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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Most Common Types Of Arthritis

There’s a whole bunch of types of
arthritis, this video talks about the most common, gives you some basic
information about them. I’m excited to share the information with you. Hello, everyone.
This is Dr. Jason West. We’re going to talk about arthritis which is a
condition describing inflammation of a joint, it applies to over a hundred
different symptoms, conditions, diseases that have been identified and most of
these disease fall into one of two categories,
they’re basically degenerative arthritis such as osteoarthritis or inflammatory
arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis. Symptoms of most types of arthritis
include pain, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of motion so we’re going
to talk about 11 or 12 of the main types of arthritis and going in alphabetical
order, let’s talk about ankylosing spondylitis. Now what this disease is
does, it mainly affects the spine, it’s when the ligaments fuse and pain
and stiffness are the primary symptoms, there is a blood test that you can do
for it called HLAB127, it’s fairly specific and fairly reliable, there can
be some false negatives and false positives. People usually have a lot of
inflammation around their sacred joint and there’s a lot of hypotheses on what
this condition is, is caused from or started from I think that you get micro
organisms in the ligaments and what happens is, the ligaments, they get
inflammatory case and then the body comes in to try and get rid of the
problem inside the joint, the body comes in and tries to get rid of the infection
that’s in the ligaments, it gets scar tissue eventually the scar tissue turns
into bone and it’s a very very restrictive limited type of arthritis.
Now the most important thing you can do about ankylosing spondylitis is number
one, move. If you stop moving then what happens is, those ligaments are going to
fuse into the other thing is I believe that if you get an upregulation of your
immune system that you can get rid of the infection that’s in the ligaments
and I think that you can turn around and callosum spondylitis. The
reason why I think that is because I’ve had several patient conditions and
patient presentations that we’ve been able to do that for the most part in
traditional medical circles, they think the ankylosing spondylitis over time
leads to a general fusion. Another type of arthritis is bursitis, it’s an
inflammation of the bursa and this is not a type of arthritis but it shares
similar symptoms and may cause arthritis in some cases. Think about a little
lubricating sac where you have this fluid container and as it gets
moved with the joint that moves, what happens is, it squeezes and you get this
little lubricating fluid that helps the tissues roll on each other, slide on each
other like this. An inflammation of the bursa can be really painful, there
restricts motion in the joint and so it’s not necessarily in arthritis but
it’s closely associated with arthritis. Now there’s something called general
arthritis, this is associated with overuse of the joint, it can be
considered an old age arthritis and that just means the joint spaces are
decreasing over time. Now the neat thing about general arthritis is there’s some
amazing treatments that you can do that are not associated with over-the-counter,
you can do over-the-counter medicines, it’s not a prednisone deficiency disease,
it’s a funny thing that my dad would say that you don’t need this to live, you
just need to stop eating inflammatory foods and then there’s some amazing
treatment outcomes for general arthritis. There’s some amazing treatment options
available for general arthritis, my favorite one is regenerative injection
therapy which is either Prolozone or Prolotherapy or neural Prolotherapy
which taps into the healing capabilities of the body by injecting building blocks
typically a vitamin, a homeopathic, sometimes a real mild pain reliever in
some type of inflammatory causing agent Now I want to be careful when I say that
because inflammatory causing agents, arthritis is based upon inflammation,
it’s just the wrong inflammation. If you put something in the body to stimulate
it to heal, a lot of times you can get rid of arthritis of hundreds of video
testimonials about that on our blog, dailydoseofvitaminh.com and there’s
some really neat alternatives and outcomes instead of just hammering
people with non-steroidal inflammatory or prednisone and we’ve talked about
regenerative injection therapy on other videos. Now another common cause of
arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis caused by the build-up of uric acid the
joint called gout and gout commonly affects a big toe but it can do the foot
the knee the elbow the wrist and the finger tips. Now one of the biggest
causes of gout is too much animal protein, too much acid and too many
purines in the body. Now what purines are is amino acid and
the amino acid is not completely broken down, it has a high concentration in pork
products so bacon, sausage, pork chops can really aggravate gout and gout’s no fun,
it’s like ground glass in the joint. Proteolytic enzymes decrease in animal
products and increase in green plant-based foods, they’re almost a vegan
diet, really really helps with gout, there’s a homeopathic called calcarea,
there’s another one called arnica and some vitamin C mixed with baking soda, we
call it sodium ascorbate IV therapy is amazing for gout. Gout also seems to be
closely correlated with uric acid kidney stones and anybody that’s had kidney
stones. I have had a set of kidney stones, it is no fun, that’s something that you
totally want to avoid. Another arthritic condition, it’s an umbrella term, over a
hundred different childhood inflammatory autoimmune conditions is called juvenile
idiopathic arthritis. There’s Kawasaki disease and there’s
juvenile fibromyalgia and you just got to dig in on those different conditions and
you’ve got to figure out what is the cause and the contributing factor and if
you treat the cause, there’s hope for those conditions.
Now osteoarthritis is a type of degenerative arthritis that’s really
common because what happens is the bones come closer together so it’s a bone
arthritis, it’s from the breakdown of cartilage in the joint, it can be from
trauma or repetitive movements and unfortunately, it can be from aging and
so everything you can do to reduce inflammation in your body helps to spare
you from osteoarthritis and one of my favorite secrets for that or clinical
pearls is raw cherries, raw pineapple and omega-3 fatty acids really really
help significantly with osteoarthritis. Now pseudogout which is also called
CPPD, type of inflammatory arthritis that occurs when calcium pyrophosphate
crystals accumulate in the joint, it can affect any joint in the
body but it is most commonly found in the knee and it responds really well to
regenerative injection therapy. Psoriatic arthritis is a condition where
psoriasis of the skin is linked to joint inflammation, sometimes you’ll see
pitting nails and it’s the outermost joints of the extremities and it’s
closely associated with skin conditions. What’s happening in our skin is really a
mirror of what’s happening on the inside of us. Reactive arthritis is a type of
arthritis that occurs as reaction to an infection and the condition often causes
pain and inflammation the joints and the eyes and it can be related to skin
problems and it’s almost always related to some type of chronic infection and
bacterial a virus and I like to make sure that we rule out Lyme disease for
inflammatory arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder
where all of a sudden the body decides to attack the synovial fluid in the
joints leading to stiffness pain and possible deformities. The faster that you
identify and treat arthritis, the better your options are for treatment, high-dose
vitamin C therapy, ultraviolet therapy, UV lrx therapy are all wonderful
considerations for rheumatoid arthritis. Some of my best patient outcomes and
favorite miracle stories are from written story arthritis.
This is Dr. Jason West, just going over some of the inflammatory arthritis, the
metabolic and the traumatic arthritis is that our current people.
This is Dr. Jason West talking about the different types of arthritis. I’m excited
to share with you the treatment options for those because there’s some really
neat natural non-invasive non-toxic ways to take care of arthritis. We’ll see you
on the next video.

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