have to say that this… 2,5 litres of energy drinks is a juicy addition after the food. Somehow this is slow. Although, I don’t know why I pretend that it would be a surprise. This… Went down the wrong pipe. Here you see the second to last energy drink can emptying. I look at the clock, and try to down the 300 ml before the hour mark. And fail at that. And on top of everything, as I tried to drink the rest super fast it foams in the stomach in a lovely way. (1 hour, 6 seconds) That was Michael Phelps’ 12 000 kcal diet challenge. I shouldn’t have tried to drink the last one so fast, but I tried to finish in under 1 hour. Still didn’t do it. Sweating hard. Because that last one As I drank so fast, it foamed up started foaming in the stomach. I can tell you that I won’t go swimming now. Crazy hot! Yeah. Well, I finally did it. This has been requested a lot. Now I did it. I wonder what’s next. Thanks a lot for watching again. Hopefully you enjoyed it. I don’t think I really enjoyed that last energy drink. Thanks for watching. See ya.

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  1. Ai valkosuklaata puurossa häh mä oon kattonut sun kaikki videot ja se nugetti oli hyvä mut on nää muutkin hyviä ja mul tulis huono olo energiajuomista ja muista ruuista💩

  2. "Mulle tuli nälkä kun katoin tätä videoo." En ymmärrä miten ihmeessä saatatte tulla tästä nälkäseks… Mulle tuli sairaan paha olo.. 😀

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