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Once-A-Month Large Family Grocery Haul for 20 Frugal Dinners! (LESS THAN $200!)

– Welcome back again today friends. I have for you, I have
something exciting for you, that’s what I have, this is a large family
grocery shopping haul with exciting stuff. This is also a large family grocery haul that is a collab video that none other, so many of
you have been asking for this, none other than my good friend
Sarah from Our Tribe of Many. Now Sarah’s grocery haul videos if you have not seen these yet or just to let you know, Sarah’s
got another one out today so watch my video and
then go watch Sarah’s. And then also she just had a new baby, so see what kind of
wonderful healthy groceries she has for her large family
over on her channel today. Now for me today, I have bought everything to make 20 large family
slow cooker dinners that I’m going to serve up
over the next four weeks. All 20 of these easy crockpot dinners are in my brand new large
family, slow cooker dinners plus four week meal plan product that I have now have available. You get the recipes for these 20 dinners plus you also get the four week meal plan and there’s four one week
grocery shopping lists, there’s also two biweekly grocery lists dependent on how you grocery shop and if you’re a mama like me where I just like to just be one and done and get the things I need, there’s a once a month large
family grocery shopping list to do these meals. So let’s see what I got. Look at this, it’s so small, it’s like what is happening Jamerrill? Well I know the 20 things for dinner that are being served up
over the next four weeks and whenever I finally
tell you some things we have going on, you’ll be like yes, that’s why Jamerrill is
just throwing an easy dinner in the slow cooker so often
these days, yes and amen. So let me show you what we got. And I’m gonna tell you the meals, and I’m gonna tell you the price breakdown on how much this all cost and how much it costs per
dinner and all of that. So we got a five pound
bag of red potatoes, five pound bag of yellow potatoes, 10 pound bag of russet potatoes, I didn’t need quite that money but I’d just rather get the 10 pound bag. I got six pounds total of brown rice, a thing of Frank’s Red Hot, a thing of these yummy peppers, just one box of elbow macaroni, two things of colored peppers. Then we have a variety, well
I have four cans of corn, then we have some northern
beans, pinto beans, butter beans, kidney beans,
also have some feta crumbles, some cottage cheese,
big bag of mozzarella. Now I don’t need five pounds of mozzarella for these meals per se, I
believe in the grocery list that I used last night that I’ll show you, there was only two pounds total needed, but I can’t just buy two
pounds of cheese okay. One 52 ounce bag of broccoli, we have just about, just under
three pounds of kielbasa, we have a four pound ham, we have three roasts total. This was 4.97 a pound, this was 4.47, and this one yeah 4.47 as well. Have a two pounds of sausage and then 30 pounds of chicken. Now by the week the four
week grocery shopping list that I followed from the new large family
slow cooker dinners guide, I didn’t need quite 30 pounds, I like to order these 10 pound bags though whenever I’m doing Walmart Grocery Pickup, I think I needed it was
either 24 or 26-ish pounds, so lots of good chicken in this. Here talking hand, first
let me tell you my total, then I’ll tell you the
things I didn’t need that are on the list. So even though you just saw a whole lotta chicken going down, there’s the chicken, nope,
must be over behind me, anyway you just saw a whole
lotta chicken going down, it’s not exclusively
chicken slow cooker meals. There’s also ground beef,
I think it was 10 pounds of ground beef, maybe some turkey. So for example there’s
still about 10 or so pounds of ground beef that’s needed to do these 20 large family slow cooker dinners. I have ground beef on
hand so I didn’t need that and that’s how it goes using
the grocery shopping list you won’t necessarily need
everything that’s on the list. I did not need any of the spices, I also didn’t need the ground beef. Oh something I did need
but the bag got dropped, oops so sad, is I had a
glass jar of roasted peppers, that didn’t even make
it up my kitchen stairs. So we will pick that back up, that’s included in the total. So total I spent $192, that’s including my Virginia sales tax to get everything I needed
for these 20 dinners. Now last night I also did everything in my Walmart grocery app to see if I needed every single thing on that list, and it came to be about $240 on the Walmart app. That’s for where I live,
no price guarantees, you might have even more on hand. Like I know lots of times I will have rice and I
will have elbow macaroni, and what else will I have? I might have potatoes. So you might only need half
the things on the list, but the list is there and what I do, is I take that list and I check my pantry and my freezers and my refrigerators and see what I need ’cause I like to give
you guys a good ballpark on what it costs me to do
these 20 crock pot meals. So the easy slow cooker dinners that are included in the
new four week meal plan are rosemary garlic chicken,
easy chicken fajita, buffalo chicken wraps,
pulled chicken barbecue, chicken Parmesan, and then
there’s a Greek chicken dinner, also chicken teriyaki, and
chicken broccoli and rice that you can do in the slow cooker. The beef recipes include
slow cooker lasagna, yes you can put lasagna noodles in, you’re just layering your lasagna, in your slow cooker and you’re gonna have
lasagna, waiting for you in your slow cooker that easy. There’s also taco meat for the slow cooker and sloppy Joe’s, there’s
barbecue meatloaf, also Italian peppered beef roast and classic pot roast. And then the pork recipes are a zesty Italian pork roast, pork ragu, kielbasa and potatoes, ham
potato and five bean soup, and a macaroni and cheese that
has yummy ham chunks in it that you can do right in
your slow cooker as well. So last but not least, and certainly the biggest thing that I have going on right now is I have just launched my
brand new membership site it’s largefamilycommunity.com, there’s a limited time window
from now until January 20. That’s right, that’s it, and then the doors are gonna close. And I’d love for you to
be in membership with me. What membership is, is
it’s a whole lot of fun. Every month, one of my products from the large family table shop, it’ll be either a new product like my brand new large
family slow cookers in four week meal plan, or it’s gonna be some
of the classic products in the shop, lots of new
fun stuff coming out though. Members only will get
one of those products I’m gonna pick a product of the month and they’re gonna get that for free, a 14.99 value or higher,
yay for membership. There’s also gonna be
a monthly masterclass with yours truly. So as an example for our opening month we have a slow cooker masterclass, we have the included large
families slow cooker meals in four week meal plan what
all these groceries are for. We also have two exclusive
cooking and recipe videos where I am cooking up
some recipes and goodies that will be exclusive for members those videos will not be able
to be found anywhere else. There’s also a calendar of events that also includes every month I will have a special guest that is gonna teach us more about feeding all these people, this month I have one of my good friends who is an expert at slow
cooker freezer meals, she is gonna be joining
us later in January and do a whole class with us on those, and additional members also
get a live chatty mama call with me every month, that is
also on our calendar of events, it’s gonna be a Zoom call. Members will get an email and have a special link to
join me on that call as well. There will also be other
special unlisted goodies for members that I will
just surprise them with because they’re in my special club. So you will want to go ahead
and click the first link in the description below, head over to largefamilytablecommunity.com and join me in membership where I will I’m so excited about this because I really get to come alongside you and help you in feeding all your people, whether you’re a family of two or three, or a family of 12 or 14, we are going to do this together. There’s going to be grocery shopping help, meal planning, tons of
recipes, the products, the masterclasses, the
recipe videos, so much more I’m super excited so join me
membership will be $15 a month, or now through January 20 you can sign up for the whole year for just $99. That’s $180 value for almost
50% off so yeah do that. Okay, so I got my plan all laid out for the next four weeks we are gonna cook up the
super easy large family style slow cooker dinners. Also, head over to Sarah’s channel and see what she got in her super mega large
family grocery haul, and I will see you real soon
with another brand new video. Bye bye.

100 thoughts on “Once-A-Month Large Family Grocery Haul for 20 Frugal Dinners! (LESS THAN $200!)

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