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hello everyone you are welcome back to
this morning ASMR get rid of belly fat and lose weight super super fast mukbang and this morning friend I will drinking this hot tea, it’s very very very popular
hot tea with fresh cucumber and do you see how fresh this is, this is so fresh, so
I’ll slice it and I’ll cut it into two and slice it into pieces this is okay I’ll keep this aside
I’ve washed, it clean, I slice so this is it, alright I’ll keep this and
the next one I’ll grab my glass cup then pour hot water into the glass cup, the water is so hot. the next I’ll do is to grab my…, I’m using
green tea with Mint, that is green tea and mint tea so if you have mint
leaf or green tea leaf you can use it if you have only green tea
you can also make use of it but this is mint tea and green tea, that means i want to refresh and rejuvenate my body not only refresh my body, I want to also
burn get belly fat and lose weight apart from that I want to nourish my body so
this will help to do all this. i will open the tea and remove the tea bag,
I’ll put the tea bag into the hot water and I’m going to leave it for like 60
seconds alright this is 60 seconds I will remove the tea bag and throw it away, it’s very hot so what I will do next is for me to sprinkle salt on the cucumber that’s optional, i will sprinkle a pinch of salt okay on of the cucumber so go ahead and sip my green tea with
mint tea, this is very hot but I’m gonna drink it like that because it’s good
especially in the morning, this is so hot. friends if you wanna burn or get rid of
stomach fat this is for you, I’m going to i will be eating the cucumber first while the tea is cooling down. very very hot friend cucumber will help to keep your
body hydrated, if you want to lose belly fat like super fast this is good for
you. you wanna maintain your flat stomach you have to join me every morning and night, to do this, this does not only help to
get rid of belly fat or lose weight this will also help to flatten your
stomach and you give you tiny waist, this will help to loose sagging neck, sagging chest, sagging arms etc what cucumber will do is to leave
you feeling like you have eaten plenty food. Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. green tea is loaded with antioxidants and various plant compounds that may benefit your health. increase fat burning and help you lose weight Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important vitamins and minerals for now drink this this is so hot I’m
going to leave this thing to cool down and then I’ll continue to drink please
join me if you want to get rid of belly fat, you wanna lose weight join me to do
this, this is so super hot so I will leave it a little bit to cool down and then
I’ll continue to drink but I will do that off camera alright guys join me to
get rid of your belly fat, join me to maintain your flat stomach okay
I’m gonna drink the last one and then that is it, this is super hot, friends I see
you again in my next video bye bye.

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