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Olivia Wilde’s Sustainable Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

– When you’re pregnant, people are like, “Don’t use any of the things you use “when you’re not pregnant
’cause it’s all poison.” And you’re like “What?” Only when you’re hosting a parasite can you treat yourself well? It just seems a little messed up. (upbeat music) So this is a special sustainability edition of Go To Bed With Me. Which is very exciting for me, because the company that I use on my skin is True Botanicals which is the most clean, sustainable, non-toxic company that I have ever
encountered and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that stuff. I also enjoy that the
packaging is sustainable. It’s this dark shaded glass, which keeps it preserved without putting a bunch of harsh preservatives
in the product itself. It’s something they learned from the old perfumeries of France. One thing I’ll also say
about True Botanicals is they are MADE SAFE certified. MADE SAFE is a third party
certification organization. They have really high standards, very few companies pass
their kind of check list of sustainability requirements. So I’m very excited to tell you about it, because it’s not only
sustainable but it works. So this is my basic night time routine. It’s not very extensive, it’s
not like a 75 step process. It’s really simple, and my skin is, it’s combination I feel like everybody’s skin is combination. It goes through different things based on stress and based on weather. So first things first, I
use the Nourishing Cleanser. Now I use the Clear Line. The Clear Line is based on fighting acne. I used to have really bad breakouts, like into my 20’s when everyone
else was done with breakouts I was still getting them and I was going to dermatologists and they were like, “You have to use this harsh chemical, “and this crazy peel,
and this crazy mask.” And I was like surely
that’s not a good idea. Now I will say, if you have a full face of makeup on you would use
the Pre Cleanse Oil first. Which you just put on your skin, massage it and then
follow with the cleanser. But right now I’m just gonna
go right into my cleanser. So one thing I should
mention about True Botanicals it smells so good. It’s like walking through a woodsy spa in Northern California
you’re just like ah what? You can get your face wet first, I kind of just bang it on there. And like who knows if
that’s the appropriate thing to do but who cares? This kinda to the ritualistic nature of the nighttime routine,
like you want something that smells good you don’t want something that smells like burning tires for the sake of beauty, like come on. If it smells like crazy
chemicals, it is crazy chemicals and you shouldn’t be
putting it on your face. Oh you know what I’m gonna do? (water running) I’m gonna put my hair up. Maybe something I usually do first. (water running and splashing) Oh. Super clean. (sighs) So, next step, is the Antioxidant Booster. So this stuff has something
called resveratrol which you find in apple peels. It’s what in the apple skin that keeps apples nice and moist. Often we just have to look to nature, how is nature figuring it out? And what you do, is you mix
it with this Repair Serum. You get to feel like a little chemist. And I was never good at chemistry. So this is my chance for redemption. You put it on your hand, not very much just like a little tiny bit. Then you add a few pumps of the Serum then you rub it together. And it turns into this yummy Serum. So you put it right on
your skin, and then, (sighs) again it just smells so good. Okay so this is the
Clear Pure Radiance Oil. The Pure Radiance Oil is everything. This is like the gateway drug. You start on this, you’re gonna be hooked on this entire line. It doesn’t make you super slippery, like it doesn’t just kinda slide off and you don’t feel all gross. It goes right in. (rubbing on skin) I put this stuff on during flights, like on airplanes and
people are always like– (sniffing) ‘Cause they’re like what
is that magical scent? Okay so you might be wondering, but Olivia, why would you
put oil on acne prone skin? That’s nuts, you’re crazy. A lot of creams, that seem super yummy and kind of moisturizing
are full of a filler. Some of them have wax in them, and they just sit on top of your skin. So for a minute you’re like, (sighs) I’m so dewy and fresh. But it’s not going in,
it’s not penetrating. The great thing about face
oils is they penetrate in, it really changed everything. And sometimes I’ll run out, and panic. And I’ll put on another moisturizer I have in my medicine cabinet and I’m like ooh. Its just not giving me what I want. So, I know it seems crazy but
this oil got rid of my acne. Next thing I’m gonna do is put on, this Overnight Mask. This stuff seals in the
moisture from the oil. It’s great, let me show ya. Well what you do, is you put it on top, and all the benefits you’re getting from that oil from the
Serum get locked in. And it’s really noticeable, like after about eight days of using this, you feel very very different. And this in the winter,
absolutely saved me. You know, these New York winters. I’ll mention too, the Antioxidant Booster if you do get acne you
make a super condensed version of it, I’m gonna
do this really quick ’cause this is valuable. You make a condensed version
of the Antioxidant Serum. So you do like a lot of the powder, and the Serum and I have this big whopper of a zit right here and I just put a condensed version of the powder on there and it’s gonna go away. My chin’s always my acne spot. I dunno what is that, hormones? Bad luck, bad karma? There ya go. Here is the Nutrient Mist. It’s very moisturizing, it smells amazing, and you can use this as
a makeup setter as well. So you can use this before
you put your makeup on, you use it to set your
makeup and then all day long. (spraying mist) You spritz it on. And I have never smelled anything that smelled this good in my life. It’s so good. This I also use on airplanes
and people are like what is happening? But at night as the last thing you do. (sighs) Oh it’s good. That’s good stuff. I feel like there’s a moment for everyone when they decide they
wanna change the game, they wanna change the way they’re living their life to maybe live it in a way that makes them feel a little bit more consistent with the world
they wanna create, right? And this happens I think as you get older you’re like what am I doing to contribute to the world I wanna see? And for me, being pregnant
was a huge eye opener for me. Because when you’re
pregnant people are like, “Oh be careful, don’t use
any of the things you use “when you’re not pregnant
’cause it’s all poison.” And you’re like “What?” It’s poison? Why was it okay when I
wasn’t carrying a baby? Like, only when you’re hosting a parasite can you treat yourself well? It just seems a little messed up. So I remember thinking surely if things are totally unsafe when you’re pregnant, they’re probably unsafe all the time and you are worth it
even without being a mom. You’re just worth taking
care of, you really are. So that’s when I started
really researching non-toxic skin care and non-toxic kind of everything that
I came into contact with. And yeah, it’s overwhelming. There’s a lot. And a lot of information
that can get confusing. But the great thing is
now there are products that work and are non-toxic. You don’t have to worry
that you’re sacrificing something you’re actually
getting everything you want and need out of your products while also contributing to
a more sustainable future, for yourself, for the planet, it’s just a little bit
of a way to participate in the good, the goodness. Really when you start thinking about what you’re putting on your skin, you think about what you’re
coming into contact with at all times including what
you’re putting in your mouth. Toothpaste is a big part of that. So I’m using Dr. Bronner’s. This is good stuff right. All the Dr. Bronner’s stuff is great. I love the soap that you read
when you’re in the shower, and it’s like you can
use it to wash dishes. And you’re like great, I might bring my dishes
in here, for efficiency. And the Humble Brush. Which is made of bamboo. Bamboo is the miracle plant. I learned how to brush
my teeth from Seinfeld. (brushing teeth) Which maybe ages me, I dunno. But there was an episode where Elaine learned to brush her teeth properly and they’re like brush out, brush out, brush out, circles, brush out. And I was like what? (water running) (swooshing water around her mouth) (spitting water out) Boom. You know, to make my
kids brush their teeth for more than two seconds
I make them pick a song and everyone has to brush their teeth for the length of a song. So I always try to think about it, it’s supposed to be a two minute process. My advice for anyone
who’s trying to lessen their impact on the
world in terms of waste or in terms of the
chemicals they’re pouring into the water system or in any other way, is baby steps. If you can do a meatless Monday, or maybe just meat Monday. Maybe you only eat meat once a week. You know we all know that’s a huge contributing factor to global warming. I think in terms of packaging, it’s all about packaging. Just pay attention to the
amount of plastic you use, especially with beauty products and everything in your bathroom. Just so much waste, so try to think about how to reuse bottles. There’s a lot of companies that allow you to send your bottles
back in to be refilled. Or you can take your soap back
to the store to get refilled. There’s just ways that
aren’t that complicated to lessen your impact. And then, research everything. There’s so much information now. Before the internet, we
didn’t know what to do. Now, you can really find every
bit of information you need. If you’re like, is there
a non-toxic toothpaste? Sure. Is there a skincare that
actually works for anti-aging? Yes. Is there a shampoo? I mean shampoos are a
big part of the toxicity that we’re putting into our bodies. It’s just possible to find an alternative. It’s not about sacrificing efficacy, there’s thing that work that’ll actually lessen your impact but I say the broader kind of philosophical note
the thing that helped me., was just baby steps. And don’t be hard on yourself. But just try, just take one step. Recycle your clothes. Buy vintage. I believe in reuse, I
believe in everything we use and have having a story. You know in the 1950’s
they had to teach people to throw things away? There was like a whole campaign, there were billboards that was like, “Just toss it.” If we had to teach
people to be so wasteful, we can teach ourselves
to be less wasteful. So it just takes a shift in perspective. Let’s just be better, in little tiny ways until
it’s a better world. Thank you so much for hanging out with me while I get ready for bed. I thought a lot about it, and I think it’s best for both of us if I just go alone so I’m
sorry if I led you on. So, thank you. Bye. (upbeat music)

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