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hello everyone, you are welcome today
ASMR to gets rid of stomach fat and lose weight mukbang and today, this morning
i will eating pineapple and ginger. friend you have to continue to watch this video let me go and prepare this two. if you drink or eat this for seven days only in the morning, take it in the morning alone and maybe in the next five
hours no food. friend in seven days you see results continue watching. I will cut the pineapple now and first i have to remove the leave. pineapple aid weight loss, pineapple has this property they have to control blood
sugar level and also help you to eat less. it keeps you feeling full. i will throw this one away, so this is the way it is I’ll slice it this way and then
cut it into pieces, pineapple is Loaded With Nutrients. Its Enzymes Can Ease Digestion. Pineapples are a powerful source of vitamin C, Vitamin C is also a primary water-soluble antioxidant that fights cell damage Our bodies need sufficient vitamin C to fight cell damage and prevent joint pains and heart diseases i will transfer sliced pineapple into the blender. the next thing is to peel the ginger and then slice the ginger into pieces. Ginger Contains Gingerol, a Substance With Powerful Medicinal Properties. it help to our appetite. It can settle an upset stomach. It can also curb morning sickness. it help you lose weight when combine with other ingredients I’ll add this into the blender then I’ll pour 300 ml of water I’m using normal room temperature water
I’ll blend it. i have finished blending so strain. this is good, so i will throw this way. please continue watching I am back from preparing this and I’m going to go right into the video to drink
these I have the lemon and ginger what I am or juice and then I have a slice pain
my friend I am done preparing this and this is ginger and pineapple inside and
this is just pineapple fruits and will just go right into the video and start
eating ginger contains antioxidant-like compounds called phytonutrients that may reduce cell damage. Ginger can be a delicious way to flavor any anti-inflammatory diet plan. Ginger is a popular spice. It is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. pineapples also have plenty of manganese which strengthens bones and connecting tissues. Pineapples contain a good level of several B vitamins which propel your brain to function better and boost your ability to deal with stress efficiently Ginger appears to be effective at reducing the day-to-day progression of muscle pain, and may reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness. Pineapples contain loads of antioxidants that help to capture and fight against free radicals. Have slight digestion problems? You can fix it by adding some pineapple to your regular diet.
Bromelain, dietary fiber, and vitamin C all present in pineapples promote better digestion. Thanks to the huge level of anti-inflammatory bromelain and vitamin C, pineapple can be a great remedy for treating nasty colds and coughing. already filling fuller, if you concentrate on
eating only this in the morning for seven days you see results like this please I’ll spoil but it’s
okay, i’m going to throw it away and that is it it’s okay hmm that’s good
I will drink the water. this water will help to flush out all the toxin in my body. if you drink this for seven days only, in the morning, you will see amazing result I love the test of the ginger in this when I perform getting rid of stomach
fat this will also help to nourish your body, remember that health life is wealth
if you are very strong, you are healthy you’re rich this juice taste good and
I’m feeling like I’ve eaten a lot of food, I’m feeling full and in the
next five to six hours i’m not going to eat anything this is good I’m good, friends and family Merry Christmas in advance. oh this is good, this is so good for weight loss and I love my today meal. do you want to lose weight, do you want to join me to get rid of those body fats,
unwanted body fats, unwanted belly fats, do you want to get rid of it, the friends and family this is for you, just subscribe to this channel
turn on your notification bell and any time I upload a video you will get a
notification and you quickly watch it. Do this with me I’m telling you you will
see results and this will also help you to stay in shape because one thing is
way to lose weight and another thing is that you will gain it back. but for you to
maintain that shape and stay in shape we need to eat weight loss diet and this channel is for you. so join me to do this and friend you were not only maintain your shape but
you will look very very healthy. this will help to nourish your body you’ll be
glowing from the inside, internally. this is good, this is very very good so join
me to see this results if you want to look very healthy and still maintain
your shape. friends and family i will see you again in my next video bye bye

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