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MUST KNOW Meal Prep Hacks For Quick And Healthy Meals!

if you want to save time in the kitchen
then watch this video because I am sharing with you the must know meal prep
hacks to make quick and healthy meals hey everyone welcome back it to my
channel my name is live and we make healthy delicious recipes here on keep
up with live and in today’s video I am sharing all of the must know meal prep
hacks to save time in the kitchen and so that you can make easy quick healthy
delicious meals all week long so let’s go ahead and get into it so the first
meal prep hack is to buy pre-cut or pre chopped veggies so this can be things
like sweet potato Brussels sprouts pre rice cauliflower spiralized zucchini
but buying these things already done if you are on a time crunch is really gonna
save you time in your meal prep because you’re not spending time chopping things
or washing things or anything like that it’s kind of already ready to go for you
these are a little bit more expensive but it kind of just saves you a bit of
time so if time is what you’re looking for this way you can just dump a bag out
into the fridge the freezer or get it ready for roasting right away and just
season it as you want to but it’s definitely one of the most time
consuming things in meal prep is chopping so this saves all of that the
next must note meal prep hack is to buy a whole rotisserie a chicken
I have been doing this for years and this it makes meal prep super easy
because all you have to do is take the chicken off it’s already cooked and that
way you can use it in different ways all throughout the week and it’s a big
amount of chicken as well so I like to look for one that’s organic and
antibiotic free and that way it saves you a good chunk of time in terms of
protein and it’s something that you can add to dinners but also to lunches and
things are like salads and that the next must-know meal prep hack is to
get your lemons ready for your lemon water in the morning I have lemon water
every morning it’s super great for your digestion it has vitamin C but you do
pend time cutting up the lemon getting it ready to go
and that might make you less inclined to do it because you don’t want to take
those extra few seconds to cut the lemon and do all that so by cutting your up
your lemon in advance and just keeping that in a mason jar you just grab one
squeeze in the morning and it’s really simple it just adds that little bit of
ease into your meal prep to make your week easier and to make your mornings
easier as well the next meal prep pack is to freeze your smoothies feels a lot
of people don’t know that you can actually blend and freeze your smoothies
ahead of time and then either take it out of the freezer in the morning and
bring it with you or take it out whenever you need it
I would suggest storing it in a glass mason jar a that way you don’t get
plastic leaching into your smoothie but also you’re not risking it in case of
like umber cert shattering it freezes well it saw as well it’s perfect so you
can definitely meal prep a bunch of smoothies on hand keep those in the
freezer and then just take one out whenever you want one or in the morning
for breakfast the next must-know meal prep hack has to do with eggs and you
can very easily cook eggs in the oven all you have to do is place them in the
oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and that is a really great easy way to
ensure that your eggs are gonna be cooked and they make a really good quick
protein for salads or for snacks throughout the week you kind of just put
it in set it and forget it and then that way you have this really quick easy
protein that you can use and it’s really easy to kind of meal prep in advance the next must know meal prep hack is to
make your chicken marinades or whatever kind of protein marinades you’re making
in advance in your stash your bags and have them ready to go either in the
fridge if you’re no you’re gonna eat them soon or in the freezer that way
once you come home from school or work you can just already here I need to go
to stash your bag you put it in your pan or your pressure cooker or whatever
you’re doing it’s already ready to go and it’s already kind of been marinating
in those flavors and like it’s gonna be so much more tasty than if you were to
not do it in advance this way you can also make different kinds of flavors so
what I like to do if I’m buying like a bunch of chicken for the week I can use
the smaller bags and put different flavors in each of them you can do like
cilantro lime you could do taco you could do balsamic you can do so many
different varieties but not have all the same flavor throughout the week so
you’re not eating the same taco chicken you know Monday through Friday
the next must-know meal prep hack is what I’ve shared before but one that
continually saves me and that is to store your berries in a mason jar
berries notoriously go bad quick and I feel if you can buy them at the
beginning of the week and then by mid-week
they’re moldy you’ve wasted food you’ve wasted money so what I like to do is
right when I get home I meal prep them by just washing them and then I put them
in a mason jar and it helps to keep them fresher longer
especially I find with organic berries they do go bad even faster so this is a
great way to kind of prep your berries so that they keep all week long and
they’re also ready to go and you’re not spending time you know washing your
berries every time you’re having them throughout the week the next must note
meal prep hack is to buy frozen vegetables because they are partially
cooked so when I learned this I was so excited because I didn’t know that if
you buy frozen vegetables like for example cauliflower they’re already
partially cooked and partially thawed so you don’t even have to cook them because
if you were to cook the more they’d be mushy I kind of just let them thaw and I
put them in containers and that way you can throw them into stir Fry’s or salads
all throughout the week and it literally removes the cooking
process so it removes even like a burner or another thing you’re putting into the
oven during your meal prep so it saves you time and a lot of the time to frozen
stuff is actually cheaper plus it is frozen at its peak freshness so it still
hold all of that really great nutritional value so this is definitely
like one of the best meal prep hacks to know because it’s going to save you time
it’s gonna save you money to the next must know meal prep hack is to shred
chicken easily using a kitchen mixer so I could sometimes you know buy chicken
breasts and you cook them and they’re all thoroughly gone you want to kind of
break them apart so that they’re easy to use in salad or to use and tacos all you
have to do is use a KitchenAid mixer for like
I would say 1520 seconds it breaks up a cooked chicken really easily and then
it’s already ready to go you can put it into your meal prep container and use it
throughout the week the next must know meal prep hack is to store your herbs in
oil and this way it’s a great little flavor boost that you can use throughout
the week and it’s already ready to go not only this but it also helps to save
fresh herbs in case you don’t think you’re going to be using them all before
they go bad so I like to do mine and avocado oil but you can also do olive
oil and you can do whatever kind of blend or herbs that you want you can do
parsley you could do cilantro you could do chives whatever you like or whatever
you use most this is a great little thing that you can prep in advance into
your meal prep and then use it throughout the week to just add so much
flavor to your meals the next mass no meal prep hack is
another one that’s gonna help save time and money and that is to take your paper
towel and add that into any fresh greens that you have that way the greens are
gonna last all week long they’re not gonna go moldy or start to go slimy or
anything like that I don’t know about you but there have been times where I
don’t put the paper towel in the container or in the bag and then
everything gets slimy and moldy and there’s that weird green smell and then
you’re stuck because you don’t have greens for the whole week but you had
that prepped and ready and then it’s all just a whole kerfuffle so take your
paper towel put that with your greens and that helps to absorb any moisture
which is what prevents them from going too slimy in going all gross the next
must know meal prep hack is to skip peeling so this applies to things like a
sweet potato you don’t need to take the time to peel them because a not only is
the peel edible but there’s so many vitamins and minerals that are in the
peel of a lot of vegetables that we tend to remove this also goes for things like
delicata squash you guys know I love my delicata squash fries and I get a lot of
questions about whether you can eat the skin or whether I remove the skin and I
don’t because not only is it edible but there’s so many vitamins and minerals
and also just so much flavor in the skin so you can totally skip the time to peel
them keep the skin on it adds flavor adds nutrients it’s just the win-win all
around and the next must know a meal prep hack
is to use overlapping ingredients so what this means is buying one ingredient
and use it in different ways throughout the week so that you’re not trying to
cook 50 different vegetables so you can cook a bunch of broccoli and use it in
salads you can also use it in a beef and broccoli stir-fry you can use it in
different ways so that throughout the week you’re not having to use a bunch of
different vegetables and cook you know the broccoli then a little bit of
carrots then a little bit of sweet potato you kind of make your life easier
by just clicking one big batch of one thing and that way you can use it in
different ways throughout the week so now you have the must know meal prep
hacks in order to save time in the kitchen and to make quick and healthy
meals if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe share it with
your friends so that they can save time and make healthy easy delicious meals
too I’m gonna leave my meal prep playlist
right here where you can see kind of what I like to meal prep for the week my
recipes my tried-and-true things that I like to do and there’s also some free
pdf guides in this playlist as well so you’re definitely going to want to check
that out after this video I hope you guys are all having a great day and I
will see you in the next video bye guys

19 thoughts on “MUST KNOW Meal Prep Hacks For Quick And Healthy Meals!

  1. Enjoy this must know meal prep hacks video that will help you make quick and healthy meals! Thanks for watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I'm obsesses with this channel because of this beautiful, cute and honest person๐Ÿ˜. Love you ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  3. Love the tip that donโ€™t peel the skin. I am literally happy dancing when I heard that. Can you do a detailed list on the things you donโ€™t peel the skin? Learned from you Instagram that donโ€™t peel butternut squash and kiwi. But just want to know what else I donโ€™t need to peel. Thank you

  4. I got into bad habits over the holidays and have been feeling (& looking) awful. This is exactly what I need to get back on track! Thank you, Liv! โค๏ธ

  5. A really good lemon water tip is to get a lemon essential oil thatโ€™s safe to ingest! Itโ€™s so much cheaper and more convenient to just put a couple of drops in it! ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹

  6. These are all so good. Iam saving this video so I can write it all down. The eggs in the oven is something I never thought about, also freezing the smoothies is such a good idea!! Thanks Liv for another must have video. Sending Anguiano love โคโคโคโค

  7. Where do you get your rotisserie chicken from? I used to get them at Costco, but heard mixed opinions – some people say it's good for you, and others say not to get it.

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