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Omad Diet What I ate | Day 27 ✔ | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and
today is OMADDiet what I ate my whole meal including cooking video at the end
I’m gonna show you how I made my egg muffins I’m going to show you everything
I have okay it’s day 27 of our November accountability challenge and must start
with saying I only made it through this entire week committed and sticking to it
because I had a severe consequence if I didn’t make it with Nicki speaks okay
that really helps when you have is this your severe consequence okay and we both
trust each other enough to know if we cheat we have to serve the punishment
the punishment was either three hours of what the other person wants to do or $75
cash and for me at this point of the month that is a bad punishment so I made
it so happy and I’m extremely proud of myself because Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday were really hard for me okay so what food did I eat I had um a Laura bar
I had a kind bar then I had cottage cheese there’s gonna be a video to eggs
ground beef cabbage with blue cheese dressing that was my home and at the gym
I did two chimp sessions um in the morning I went to the YMCA I
did 40 minutes on the elliptical and there’s a live stream on that um I also
dated ten minutes and the sauna steam room um let me see then I went to work
they’ll be a 1 picture of a hair I did I did at least two um then I came home got
my kids and then we were at the gym from 6 42 8:40 p.m. and I did the swimming
area swimming area includes just doing anything water related I have a lap pool
I have a lazy river with the heavy current I have the steam room the sauna
and the world pool so I did all of that within two hours and I stayed in the
area actively doing something so I did a lot of exercise
for that little bit of food even those a lot of food but it was I think it was
good choices who I’m into my other video talking about the dry fast I did it was
thirty three hours but I fasted more than three thirty three hours so I’m
gonna go to work now and it’s Black Friday and yeah here’s the videos and
pictures of my weight on Thursday morning okay I’m preparing my Oh mad
meal in these little flower pots they’re so cute they’re bacon cupcakes so I’m
gonna make different variety of egg muffins I’m gonna put ground beef and
then this ground beef is seasoned and it has some onions in it so I’m gonna do
this first just cuz I don’t want it to stick oops I don’t want it to stick to
the bottom yeah that’s a little messy okay some of
them are gonna have chopped broccoli that I steamed um probably gonna need
more egg dang it I’m gonna ride an egg okay okay I’m gonna leave these two
without on let’s see next the one these are gonna have more jalapenos that’s
cream cheese cream cheese cream cheese more cream cheese cream cheese I like a
surprise in the middle dang it I don’t have a spoon okay let’s see these are
gonna have lots of jalapenos in them at the top at the top lots lots and lots
I love jalapenos is gonna have just a little egg to hold it together man I’m
up with some butter on that I don’t have it here at the table but yeah I’m gonna
put a little bit of jalapenos and the other ones I’m gonna leave know how the
Pinot’s and that one just in case it burns or something cuz Mia okay so I
have two eggs and a little bit of cheese I’m gonna try to spread it equally I
should have probably had three oh man I probably should have had three eggs cuz
I don’t know I’m really only using it as a binder but I really do like to get the
protein in as well man I’m doing a bad job oh my gosh
okay I don’t know what’s about to happen I’m gonna cut these if I don’t cover
that cream cheese is gonna like probably burn or something so I’m gonna bake
these for ten minutes and we will see what happens okay this is what they’re
looking like I accidentally dropped them when I took them out now I’m gonna put
cheese on top of them again it’s I’m a pepper jack cheese on top it’s been 10
or 11 minutes so I’m gonna put the ups okay I can’t record and do this at the
same time I’m gonna put them back in for another eight minutes after I put this
cheese on and then I’m gonna plate them okay here’s the final product the
presentation is not the best cuz I am in a super rush to go to work
these stood up pretty good because I had a good amount of egg and cheese these
fell over the other ones with more ground beef cream cheese and jalapenos
this is cabbage with blue cheese this is cottage cheese I like sauces I’m
gonna have this which is pretty decent let’s see three carbs three sugars on
fine with ten calories then for some reason I’m so proud of my kids they
didn’t get my ice cream so if I I’m at least gonna get a bite of this but I
can’t enjoy my food that much because I need to leave in ten minutes I’m not
even all the way dress so this is my own man no counting calories today and
tomorrow I start my drive fast subscribe thank you for watching you

25 thoughts on “Omad Diet What I ate | Day 27 ✔ | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

  1. Just wondering why you didn’t mix your Ingredients in a bowl and then poor in containers. Even if you want your egg in last. It seems like it would be easier to get everything equal in your containers.

  2. NA: pretty much exact same update that I see from Lady at Large: I did OMAD on Wed, and then Thanksgiving was (more than) a bit out of control.

  3. Hey I'm doing 2 meals a day for the holiday weekend…my 10 year son insists…..I'm down to 202…sooooo..I'm going to fast 48 hours Monday and Tuesday…and back to my favorite love OMAD…I must be 199 by January 1st..Thanks for all the encouragement 🤗

  4. NA. Doing a juice cleanse today. My weight has been fluctuating but still under starting weight (65kg). I really need to get back to the gym. Your food looks delicious 😁👍

  5. I still have not attempted a dry fast. I naturally go 14 hours. From sleeping and I workouts in the dry fasted state in the morning. So I probably should try and go longer sometime

  6. You've done a super great job so far. Your weight loss has been a great accomplishment. I'm very motivated and trying to catch up with you. 😊I'll be incorporating exercises next week. Week 2 of fasting and I'm find it to be a little easier.

  7. It sounds delicious! I want to copy your recipe. I really like to eat. My new friend~ I look forward to the next recipe.🎁😊🎁

  8. NC, NA

    I think it's safe to say I am having trouble updating on last month's progress. Day 27 wasn't horrible, but I did eat fast food.

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