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Natural Treatments For Psoriasis | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of DrAxe.com. In this video I’m going to share with you the natural
cures for psoriasis, as well as psoriasis remedies and psoriasis natural treatments.
I can tell you this is very effective. In fact, you can see improvements in your psoriasis
in as little as 24 hours if you follow the tips I lay out in this video. I know this works because I’ve done it with
thousands of patients. Even my own father-in-law had psoriasis and saw a 98% improvement in
just 30 days by following this advice. In fact, my father-in-law was on 4 medications
for 20 plus years, diagnosed with psoriasis, said it could never be healed and we were
able to heal it through following the tips you’re going to learn in this video. So we’re
going to talk about diet for psoriasis, supplements and other things here over the next few minutes. So the number one thing you’ve got to start
doing when it comes to psoriasis is you’ve got to change your diet and you’ve got to
add in these foods. Number one is probiotic rich foods, whether that be yogurt or kefir
or fermented vegetables. It’s so important that you get to the root cause of psoriasis,
which really starts in your gut health. It starts with a condition called leaky gut.
By the way, if you want to learn more about that you can do a Google search for Dr. Axe
leaky gut and I have some great information there as well on that. But again, psoriasis starts in the gut so
you’ve got to increase those beneficial bacteria in your gut. The best way to do that is fermented
foods, especially things like goats milk yogurt is one of my favorite, or goats milk kefir.
You can find that at your health food store. You can also find it at your local farmers
market, are the best places to find those fermented foods. So that is step number one. You also need to get more fiber in your diet.
Soluble fiber feeds probiotics, so consume more berries, things like blueberries especially
are probably the best. Along with that doing cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and
green leafy vegetables like spinach and then seeds, like flax or chia seeds. They’re full
of healthy soluble fiber which increases good bacteria in your gut. The third type of food that you want to be
doing are foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as wild caught fish like salmon, also
mackerel is good, arctic char is good, sardines are good and tuna is good. But fatty fish
that are full of omega 3 fatty acids and other foods that are high in omega 3 fats such as
grass fed beef. You’ve got to get more of these in your diet if you want to start overcoming
psoriasis. And then, just in general doing fruits and vegetables are some of the best
foods for helping you overcome psoriasis. And then herbs such as turmeric are very good
at reducing inflammation, and well as dandelion is another great one. The second thing you’ve got to do if you want
to get rid of psoriasis is get rid of the foods that cause inflammation that you’re
consuming. If you’re consuming a diet that’s very high in processed meats such as pork
or conventional beef, that’s very toxic to the liver. That’s going to increase the symptoms
of psoriasis that you are having. So eliminate conventional meat products. Eliminate hydrogenated
oils. Get rid of sugar, sugar is highly inflammatory. And even reduce your consumption of whole
grains, especially when it comes to things like wheat bread and white bread or any sort
of wheat and flour products. Get rid of those completely. That’s essential to healing psoriasis. Jumping back, one more tip I forgot, another
food you should absolutely consume if you want to overcome psoriasis is bone broth.
Bone broth is high in collagen which actually helps heal the gut, which in turn helps you
have healthy skin. And the best sort of broth to do is chicken broth because it’s high in
type two collagen which helps repair the gut lining and also helps in healing the skin.
So again, I would get chicken broth for that. The next thing you want to do is take certain
supplements. Here are the top supplements you should consume for psoriasis natural cures
and treatments. Number one is going to be a probiotic supplement. Again probiotics help
increase those beneficial bacteria. Don’t buy a junk probiotic supplement. Make sure
you buy a high quality probiotic supplement. Number two is experiment with taking hydrochloric
acid, that’s HCL with pepsin. Taking HCL with pepsin helps you break down proteins and part
of what causes psoriasis is poor protein digestion. So when you’re consuming protein with psoriasis,
you don’t want to consume large amounts of meat. You want to consume moderate, about
four to a maximum of six ounces at one serving, but typically four ounces of organic wild
caught meat. And along with that you can take what’s called HCL with pepsin. You only take
those with protein though. You’ll start with one tablet and if you feel any warming in
your stomach you back it down next time in terms of the capsules. But again that’s HCL
with pepsin. The third supplement you want to consider
taking with psoriasis is fish oil. Taking 1000 mg a day of a high quality fish oil with
EPADHA can really support the body. The fourth supplement for psoriasis is milk
thistle. Milk thistle helps detoxify the liver. Part of what is happening in psoriasis is
overburdening of the liver. So again by taking milk thistle and other herbs like dandelion
those help cleanse the liver. Those also help reduce symptoms of psoriasis. Also vitamin
D is a key nutrient in overcoming psoriasis. I recommend 4000-5000 mg a day of a high quality
vitamin D3 supplement. And one other thing you might consider as well are digestive enzymes.
Sometimes those can also help with psoriasis. So if you can follow those tips, I guarantee
you’re going to see tremendous benefits in psoriasis. And from a topical solution standpoint, I
recommend you make your own DIY recipe for a skin cream. Basically you’re going to buy
something called shea butter online, that’s S-H-E-A, and mix certain essential oils, specifically
my favorite is geranium oil. So again, you’re going to get a shea butter, maybe a little
bit of coconut oil and then you’re going to mix several drops of geranium oil in there,
geranium essential oil, and then rub that on your skin. Also tea tree oil, chamomile
oil and lavender essential oil are also very effective for naturally treating psoriasis
and other skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis as well. But again, make a natural skin cream and get
that on your skin. Make sure you’re getting out in the sun when you can. You’re getting
more vitamin D that way. I know that’s a lot of tips. By the way if
you want the written version of this, I have it written on my website, DrAxe.com. Just
go to D-R-A-X-E.com and search psoriasis or Google search me and search Dr. Axe psoriasis
and you’ll find my article going over the top supplements, where to get them, all online
on my website. By the way, if you want more of these tips, make sure you subscribe here
to the YouTube channel. I’ve got some awesome stuff coming out on natural cures you’ll enjoy.
Guys this has been myself, Dr. Axe, talking about natural cures for psoriasis as well
as the diet and remedies to help naturally treat psoriasis.

100 thoughts on “Natural Treatments For Psoriasis | Dr. Josh Axe

  1. On medication for 30 years. That’s what Big pharma wants; to sell people meds that will on target symptoms and not cure the root problem. Why, all because of greed. We don’t need big pharma when Nature has a cure for everything. The reason why Big pharma hates natural alternatives is because you can’t put a Patent on nature.

  2. What if someone has psoriasis and they also have type 2 diabetes? They can still use the same supplements and food diet right?

  3. the greatest results that i've had was by following the Swift soothe system (i found it on google) – without a doubt the best method i've followed.

  4. I had serious psoriasis for 20 years and tried every diet and complimentary medicines as well as hospital treatments. It was only cured when tried neuro linguistic programming (NLP), a type of counselling. Had 2 sessions and was clear for the first time ever! Just make sure you choose a registered professional.

  5. Thank you Dr. Axe for this video!!! I added your suggestions and I have DRAMATICALLY improved! I gave you a shout-out in my new health vid https://youtu.be/HYpfXhbhWPI – Again thanks so much for all you do – This has changed my life! *PS

  6. Hello i wanna know if i can replace the corn instead rice thank you very much i looking forward for your answer have a good day……

  7. Besides aloe vera juice, do you recommend, or see success with 1-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, diluted in water daily as a drink? This is for scalp psoriasis, that I developed about 3 months before having a gangrenous gall bladder removed over 25 yrs ago..it is painful.

  8. go to a dead sea and soak 6 hours a day for 4 days. It totally cleared up a bad case of psoriasis I had . Drink lots because it detoxes and yet gives your body minerals it may be deficient in.

  9. Maybe this video isn't for everyone.. since everyone's bodies are different
    You're suggesting a lot of meats, bones stuff, fish supplements. And personally- for me and my friends when we went vegan we were pretty much fully cured of our psoriases since we got rid of all the meats, dairy espically, etc..

  10. I haven't eaten well the past ~2 weeks and I can feel it so much on my scalp. I never thought the psioriasis would get worse from diet since it seemed to be genetic? Learned a lot and will start to apply these tips asap, thank you

  11. Did you mean to say 4-5000 mg of Vitamin D3? The one I bought is only 50 mcg (2000 IU) which is equivalent to 0.05 mg. And this is supposed to be 'super-potency'!

  12. I have psoriatic arthritis. But this says to completely change everything I eat,not sure I can. Problem is my pills for psoriasis either cause bad side effects, or,another 1 doesn`t even work and increases blood pressure .I need my Dr. to give me another pill.

  13. WARNING: Fish oil is a blood thinner and it caused me to have a repeated eye-bleed at the retina which almost cost me my vision in one eye. Also, DON'T take D-3 (cholecalciferol) obtained from lanolin from sheep's wool. It is THE active ingredient in rat poison and causes bone loss, heart attacks and dementia/Alzheimer's.
    http://www.belllabs.com/images/uploaded_files/files/0000/0183/12455-116_Terad3_Ag_Blox_100ft.pdf If you must take small amounts of D-3 then take K-2 along with it as it directs the D-3 as to where it removes and deposits the calcium. If you are D deficient, get some sunshine or take D-2 instead. I had bad psoriasis on both arms and it was gone in less than 1 week by applying 3% topical hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball. I applied every 4 or 5 minutes for an hour to 90 minutes. As it soaks into your skin it bubbles oxygen deep under the skin causing mild pain or itching which goes away after the treatment. When done let it air dry and then use good lotion to restore moisture. I repeated every day for about 4 or 5 days and all signs of psoriasis was gone.

  14. I have a concern because I have been eating clean and taking supplements like omega 3 fish oil, l glutamine and vitamin d3 but I feel very sleepy all time and of course less stress but psoriasis still there and I have a 50% less itchy skin which is good.,but I don't know if its normal to have this side s effects such as 'lazy days' and bloating. Thanks very much I love your videos and I would like your brand to be selled in the uk

  15. I have been diagnosed with Addison's Disease and my consultant has said that my failure to produce any cortisol from my endocrine glands is directly related to the steroid cream I have been using for my pustular psoriasis over the past few years on my feet. What is your opinion please? I shall be making up the cream you recommend as I now have to stop any steroid creams. Thank you for your advice. I look forward to checking out your website for more help ♡🦋♡

  16. But i discovered the cure by accident and they are all hone i did all of that nothing work till that day and im doing that when its start to show up nobody believes me up to now diet and everything else dont work I'm now 62 and i hot rid of it .

  17. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about a cure for psoriasis try Skin Recovery Tactics (http://skin.RecoveryTactics.com ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  18. Hopefully this advice helps. Psoriasis is so embarrassing… I've only had for half a year now and it'
    s only on the palms of my hands and fingernails. I work as a fine dining server so you can only imagine the frustration I'm having… it's getting to the point where I think I gotta switch careers. If you guys have any advice for helping to clear it up I'd love to know. Vaseline gets rid of the flaky-ness but it's so greasy and difficult to have on constantly. But it doesn't get rid of the red patches on the palms of my hands.

  19. Hi doc
    I have psoriasis . I was oprtated for cyst so i dont have gall bladder . Is this diet suitable for me ? Please let me know .

  20. Ok my daughter and I live a very holistic life. I was using all natural skincare and haircare products as well. Began having issues with my skin a little over a year ago. Itchy bumps on my legs that advance to my arms. It all disappeared during Christmas break. Then came back with a vengeance on my legs. Ive tried everything. More than one dermatologist told me to stop with fragranced skincare and that essential oils were horrible for my skin. I stopped ad nothings changed. A naturopathy friend of mine says its due to stress. Anyway, I am 50 and want to go back to my Origins skincare line but super nervous to do so. Is it true that these fragrances although natural are bad for your facial skin?

  21. I have seborrheic dermatitis. Should I take vitamin B complex supplements because I've tried everything and now I'm considering taking supplements.

  22. If your hands come in contact with harsh cleaners it flares your Psoriasis. It gets into the bloodstream and not the gut. How do you explain that?

  23. I believe i am also suffering from Psoriasis, I notice one thing that you said was red meat, in college I had a flakey scalp. nothing like this, I also never ate red meat. TOO expensive, unless I was on a date. I been wanting to stop eating red meat but this is all I needed to hear. This is taking over my life, I am suffering with scalp psoriasis I believe. Will be going to the doctor so I will know for sure soon.

  24. My had this disease from 25 yrs and in 2019 she finally beat itt now we use to give that medicine who r suffering from this disease we give a gurantee you will heal it in 1 months that a promise you will see the results in 15 days gurantee!

  25. Kepada rakan-rakan semua..psoriasis yang saya hadapi selama 12 tahun kina telah sembuh 95% dalam masa 14 hari saja.. ingin tahu bagaimana? Boleh whatsapp sy di talian +601131898825

  26. Would it be the same advice for psoriatic arthritis please? My daughter has bean diagnosed just today.

  27. I eat blueberries a lot and raw vegetables and lots of fruits. Im not eating qny sugar outsides fruits and it only worsen my stomach problems and my prosises. Its killing me none talks about eat less cos lots of time eating too much also cause stomach problems

  28. De Axe, I have suffered from psoriasis all my life, following western medicine was the only thing I knew to do. However when they wanted to put me on Humana (which clearly states causes cancer). I said “no, enough is enough”. I started following your instructions for how to control psoriasis. Impressively, I’ve lost 32 pounds and the food isn’t bad. I can now say I don’t have any signs if psoriasis. The geranium works wonders and I now even make my own soap with geranium. I feel much better on the diet and using the essential oils you suggested. What is wrong with Western medicine these days. I don’t trust Doctors anyway, I feel like all they want to do is give you drugs. I’m a old timer and have always made my own cold and flu, sinus medicine, cough syrups…it has been a blessing for me to follow your teachings.

  29. pl z Dr .axes when i get into the sun i have alots itchy skin a lot and when inside the sun in my sweet have this body odor that is unpleasant i am not comfortable with my self i cant go out in the sun or were there is heat this problem getting me worried i dont know what to do can u herlp me plz waiting for ur reply as soon as possible sir

  30. This specific eczema guideline “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) is utterly amazing, it cured my eczema on my hands and fingers in Only two days. It`s already been a few months since I acquired this particular illnesses, and that I could acknowledge this guide is a lot better than the prescripted anabolic steroid remedies that I have applied.. .

  31. Ever since I was in my teens, I currently have this eczema, after I reached my Twenty years of existence I still have this eczema. The skin rashes still continued immediately after contacting quite a few dermatologists and utilizing different advised lotions and creams which have merely a short term effect. My final option would consider eczema guideline “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). In a month of utilizing the guidebook, my problem had healed and never ever had this breakouts once again for a long time already. .

  32. You’re a fag, there is, or will never be a natural cure for psoriasis. It’s an autoimmune disease that can’t be cured by eating a certain way. You’re an idiot, and anyone that believes it is also an idiot. These are facts!

  33. **DR. AXE** Can you give a low dose of collagen to a child under 2 with psoriasis? They're already on probiotics, gluten and dairy free, also takes 400mg of vitamin D.

  34. I go swimming on the beach for 3 days and suddenly my psioriasis in my head, face and ear are gone in a weird way. I think it has to do with salt water.

  35. Yay for goats milk! Love my goats! We were gifted some milk keifer grains from a lady that stopped at our farmers market booth…been making it for about three months now, so refreshing in these hot months as well😁 Been making yogurt for two years now, can't beat it!

  36. I had been really skeptical, however I am glad I attempted this certain vitiligo treatment solution “Sαmzο† Yuku” (Goοgle it). I used it during bed time and the next morning, I had been surprised by the advancements. I used it twice daily for the first few days and then once a day for the following 5 days. My elbows are a lot better..

  37. Girls take one look at me… And run for the hills

    I tried everything, nothing works

    I hope this video helps

    I had psoriasis for over 14 years

  38. A very simple way to get rid of this disease.
    Use wheatgrass juice for 6 days in a week every morning for 2 or 3 months with lukewarm water .
    Don't eat refrigerated foods.
    Eat always fresh n hot meal.
    That's it.
    ..its a 200 % sure treatment.
    Also avoid red chilli and eat less citrus foods.
    Be happy always.
    Exercise daily. also deep breathing in morning helps to reduce stress . avoid meat
    And if u drink lukewarm water whole day , will be highly beneficial for this disease.

  39. I have quit drinking as of 1st july and my psoriasis has already started clearing up very well indeed… I am also losing weight and learning to de-stress. The alcohol was the big one, especially because I was drinking the Cola/bourbon pre mixers… Ugh!

    Anyone depressed about psoriasis I ask you to look at it this way: Your body is warning you you are being naughty with psoriasis. Respond to it with positivity.

  40. Yogurt never helped. I end up sweating so bad and scratch then it sends me into a whirlwind. Then I bleed pick scabs because they itch starts all over again. Anything I like to eat is forbidden it seems. I don't wanna hear about foods I can't eat but foods I can eat and enjoy

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