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100 thoughts on “More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing Our Most Common Diseases

  1. so as amazingly awesome this speech is and i love hearing it, I'm also just so angry…i just do not understand why all this evidence is out there, like literally the cure to so many diseases and conditions, yet the education is lacking seriously in our health system. as a registered nurse i am just flabbergasted how a hospital literally serves bacon to its patients, TO ITS CANCER PATIENTS. BACON IS LEVEL 1 A CARCINOGEN ALONG WITH TOBACCO AND ASBESTOS.

  2. Dr. Greger! Thank you so much for your speeches, your presentation. I am sooooo glad that I found you!!! I have been vegetarian for almost 2 years, but am now Vegan!!! Yeah! Am trying to spread the word amongst my family and friends!! And will keep doing so for the rest of my life! As far as I am concerned, this is a total No Brainer! I can't believe how some people are so resistant…..unfortunately we have all been brainwashed! Keep doing what you're doing, you rock!

  3. What about Iceland and France they are some of the healthiest societies on earth. Both came in the top ten and Iceland in one study is regarded as the healthiest on earth. Both consume meats, oils, the French are also big on dairy cheese.

  4. I wonder if you could study the Jain population in India, who are traditionally 100% vegetalian, and are practizing their religion/diet since many centuries I suppose ? I have never heard of them in these vegan videos ! You often hear about Mediterranean diet, Okinawan diet, but never about Jains…

  5. Still eating meat, if you are fucking 92, why live any longer? It is stupid, you are basically already dead, don t let this bullshit stop you from eating what you like to eat.

  6. CamelinaGold oil has a 4:1 ratio of oleic/erucic acid that halts the breakdown of the myelin sheath. Then goes a step further and studies show that after consumption of camelina oil, and MRI reveals that molecular mimicry occurs on the myelin sheath. Mercury toxicity is also a cause of MS. If that is the cause, removing amalgams from the mouth and eliminating fish with mercury. then a mercury detox will reverse MS.

  7. The question needs to be asked, "On a scale of 1 to 10, What are you willing to do to improve your health?" If the answer is less than 9, you may find some improvement but you will never heal. We as patients have more healing power than any doctor. People say things like, "no one will change their diet to plant based" I believe that assumption is based on not knowing the truth. I respond to 100% truth about my health and letting me make the determination about what I'm willing to do. No one else can decide for you. Do you want to heal? Think about what you are willing to do.

  8. Dear All,
    I am in my mid 30’s and have been vegan since July 2014 and it has been a very liberating experience for most part.
    I lost weight, had more energy, felt more in control of my life, rediscovered sport etc.
    Albeit, I do have some difficulties and would like to seek your counsel in this matter.
    Every since I started on the vegan journey I have had a very irritating problem: canker sores.
    The frequency varied, but I don’t recall more than 4 weeks passing by without suffering from one.
    I basically seem to have it all the time now. I am supplementing with B12 and eat a very wide range of fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes as well. I simply can’t put a finger on this.
    Before I became vegan I used to have it maybe 2-3 times a year.
    Is their a connection? Am I doing something wrong?
    The second issue I seem to be having more and more is that I am incredibly bloated.
    To the point where it seems quite abnormal and I feel more like a a gas tank than a human being.
    The third issue I have been having since October 2015 is illness.
    I was basically ill from October to the end of December. Ill for a week, healthy for 2, ill for 2 weeks healthy for 1 and such.
    These are the 3 things that have been making my life difficult to live in harmony.
    I am a bit puzzled and don’t know what to to.
    I tried monitoring what I ate and the frequency of my problems, but was unable to find a link.

    Many thanks!

  9. Loved this vid, but in defense of doctors you must admit that most people do not want to change their diet, change their lifestyle, or do anything for themselves. They want the doctor to "fix it" and they are ready to pay for it.

  10. I only go as Dr. wants a blood test for thyroid I feel fine want natural thyroid me or go off. I began in Jan Plant no meat egg fish just lots of organic fruits plants nuts Fax seed oil only Quinoa or burglar sometimes. Went from 175lbs. to 155 so far. am 5ft 5 should be 135 to 145lbs. small frame.

  11. I love mushrooms with Bragg all purpose seasoning amino seasoning portebela and shattaike maitake osyster mushrooms button daily with veg plants .

  12. Say thankyou Dr. go online you will find many people went all plant and it went away. Buy a juicer and Blender and begin to educate your self. Trust God he gave us a body that heals give it what it needs not GMO processed food. Clean home get rid of all chemicals.

  13. Exersize can improve ADHD?! Why wasn't I told this? I hate taking my meds! I'm just gonna go to the gym in the morning!

  14. Truly, it's easy to believe that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. "Treat disease through diet by preference.." – Bahá'u'lláh – the New Era

  15. I've read that egg intake has little or no relationship to serum cholesterol levels. Is that the result of dietary research or Big Egg propaganda?

  16. I don't know. This guy is engaging, but one or two of the things he said makes me wonder. His assertion that whole grains are good for you flies in the face of what i have experienced. If anything, whole grains are not good for you. Grains like wheat and oats are not the same that your grandparents ate. I had health issues and upon blacklisting wheat and oats, i felt like a different man. I urge all to consider what he is saying but please, if you can, check out the data. Recently there was an expo of sorts that said most of the medical literature in the Lancet was false. I have cut down on meat and dairy but everything in moderation, i say.

  17. Meat isn't unhealthy if it is organic and pasture (grass fed) raised (as well as eggs), and is eaten moderately and prepared with properly ( as raw as possible or "rare". The meat behind these studies is probably typical meat from overcrowded commercial feedlots which do cause cancer and other diseases.

    Virgin coconut oil is a saturated fat, but contains medium chain triglycerides which appear to prevent and correct Alzheimers(sp?) and is an immediate source of energy and is not stored by the body.

  18. animal fat is good for a healthy individual. bogas science you adhere to. of course a insulin resisting American cant break down the animal fat. duh

  19. Wow! I had decided to ditch eggs which had crept back into my diet, as a man close by keeps chickens and I kidded myself that they weren't so bad! Thanks for leaving me with no doubt in my mind that they are very bad for everyone. A very amusing and informative talk, many, many thanks! 🙂

  20. To those of you that bash this as vegan promotion… So? Do you not believe that there is truth and answers for problems? Lets just say the the evidence is incredibly against the meat industry.. as well as the dairy and egg industry. Forget anything he says… just look at the evidence around you.. I see it everyday in the Emergency Room. Dont see many if any vegans fighting heart disease or diverticulosis or cancer showing up in the ER..

  21. Wish I could be vegan but I love pancakes too much, and chocolate, and cake, and brownies, and hamburgers, and bacon. Will update later.

  22. love this man, not just for his voice, but for bringing these facts to us in such an interesting and wonderful way.  He's blown my mind, just a the China Study did and McDougall.  This last hour though really brought it home and the last thing I want to do is put any food in my system that is going to create inflammation.  I think he's probably saving my life.

  23. Sadly, the blood vessels and brain, and the heart, require "good" and "bad" cholesterol levels far higher than this uninformed man yammers on about. To reduce both cholesterols to the levels he idealizes causes severe brain and heart failure.

    The plaque in arteries is caused by patogens, NOT cholesterols. It's moronic to remove a natural nutrient that then causes severe disease and ignore the simple causes that use this nutrient to form the plaque.

    Hopefully this man grows up some day.

  24. I have become a vegan but I have discovered that the pleasure of dessert far outweighs the pain of heart disease.

  25. Videos like this literally save lives. Someone 20 years from now will still have their mom, dad, brother, sister because of this video.

  26. I have been vegan now for a year and I can say I will be for the rest of my life. I feel amazing and know that I am giving something back to the planet instead of just taking.

  27. So many positive things are said of this man and other practitioners, and they have. Trust your own instincts and change to a plant based diet. This will never be mainstream thinking because there is so much money driving the status quo. As individuals we have a choice, that choice will never be supported by the mainstream. We will be called crazy but the quality of our like, the one thing we have control over will be better and as we age that difference will be event more apparent as we likely will not succumb to the conditions that our contemporaries will.

  28. Dr Gregor for surgeon general. Hell, for president even, he'd be a million times better than Drumpf.

  29. incredible message that I keep spreading to everyone!!!! People keep saying that it's too good to be true, but the science speaks louder than words!!! I would love to see big pharma gone and big broccoli ruling !!!!

  30. I wish I knew this information when my father was dying from cancer…..I will continue blasting this info to all my loved ones and channels I can get my hands on!!

  31. 30:25
    30 Million American men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Combine that with Low Sperm Count….. Aiyah……

  32. Ok I have to tell you I got a call from Kasier wanting to know if I'm ok they haven't heard from me in a long time. Do I need a knee brace or elbow brace or back brace -it's free!

  33. Regarding egg advertisement, I remember TV commercials in the U.S. featured a little song: "The incredible edible egg". You can't say they're healthy or nutritious or safe, but I guess you can say they're edible . At least the ones not infected with salmonella are edible (but still detrimental to your health and profoundly gross).

  34. I hope the pharmaceutical companies don't put a hit on him. Like they've already killed other Doctors that speak truth.

  35. I have to touch raw meat at my work and now i'm disgusted knowing that i probably got e.coli contamination from it..

  36. hcas can be reduced significantly by eating raw minimally cooked meat, Well done steaks taste terrible, also the point vegans always strawman, is that local grass fed dry aged beef cannot be compared apples to apples with industrial meat, the argument for a vegan diet is an argument against eating industrial food, same with China study, correlating casein with all dairy is such a blatant mistake it is hard to not regard as fraud, and to compare subsaharan africa to the west clearly one must account for lief expectations,obviously a signigant percentage of these deaths are in a population of senior patients

  37. Refined sugar is not the only cause for caries. Starches like rice, noodels etc. cause the same thing (without brushing ones teeth).

  38. If dietary cholesterol is so bad, then are you proposing that body should make the cholesterol it needs all by itself? I have heard that cholesterol found in eggs is much better than the cholesterol produced by the body. If so, then why eggs are bad?

  39. This 1-hour video should be shown to all student in this country. Our healthcare system is broken not because we do not spend enough, but because people are eating themselves to death.

  40. 50:10 Dr Greger, regarding transmission of antibiotic resistant E coli from chicken to the human body, I think you or the study are missing a key point of human life, to wit: people cook, and people go to the bathroom and yes, these two activities can a regularly occur immediately after one another) and I hate to say it but people wipe. What is the chance that antibiotic-resistant bacteria passes all the way through the alimentary canal (I know, you say that the study shows that the chicken bacteria had "taken over the gut microbiome") versus the chance of preparing a meal, washing hands- or perhaps not- and then going to use the restroom? I'm not a doctor, but my common-sense tells me the latter is a far higher likelihood.

    You come close to inferring the method of transfer my point out at 51:30. But apparently, the researchers never tested the bathroom surfaces; I bet that if the chicken bacteria we're all over the kitchen, then they are all over the bathroom. Maybe soon we will hear an "until now" about this test.

  41. Thank you for all of your great information. Can a lesser amount of freeze dried strawberries still help combat Barretts? The recommended amount would far exceed financial ability.

  42. Dr. Greger, it is your video that convinced me to go vegan over a year ago…at least one more life saved. I am grateful.

  43. This has to be one of the best, and most amusing and riveting nutrition lectures I have ever heard. Everybody, and I mean everybody – medical professionals and members of the public alike, should see this. It should certainly be required viewing in every medical school, and at as many conferences for existing professionals as possible. A must see!

  44. I do not quite understand the amount of fruits and vegetables a person is expected to eat per day. Five helpings of each or five between the two or exactly 2.5 each? The Japanese are one of the longest lived people (Still top three or so after the introduction of McDonalds and the like to the country.) and the common Japanese family might share one fruit with the whole family as a dessert, not multiple servings each person each meal or even each day. Sugar is still sugar. And how can eggs be bad for you if the Japanese eat them all the time and basically raw? Although granted their eggs are not contaminated like the US's or treated with all kinds of chemicals.

    Also the Japanese and Mediterranean diet consists of much fish and both the Japanese and Spaniards are one of the longest living peoples. How does that all work in your vegetarian and or vegan plan? I can full heartedly say cut back on meat. Heck even cut back on fish. But go full vegetarian (strict) or vegan? I'm not seeing the benefits when the numbers point to the healthiest people living just fine the way they are. Could it be that the cattle Europe and or Japan is not contaminated like the US beef is? I will say that the average Japanese do get their exercise though every day, including the young and the elderly with calisthenics.

  45. 10:24 My grandmother had the shakes real bad. As a child I thought that is just what old people did. ^^! It did not seem to slow her down in the slightest though. I am not sure if her mind or body just got used to it, but she could still write letters and crochet with a steady hand, but just to look at her, she was all over the place. Regardless, I have noticed I have a slight jittery movement to my hand. I am still quick on the draw so to speak. But if my thumb hovers over my phone I notice my thumb twitches ever so slightly. At first I thought maybe that was normal as in your hand is in a certain position and it just moves. However I have tried to have my hand in other positions and not holding anything and I still see it, some times. Some times it is not there at all. Maybe it's genetics, maybe it's the meat, although I really do not eat that much meat compared to some other people that is for sure. If someone had it bad and you took the meat away would it go away as well? Another person I know also has it, but worse than I do. Thank you.

  46. been mostly whole food vegan 5.5 years. if only i had known earlier. got rid of asthma, ibs, rheumatoid arthritis…

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