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No Strict Diet No Workout! In Just 7 Days, Get A Flat Belly At Home | Lose 15 KG In 7 Days | mukbang

tonight before I sleep I am going to eat
this fruit salad there’s banana there’s cucumber
papaya pineapple, Pineapple is good for your gut, it is rich in fiber and therefore, aids in digestion. this is papaya, watermelon. this is good
okay I’ll add something to this they’ll make
it healthy and good to burn belly fat continue to watch, all right friends.
hello guys you and welcome back again to tonight’s bedtime gets rid of stomach
fat and belly fat. so I’m eating salad fruits salad this is yummy The cooling sensation and the thick consistency of milk helps to coat the esophagus and stomach lining to prevent heartburn. there’s a lot of fruits in this, which is good for perfect healthy living lifestyle. I came with my lemon, Lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C, soluble fiber, and plant compounds that give them a number of health benefits i will sprinkle lemon on top of the fruits, Lemons may aid weight loss and reduce your risk of heart disease and digestive issues, Milk is a rich source of quality protein that contains all nine essential amino acids. It may help reduce age-related muscle loss and promote muscle repair after exercise. so i will go ahead and sprinkle the lemon juice this is a pack with alot of nutrients you need to try this tonight at home please subscribe to this channel and share this video link on you social pages tell someone that need to slim down to subscribe
to this channel. share this video turn on the notification to get alert when ever i upload new video to prepare this, you need to wash the fruits, slice them into nice pieces and then add you milk and sprinkle lemon. this is yummy and fruits is good for our body. you can add chili pepper to the fruit salad. the fruit melts in my mouth
so soft Pineapple has an abundance of vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which are required for a healthy immune system. once i finish eat i will go to sleep, this is a bedtime diet for you. i have to sprinkle more lemon. i love the taste of lemon in my fruits this is yummy, i’m enjoying it use apple cider vinegar if you dont have lemon, sprinkled on top of their
fruits i love the eating sound. hmm oh my god this is good let me take
this one now this is soupy my apologies I will try my way but I full i will eat later so i will keep this inside your fridge for tomorrow I enjoyed my tonight meal this video is substitle in 14 language this video is subtitle in 14 language, french, German, Hindi, Korean etc please if you enjoyed watching this video, give it a thumbs up i will be uploading effective diet that will help you to lose weight in a healthy way you can turn on the subtitle button i will see you again in my next video bye bye

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