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My Rabbit Had Cold Laser Therapy…

hey guys this is Haley from 101Rabbits.com and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking all about cold laser therapy in
rabbits I just wanted to briefly interrupt this video to let you guys
know that I opened a brand new store on 101rabbits.com I will have the link up
in the iCard as well in the description below and at the end of this video so be
sure to check it out I got a couple cool toys on there and I will be adding new
products very very soon and back to the video so a lot of you guys may not even
know what cold laser therapy is so I’m just gonna go ahead and explain that
real fast so some people over on my Instagram wanted me to make a video
about cold laser therapy as I was posting on my stories over on Instagram
that I was doing cold laser therapy with Lulu for her arthritis so that’s
why I decided to make this video go ahead and check out my Instagram if you
guys like want more behind the scenes I’m like what I do with my rabbits and
stuff but anyways let’s go on with the video and explain what cold laser
therapy is so basically cold laser therapy is a low intensity laser that
stimulates healing while using low levels of light so it’s called cold
laser therapy but it actually isn’t cold when you are applying cold laser therapy
it actually does heat up the body a little bit but it’s called cold laser
therapy because it’s not like zapping a tumor with high intensity laser beams so
it’s colder than a high-tech laser so you might be wondering what cold laser
therapy is even used for so cold laser therapy can actually be used in humans
as well but a lot of vets are starting to use cold laser therapy on animals one
of the most common things vets use cold laser therapy for is to promote faster
healing times with incisions so like after a spay or neuter but it can be
used for other things such as arthritis and like trauma so like if your pet gets
an injury and is needs help with healing and stuff cold laser helps with
circulation healing times arthritis a lot of different things but I’m
specifically talking about using cold laser therapy in rabbits for arthritis
so how is laser therapy done so most times you take your rabbit to the vet to
do this therapy or whatever animal you’re doing and it is used with like
the laser obviously and it is applied over the specific body parts that you
need treated so for Lulu we were focused on her hips her spine and they called it
elbows but it’s just like the foot joint kind of her rear foot joint so those are
the three areas we targeted but we did it on each side so for her we did six
different spots each side of the spine each hip and then each elbow joint is
what they were calling it and each area we did it for a three minute time span
this is going to depend a lot on the size of your animal so I think Lulu it
was about three minutes and 30 seconds in each area I don’t know your vet will
have more of like a time frame for your specific area that you’re doing and
everything like that so for me it was about a thirty minute thing and we did
about three and a half minutes in each spot and when they were doing it you
could kind of feel it a little bit warm when you touched her fur but it wasn’t
hot by any means it would have burned her or anything like that it was just
like a warm sensation so this also really helps with arthritis because cold
really affects joints and arthritis pain so having the added benefit of the
warmth of the laser definitely really helps so the next question you may have
is does it work and yes it does in my experience with my rabbit when I went to
six times I did see improvement so what I saw was after the first laser therapy
appointment Lulu was more energetic she was willing to hop around more she
didn’t look as in pain so yeah she was just more willing to hop around and do
things whereas before I started the laser therapy she had kind of stopped
wanting to come out of her pen she didn’t really want to hop around anymore
she was just really like you could tell she was uncomfortable whereas after the
laser therapy I thought it really was helping the next question may be how
much does it cost so yes laser therapy or cold laser
therapy is a generally a more expensive treatment than say like
a medication that might be like $60 and it will last you two months this therapy
is definitely on the more pricey side but I also do think my vet has cheaper
prices than the average vet would specifically just because of where I
live prices tend to be a lot cheaper than in
other states or in other countries so with my specific that it cost about a
hundred and thirty dollars for six treatments and that comes out to about
twenty two dollars a treatment which honestly isn’t that bad
for like a thirty minute treatment you’re paying less than a dollar a
minute so it honestly isn’t that bad when you break it down except for the
amount that you have to go so you start out going about three times a week and
then they try to kind of wean you off of that so for Lulu we would have been
doing three times a week for two weeks and then we were gonna slowly like go
down to twice a week and then once a week and then every other week and try
to see how much benefit we could get with as little laser therapy as possible
so the ultimate goal is to like maybe go every other week or every week or
something and still have that same movement and excitement and lowered pain
but sometimes the more you wean off of it the more their pain starts to come
back so then you kind of have to go back to every other week or something like
that the next thing is is it worth it like is it worth the money is it worth
the time is it worth doing this for your rabbit with arthritis yeah for me
personally and my rabbit it ended up not being worth it simply because I was
spending about 130 dollars just for two weeks of treatment and yes I did see
benefits but the benefits weren’t as much as I expected so if I would have
seen her completely like start doing binky’s again or running again or like
doing something more dramatic I think I would have maybe kept doing it I only
saw a very slight improvement and my thought process was if
spending a hundred and thirty dollars on this and only seeing a slight
improvement maybe there’s another treatment option
out there that’s cheaper and less stressful that I could get the same
benefit out of and the major reason is it became stressful on Lulu so Lulu
hates going in the car she hates going in her kennel she hates the vet and even
though like the treatment itself isn’t scary it’s not painful it actually feels
good to the animal just having to go in the carrier go in the car go to the vet
three times a week it became too stressful on her and I could see that
every time I walked into the room instead of her like begging for a treat
or like wanting attention she would hide because she thought she had to go to the
vet because she was going so often and yes later on we wouldn’t have had to go
as often but if I was still going once a week or once every other week that would
have still been pretty stressful on her however every rabbit handles stress
differently so this definitely could be a different experience for your rabbit
but it did stress her out enough that to me it wasn’t worth it but I do want to
mention for those of you guys who don’t live in a very like small area if you
guys live in like LA or like a big city like there might be more options for you
where you could do cold laser therapy in your home so I don’t know for sure but I
would definitely go on Google or on Facebook and like search for like dog
massage people maybe they have cat massage people a lot of the times people
who specialize in canine massage or equine massage or like something like
that a lot of the times they also own cold lasers and if they own cold lasers
they could come to your home and do the treatment at home so that would be a
very low stress environment and your rabbit could be at home on the floor
where it’s comfortable and just do the therapy right there most dog and cat
people don’t really know a lot about rabbits so I definitely would speak to
your vet and ask them what cold laser therapy settings the person should use
and stuff like that honestly it’s not that difficult you can’t really harm anyone with a cold laser if you’re using it properly
like it’s not gonna burn you if you’re being careful and like the only thing
you need to be concerned about is covering your eyes and protecting your
eyes because you don’t want to look into a laser because it’s dangerous but other
than like protecting your eyes there really isn’t a lot of dangers or
side-effects to cold laser therapy which is why it’s a really really great option
which is why a person who specializes in another animal could potentially do a
rabbit if you just gave them a couple of tips on like if you’ve done it at your
vet before you could just be like this is how we do it at my vet and they could
come to your home and do it definitely look that up because that would be a
really great option I would totally do that option if I lived somewhere where
that service was offered and it wasn’t like crazy expensive the last question
might be can you buy your own cold laser and use it at home and yes you could
potentially buy your own cold laser and do it at home this would be the best low
stress option however most of the cheaper lasers out on Amazon or other
places are actually not cold lasers even though they title themselves as cold
lasers they’re actually something called red light therapy it doesn’t go as deep
into the tissue so it won’t like hit the muscle or the joints which is what you
really want with arthritis so those types of lasers aren’t really gonna work well
for your rabbit if you want to try to go more expensive there’s some four abouts
there’s one that I found for about $700 but that was just a little bit too much
money for me especially because it’s not a professional one and I don’t know for
sure if it’s gonna work and then if you want to try to get a professional one
it’s anywhere from two thousand to fifteen thousand dollars for a high
quality cold laser so obviously for me I don’t have that kind of money I don’t
even really have seven hundred dollars to spend on a cold laser I mean if you
have the money like go for it but I just don’t have two thousand dollars to spend
on a cold laser so yeah that’s basically all about cold laser therapy I hope you
guys found this useful if you have an arthritic rabbit or even like a rabbit
who has limited mobility if for other reasons honestly I think try it test it
out see how it works like if you have the money to do it and go for it
that’s basically it for today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed this video all
about cold laser therapy and it was definitely a fun interesting experience
and I’m glad I can make a video about it thank you guys so much for watching I’ll
see you very soon on a new video bye you just gagged did you burp or gag
think he burped you burped you burped in my video how dare you burp in my video
boo boo’s you’re not supposed to burp camera that’s rude you need to stop purring
you’re loud who is calling me I can’t talk oh my goodness no my computer
started ringing in the other room I just wanted to remind you guys again that I
do have a store on 101rabbits.com so please click this button right here to
go see all the cool products

56 thoughts on “My Rabbit Had Cold Laser Therapy…

  1. My vet recommand osteopathy for arthritis 🙂 . I have a friend that is a student in osteopathy, some are trained for rabbits and small rodents

  2. Wow, I hope she gets better my rabbit had arthritis, it wasnt treating correctly and she in did up getting GI Stasis, it came way to quickly and she ended passing the next day. She was only 7 months old but she had awful arthritis in her legs.. But I'm so glad to see that LuLu Is getting correct care you and her are so brave!😄

  3. Do they have to press very hard on the body with the wand? I’ve had ultrasounds and they have to press quite hard and deep to get the imaging. Just wondering if it is similar with laser therapy. That could hurt an already sore rabbit—at least in the beginning. I’m very bummed that it didn’t help her more. But I applaud you for trying it!

  4. have you thought about having a small heater in lulus room to help with the arthritis ? it could always work if the bathroom does get too cold

  5. Didn’t know this was used on bunnies! My new rescue is getting neutered soon… might be something to ask the vet about so smudge heals faster.
    So glad to hear it helped Lulu! 🐰💙

  6. Thank you so much. My friend has a rabbit and the vet recommended it for her. She did not know what cold laser therapy was. So thanks!

  7. Lulu is so cute! She was so calm and I could tell it helped! Thanks for posting I don’t have a rabbit but want one so your videos are fun and very helpful ❤️.

  8. Ooohhh love the editing at the beginning!

    Also, I love that you are so focused on your current pets and giving them the best quality of life!
    Thank you on behalf of your very lucky bunnies😊

  9. Hopefully the technology will get cheaper to buy cold laser devices for home use. It looks like the higher end models are quite expensive. Perhaps some people might be able to rent the high end devices so they can use them at home on their pets.

  10. Such an interesting video. I dident think you could get laser therapy for bunnies. Love your channel and wishing Lulu all the best <3 🙂

  11. Can you give me some tips I about baby Angora rabbits be because my Angora rabbit is going to have babies ☺️🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

  12. Wow that’s actually a REALLY good price. My vet did an exam, x rays, and gave me an anti-inflammatory medication for Fiver and it turns out all she had was a pulled muscle. It cost me over $600 dollars for that one visit

  13. Would a pet safe hot water bottle, and anti-inflammatory foods be a good idea to try? They work really well in humans for arthritis.

  14. I know this doesnt relate to the video but when you go ebony and was bonding her, where did u keep her because i have one room and free roam my bun but at night i put him in a pen where do i keep the ither bun ?

  15. My 8 yr old rabbit had cold laser therapy treatments, it worked great, her hoppings were almost 90% normal by 3rd treatments, thereafter almost 99.5% normal. Highly recommended for arthritis bunnies

  16. good job lulu!! You handled your treatment very well. Haley cares so much about you, so I’m sure she’ll find some other affective treatment for you very soon❤️❤️

  17. Coming from a VTS in internal med who just has to comment: Cold laser therapy works great but they need to go way more slowly than they were going in the video. While it still has benefits going that quickly, the benefits can increase almost tenfold if they slow it down!

  18. I thought it would cost more I've been interested in this b4 for my pain… There's still mixed opinions for people but I'm glad it's taking off. In the pet world providing more proof… Glad your rabbit is in less pain..

  19. Cold Laser Therapy has very little scientific evidence in humans and even less in veterinary, I don't think it's a good way to invest a lot of money.
    In any case thank you for the vlog, your joyfullness and dedication to your pets are very remarking and something I honestly admire.

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