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My 10 Top Healthy Snacks & Lunches, Quick, Tasty Ideas for on the Go, Work, Home

Hey awesome ones. Are you like I used to
be and you’d look at the next week coming up and go oh my gosh it’s gonna
be so busy. I better go through the junk food aisle and yeah I’ll get some chips
here and I get this and I’ll get that and that’ll get me through all my
snacking times. Well I don’t do that anymore.
I I really think it’s important at any age to start snacking or having your
light lunches and making sure that they’re healthy and I’m going to get to
the ten snacks that I enjoy in just a second. So before we get started,
it takes about 21 days for a new habit to really get going. So maybe you might
want to, you know, make a note of some of these snacks. Start by getting rid of all
the junk food that you have and just promise yourself for sure, for the next
little while and maybe forever you are not going to go through that junk food
aisle. So let’s start with number one. So my number one healthy snack has to be
just some of these mixed nuts. Now this one is almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts,
but you can go with just almonds if you wanted to. What I add to that is some
of these cranberries. They’re dried cranberries and I put them in like that
and give them a little stir. So this makes a really great healthy snack and
the other day I was on the phone. I was on the phone for an hour and a half with
tech for my emails. I don’t know they all crashed or something was going on with
them and there was no way I could have a lunch. I had to eat something. So I
just had this right beside my desk, or these couple of items right beside my
desk and I was munching away. I had some water and it just really did a
great fill up for me, without reaching for a bag of chips. Now the
other thing is, I’ve also found these in the grocery store. This one has a mixture
of cranberries pumpkin seeds all kinds of things .I think there’s even….oh let me
just read it to you. Pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, soya beans,
all that kind of…..even with little slices of coconut. So I also put this on top of
salads as well, but if you’ve just got these two items, maybe their almonds or a
mixture and the cranberries, man you’re good to go anytime
that you gotta eat something and you’re stuck on hold. So the second one that I
like to do, is popcorn. You know what? You could probably even take this to
work and take some of these ingredients along with you and then have the fresh
popcorn, but yeah some of these snacks just take them off to work or bring
them with you already done, but there’s something about being in an office and
you can smell somebody’s making popcorn over there. It just it makes you
hungry, doesn’t it make you really hungry? So with this one I am going to
get the real popcorn kernels and I pour them in this. This is about a third of a cup.
Yep third of a cup. Now pouring them in here. I’m not gonna make them too full
here, but just like that and then what I do is…..notice there’s no oil at all.
I’m just gonna put this little lid and I’m gonna put it in the microwave. Just
one second. So the popcorn is popping and when you
sort of hear the popcorn stop, maybe you know in between the the pops are maybe
one or two seconds, then you can stop it. It’s usually about three and a half
minutes and as you can see on this microwave we’ve got. I started it at four
so we’ve still got about another two minutes left.
Mmm really smells good. So it’s actually getting to about the time right
now. I’m just going to press stop take it out of there. It’s hot okay, so make sure
that you’re taking it out with some kind of a glove. So I just take the lid off
there. Perfect for this bowl. Yes we have to watch our salt intake, but I love just
grinding some sea salt in here, not a lot. And I’m going to put some maple syrup in
here. So yeah, you’ve got to watch how much you put in. That should be about enough and it’s a
hundred percent pure maple syrup, So I mean, get it, invest in it. It’s so
delicious. And all I do now, stir it up. This is just like caramel corn except
there’s no butter in there, there’s no caramel there’s not a lot of sugar.This
is all natural and I’ve had this popcorn cold too. Delicious!
So another snack that I like to have is this is organic 100% rye bread. So it is
gluten free and GMO….GMO free, all that great stuff. And let me just show you
what the bread looks like. It’s usually found in maybe the deli section and
there’s what it looks like, it….yes but this one has a crack in it, but anyway, so
all you need to do and you know the next one has a crack in it as well. So it’s
all fine and I also like to use…..this is again, organic almond butter. So
this is not the kind of stuff that you get off the shelf, usually it’s in the
health food section or the health food store or whatever. And let me just read a
few things here: no added sugar or salt and it’s very, very smooth and let’s just
try that here. Again you could probably put this on crackers, but
again I’m really going for the no gluten, kind of things wherever I can and just
on here, sometimes I’d like to toast it too and it makes a really nice snack. If
you wanted to add a little bit more to it, put a couple of apple slices on it
or eat it beside an apple or along with an apple. And it’s absolutely delicious.
Ok, so for the fourth one I’m gonna let you off the hook a little bit, because you
know when you’re craving. You’ve got that sugar craving that you need to have. Well
how about a little piece of dark chocolate!
They’re saying that their chocolate is good for you and you know if you have a
little square or this is about two squares actually of
dark chocolate, it really….you know really, really gets you through that sugar
craving. Don’t have it all the time. Don’t have more than one or two squares and
certainly don’t have it after 8:30 at night, but I deserve this! So my fifth snacking item and sometimes I’ll
have it for breakfast too, but its granola or in this particular case it’s
called muesli. And let me just read you a little bit about and I’ll show it to you
first. Yeah you can definitely just sort of eat this dry with your favorite
beverage which for snacking should be water. Make sure you’re drinking lots and
lots of water every single day ,but in this one I could put that in one of
those little….I guess it’s gone now, but those little bowls that I had for the
the cranberry and nuts and I could be snacking on that while I’m on hold with
the technical team. Let me just read something about this
particular cereal and what we’ll try to do is we’ll try to find something like
it, put a link in the description to our blog and then try to find a lot of these
items for you. Again we make a little bit of commission. I’ve got to do the legal
thing, but thank you, thank you so much for that. You know…..really helps us to
keep going on these videos, but anyway what do we have in here. No added sugar,
contains naturally occurring sugars, no added preservatives, high in fiber and it
also is a low sodium food suitable for vagans, so there’s lots of great things
in here there’s hardly any calories as well per serving, but you know, you know,
take a trip to a health food store. You will be amazed and start reading some of
the boxes of the the foods that they have. You know what? They taste really,
really good too. This is great. Add a little bit of milk for it and and you’ve
got a great breakfast as well, but easy peasy. So the number six….is get your
veggies. Don’t eat just carrots now, you know I’ve told you about that one. Now get
your veggies and also I put out these little containers here because a lot of
times what you might want to do is make them up the night before. Put them in the
fridge, especially if you’re taking them in for a lunch, but I love baby carrots
and I just tend to buy them in a bag like this. Wash them up. I also have some
celery in here and I’ve also found these little tiny containers that you can find
at the grocery store, hopefully they’re at your grocery store. This is mini
hummus with roasted garlic. Oh my gosh! You know that chickpea hummus….it’s so
delicious. So I would just sort of, you could make it yourself
of course or maybe put a nice dip in here, but this is a lot healthier for you,
because beans or chickpeas they’re so good for you and all you do is just dip
and eat and that makes it….that makes a good lunch right there. So for number
seven get yourself some natural honey. Oh my gosh….is so good for you and this one
has the royal jelly. So google it you’ll find out that that’s amazing too. Again
most grocery stores do have this, this is a natural product. So right on top there,
there’s the natural wax. I mean it’s love it, love it, love it. So however, you
could probably put this on one of those rice kind of cookies, you know the
natural ones or on some kind of a natural healthy cracker. I’m going to a
little bit unhealthy here I think it reminds me of when I was a kid and if I
ever buy a white bread which I don’t do too often, I only buy it at the bakery
and make sure it’s natural know your bread is really good
a little bit healthier for you if it gets moldy fast. Okay it doesn’t have any
preservatives or anything in it. I’ve put some butter on top and so good and I’m
just gonna get this honey out of here. All right and just spread that on this
piece of toast. This makes for a fabulous, fabulous luncheon and you know a lot of
times in kitchens in work areas they’ve got maybe a little toaster or
but anyway for those snacks that you need, this is one that I absolutely love.
So number eight is nachos and salsa. How great is that?
Not your everyday nachos and salsa and certainly none of that cheese sauce
with it. Basically what I do is I go to the store and I find, you know, these are
almost like a homemade salsa, you can also make it yourself. They also have
guacamole and you can also make it yourself and what I usually do is if I
have a little bit of time, let’s say I’m busy blogging or something and I go you
know what I got a few seconds. I can do this.
I will take some of the salsa, just put it in a bowl like this….a little bit more
of course. If you’re working, you can also again, put some salsa in this and then
what I try to get with the nachos these days, I really try to get either the
baked or also the organic type of nachos. They usually tell you how many on
the package for the calorie counts. So maybe it’s maybe 12 or 200
calories or something like that. And again, if I was taking them to work, I
would take something like this along, but I usually put a few of these in a bowl
count them out make sure that I’m just not eating the whole bag and the whole
thing of salsa and I’m good to go. And you know what? When you have yummy food
as a snack, but at the same time it’s healthy,
like this is really 100%. There’s no, you know, big preservatives or anything in
that. You really get used to it and you start to really crave this healthier
lifestyle. So my number 9 snack and this really fills you up for an afternoon, is
make yourself a smoothie. and you know what, if you’ve made it in the morning,
maybe keep it in some kind of a container if you’re taking it to work
that keeps it cool. So I want to keep you healthy there, but actually Bill and I
did a video….Bill and Heather make a Smoothie! One of the very first
videos we ever did.Anyway so I’m just gonna, I’m gonna put some water in
here. Now this is a really, really good blender.
This particular blender will take the frozen berries the frozen fruit and just
make a smoothie out of it. It’s absolutely fantastic. I would not suggest
you do this with any blender because apparently if you just put the hard
fruit in some of the blenders, they just won’t work. So the other thing I like to
do is I’ve always got some frozen, you know when there frozen, fruit is actually
still good for you and a lot of the nutrients really still remain. So I
got a few strawberries here. I always like to put the
water in there first…. okay there Bill? I’m making it difficult for Bill on this
one, because you can’t leave the camera on a stand. So and then I’m going to put
a little bit of orange juice inside. There we go and some more of the….I’m
just using my hands cuz it’s my stuff, but I just use a spoon. Okay so just pop that in there. Some very good for you pineapples and blueberries. You know
blueberries are so good for you the nutrients the antioxidants, so let’s
dump them as well and of course for potassium and all that stuff we got a
banana. Throw that in there and we’ll be selling these machines as well. I just, I
just love, love, love, love mine. I really, really truly do. So they’re not paying me
to say this either, but it’s a really good blender. So let’s just start it slow
it’s going to be really kind of a blueberry smoothie and and unplug it so your nice and safe and I’ll
just grab a little glass out of here. So you see how quickly that was. You know
everything, I didn’t have to chop anything. Everything was in the freezer,
just readily available, bananas are always fantastic to have on hand and see
how smooth that is….. oh wait, where did that come from? Really rarely
ever happened. So there you go! I got my smoothie and usually what I’ll do with
this is I’ll take it up to my desk and I’ll just sip on it and it gets me
through the rest of the day. It’s fantastic.
So number 10 is healthy snacking. Okay so let’s just say that you’ve been invited
over to watch a sports event or something at somebody’s home and they
said, hey you know what, yeah bring a bag of chips or whatever you like to eat or
something like that. So healthy snack this is your last resort though because
really you should be eating the the real veggies and the real fruits and all that
sort of thing, but yeah these are usually in the health food stores. They’re a
little more expensive, but let me just read this one for you. This is the exotic
vegetable chips and they come in carrot flavor, they come in sweet potato beets,
even all different kinds and they’re all really, really good low sodium and
they’re quite healthy also the calories in them are per 20 chips. Okay that’s
a lot of chips is 200 calories. So they’re really really quite good and I
think parsnip, sweet potato, yukon, there’s all different types for that. So
again this is not a sponsor or anything, I just find that these are quite healthy
for you. The other one that I found, this is in a rosemary and oil are these vegetable
sticks. And again I’m just sort of taking a look here per 55 straws. Wow 55 like if
you’re eating 55 of these babies….I’ll open them up and show you, you’re eating 55 that’s a
lot of straws. That’s what they look like. So they’re quite yummy with the rosemary
and oil and if you got a snack, maybe you’re going on a long drive in a car or
something along those lines, this would be probably the only thing I
would say that comes in a bag, but the other thing that I want to mention to
you right now is….um maybe you guys have got some ideas that you want to share
with us? Please put a comment down of what you’re doing and how you’re eating
healthier. I know for myself I have so much more energy now and it’s just
fantastic. So please come on down and make a comment. Let us know and share us
your little recipe with that you’d like to use and we’ll be happy to read them
alright. So this little guy he likes his snacks he likes his treats….he licked
his lips. He likes his treats, those are a big thing for him, but you know what even
dogs can eat too much of a good thing that’s bad for you. You know your treats
are bad for you Hurricane. Sorry about that. What we had to do was we had to
really wean him off all those treats said he was getting, cuz every good job on
on the screen in the video he’d get a treat and he ended up going to the vet
and needed to be all fixed up. And now he gets limited treats, but he’s a good
little healthy dog for eight years old. And we must say too, eh Hurricane,
we just love everybody who’s out there. All the subscribers thank you so much.
This is a Tuesday video it’s the lifestyle inspirational food ones and
you’re now watching those ones as well as the beauty and fashion on Friday so
thank you so so much for that we really really appreciate it.
And until next time one of these reasons that we call it awesome over-50, we want
you to live for another 40, 50 years and beyond and we want you to be healthy. So
we’re moving along with you and making sure that if we’re going to say it we’re
going to do it as well and we want to be there for another 50 years as well. So
until next time, eat healthy and keep it awesome.
Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos.

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