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No Bake White Chocolate Raspberries Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making white chocolate covered protein raspberries now these are so
good I don’t know about you guys but sometimes when i go to costco i wind up
going up and down the aisles and i see so many things that taste so delicious
and one of the things that taste absolutely amazing are these white
chocolate covered raspberries the only problem is is just a handful of them has
over 11 grams of sugar in them so you’re not going to be getting a whole lot of
protein and you’re definitely getting way too much sugar so I thought we
should figure out how to make this really healthy so stick around i’m going
to show you guys how to do this you’re going to love it it’s so easy all right
for this recipe you are going to need are you ready for this three things so
you are going to need frozen raspberries you are going to need half a cup of
coconut oil that you melted ahead of time and you’re going to need two scoops
of vanilla Nutralean so that’s it that’s all you need and i’m going to show you
guys how easy this is to do so i’m going to take my melted coconut oil i’m just
going to go ahead and pour that into my bowl here and then I’m going to add two
scoops too generous scoops i would say of vanilla Nutralean and that is all you
need now i’m going to take my little slotted spoon if you don’t have one of
these you can use a fork and i am just going to mix it up look at this
you guys can see how great that is turning out and it looks just like
melted white chocolate whats so great about the Nutralean is that it mixes
in perfectly with your coconut oil and of course coconut oil has been shown to
help people lose weight it can actually help you feel more full throughout the
day and it can help you burn more fat and what’s great of course about Nutralean is that you’ve got 10 grams of prebiotic fiber and what a lot of people
don’t realize is you need between 30 to 45 grams of fiber a day in order to lose
weight but the average person in North America only gets 14 to 15 grams of
fiber a day so that’s a pretty big problem now can you imagine being able
to have chocolate covered treats white chocolate covered treats and actually
help you get your protein in look how easy this is I’m going to take a few of
these frozen raspberries I’m just going to dip them right in my Nutralean mix
here and then what you want to do is you want to tap it really really well you
want to get shake it a little bit and get all the excess off just like this
and you can separate them a bit when they’re frozen they’ll stick together
and now we’re going to put them on our wax paper sheet and we’re going to stick
these once we’re done we’re going to stick these for about ten minutes into
our freezer grab another frozen one now because
we’re filming here mine aren’t as frozen as they should be when you’re doing them
make sure that you have them frozen right out of the freezer it’s going to
help your white chocolate coating go on perfectly make sure you shake that
excess off and then place it right on to your parchment paper or your wax paper
so i’m going to go ahead and finish these now we’re going to freeze them for
about 10 minutes i’ll take them out and show you just how amazing these are so
you can see that I have these ones done and they’re ready to go in the freezer
i’m going to show you an even faster way to do this recipe if you don’t want to
do individual covered raspberries so i’m going to take my mixture here and I’m
actually just going to pour it right out into a thin layer on my wax paper in my
pan I’m just going to go ahead and pour it just like this make sure that you’re
using that ratio so half a cup of your coconut oil that you’ve melted to two
scoops of vanilla Nutralean and now I’m just going to spread this out fairly
evenly not all the way to the edge of the pan but pretty close just like that
and now I’m going to take the rest of my raspberries and I’m just going to spread
them all over my batter mix here and that is going to make an amazing white
chocolate bark there you go you guys look at this now
I’m going to put this in the freezer it only needs about 10 minutes and we’re
going to have two ways to do our white chocolate protein raspberries okay these
look so amazing they are so wonderful make sure that you keep them in your
freezer put them in a ziploc bag keep them there to you’re ready to have them
because of course the main ingredient is coconut oil and that becomes very soft
at room temperature so you want that crunchy delicious cold treat and I think
I’m gonna have to do a little poison control here and just check and see how
these turned out well these are so good you’re going to love them mmm I can’t
wait to hear your comments you’re going to love this recipe couldn’t be any
easier i’d love to hear how yours turn out and of course see you guys here next
week when we release a new episode bye guys

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