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8 thoughts on “Nutrient Blocking Effects of Dairy

  1. I have as yet not watched many of your videos but I have some questions you many not have answered yet. How long after consumption does dairy continue to have that effect? What if you consumed say some milk and then had some veggies three hours later? And what about fermented milk products, raw milk products, and others such as cheese?

  2. I tell ppl all he time…. DO NOT put dairy in your smoothies! And dont use whey protein powder either! Stay away from dairy that shit is toxic!

  3. I really love Dr. Greger's work, but sometimes I feel there is an agenda. Why are the antioxidant-blocking effects being blamed on dairy when they also happen with soy?

  4. Many of those protein powders have tested positive for high levels of heavy metals. They are not monitored as food but deregulated supplements. Buyer beware.

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