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Monkey Doo And Tom Feel Very Happy To Receive Gifts | Thank You, Ms Sandy

Hello, our dear friends Today, we will film this video about the gifts from Ms Sandy Ms. Sandy sent us some money to buy somethings for Tom and Doo The toy Tom is holding in his hand is a toy keyboard that teaches letters, numbers , colors and songs in Vietnamese and English Next there is a pair of sandal for Tom. He really likes this sandals. He love it We buy some nuts and snacks for Doo and Tom This is chestnut This is dried vegetables This is a jackfruit dryer This is almonds Tom wears very nice sandals These sandals are very suitable for tom. Tom also loves it Tom is very happy, he smiles all time This is toothpaste for Tom and Doo This is a drawing toy for Tom This is the diaper that Doo often uses This is a toothbrush of two brothers This is a cake mold Doo can’t eat oil fried dumplings, so I’m going to use this mold to steam many cakes for Doo This is Doo’s shower gel This is an assembled toy to increase creativity for children Doo really wants to eat junk food My family would like to thank all those who have always loved Doo, Tom and support his family And we would like to send a special thank you to Ms Sandy for loving and giving our respectful respect for Tom, Doo and our family. Tom thanks Ms Sandy Doo loves eating Thanks to Ms Sandy for making Tom vad Doo a lot of fun We are always grateful and thank you for all the love and support we have all this time Wishing everyone, especially Ms Sandy, a happy, healthy and successful life Thank you so much for watching this video We love all of you a lot

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