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Nutrition Through the Lifecycle: Healthy Lunch

♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪ ♪ ♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪ ♪ Hi my name is Stephanie
Smith, and I am a graduate dietetic student here
at Eastern Illinois University. Today I’d like to talk to you
about packing a healthy lunch. To help me with that, I brought
my own lunch box. It’s Hello Kitty, so
I’m going to show you what I’ve packed for today. First I packed some carrots. I love these individually
wrapped bags because then I can just grab it and go, and
then I get a serving of vegetables in my lunch. Next I packed my
favorite type of apple. This is a honey
crisp apple, then I get a serving of fruit too. Next, in here I have a cheese
stick, these are my favorite. It’s mozzarella cheese, so
there’s my serving of dairy. Last but not least, I have my
favorite, this is my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I
keep it in this container so it doesn’t get smushed. No one likes a smushed lunch. And of course I always bring my
water bottle too, so I always get enough water
throughout the day. Important things about my lunch
are the nutrient content because I have lots of good
nutrients in these carrots, especially
good for my eyes. In the apple, there is a lot of
antioxidants which are good for my body to stay strong. In my string cheese, I have
calcium and potassium which is good for my heart and
for my bones. And in my sandwich, I have whole
grains which is good for my heart and peanut butter,
which is a protein which makes my muscles strong. So I’m excited to eat
my lunch today, are you? ♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪ ♪

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