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99 thoughts on “Only Eleanor Can Save Humanity – The Good Place (Episode Highlight)

  1. Sometimes being the simplest person can turn into something better in the future. You just gotta wait and make your mark when it happens

  2. 'The Good Place,' Guys.
    Um… I don't know how to tell you this, but I was really disappointed by this episode.
    Maybe I got my hopes up too high, but You naming this: 'A Girl From Arizona: Part 2,' and Not naming the 3rd Episode: 'A Girl From Arizona: Part 3,' made me think you were going to completely wipe the rug from under our feet again, and something was going to be completely different by the end.
    At the end of every Epsiode, there's.normally a Cliffhanger.
    S3 Ep1- Trevor has joined the Soul-Squad.
    S3 Ep3- Michael and Janet are busted by The Judge.
    S3 Ep4- Michael and Janet are caught by The Soul-Squad.
    S3 Ep5- Tahani forgot about her Fiance. (This 1's kind of Iffy, as they barely mention it, in the following Epsiode.)
    S3 Ep6- Eleanor's Mother is Alive.
    S3 Ep7- Eleanor finds out about her love-afterlife, with Chidi.
    S3 Ep8- The Soul-Squad is going to go meet Doug-Forcette. (Technically, this wasn't revealled, until the beginning of the Next-Episode, but you got a feeling something was going to happen + The Episode was good, and full of nostalgia, in itself.)
    S3 Ep9- The Soul-Squad die, and go to Janet's: 'Void.'
    S3 Ep10- The Soul-Squad arrive in the Actual: 'Good-Place.' ( + The Game-Changing Cliffhanger, that no one has entered: 'The Good-Place,' since 1745, or something.)
    S3 Ep11- Everyone is going to: 'The Bad-Place,' because the System is Screwed-Up. (I got goosebumps, for this 1!)
    S3 Ep12- It's: 'Season 1, again! ( + Micheal has a Panic-Attack.)
    S3 Ep13- Chidi has his memories wiped. (Technically, this wasn't a: 'Final-Scene,' Twist, but it's the only Real: 'Twist,' in there. (I was a little dissalointed, by This-Episode, Too. 🙁

    S4 Ep1- 'Linda,' was a: 'Deamon,' all along!
    S4 Ep2- … It's just kind of more of Epsiode 1, without the Cliffhanger.

  3. I Hope The Judge is put under The: 'Point-System.'
    She's no better than any human, and she's actually a lot worse than quite a few of them.
    She has infinite Free-Time, with even: 'The Jerimy-Berimy,' Timeline, on her side, and she doesn't use it other than to binge T.V. Shows.
    There's no way, she'd get into: 'The Good-Place.'

  4. That’s not Michael. The real Michael was captured on the train and was replaced by vicky I’m calling it now.

  5. Scenes like these make me think twice about the suggestion that this isn't Michael, but one of the Bad Place guys in a Michael suit. I'm going to be guessing until the end of the season, and FORK, THIS SHOW IS GOOD, I'M NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE.

  6. Am printing that saying and hanging it up on my wall cuz i need this typa motivation like every 5 min😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. So, I have a theory: Michael is not really Michael, he is actually the Michael-suit the bad place made. I think they pulled a switch in the first episode of the season, when Michael entered the train in order to bring the demon back. What do you think?

  8. I love you Michael Schur, thankyou for this amazing journey. Also, my country doesnt have NBC and season 4 cant be watched 😥😥

  9. OMG, I just finished the second episode and I died when Brent started naming his friends and I realized his whole character is supposed to be based on Kavanaugh even the names are similar! Genius.

  10. It is pretty obvious that Michael and Janet have been switched with demon in Michael skinsuit and Bad Janet when they got into the train in the previous episode. Both are acting out of character.


    I mean Chidi and Eleanor are the endgame, and i love them together more than Michael and Eleanor. Just saying they wouldn't be that bad.

  12. ahh the american dream of, im a nobody that is actually the most important nobody in the entirity of space and time

  13. holy motherforking shirtballs… it took me a while to realize, but ive finally figured it out. the reason why they keep promoting the fact that its the final season and ruin EVERYBODYS day with it can only be one thing: we are in the bad place!

  14. Sometimes I wish the writers of this show sucked and I didn’t care about the characters or what happened to them

  15. My favorite thing about this clip is that while Eleanor is ranting about her being “a girl from Arizona,” the sign behind her says “this was your life.” Maybe I’m digging too deep but I think it’s pretty cool if that’s the universes way of telling her that she is worthy now despite what she did before

  16. Alright so here’s my theory. This isn’t actually Michael, it’s Glenn. They swapped when Michael stepped on the train. In the digital mini series, we see Glenn start to fight back a little against Shawn. They probably used this to their advantage and stuffed him in the Michael suit. Later in the episode when Eleanor calls him a “tricky little devil” he flinches.

  17. still somewhat pursed this show…somewhat passed…somewhat pushed…BULLSHIRT!, this show is effecting my speech pattern now! And I'm gonna miss this forking show…

  18. Sounds like the meltdown I had as a first year teaching. Shout out to all the teachers out there who had the same breakdown.

  19. Guys ive figured it out. The real subjects are the main first 4. The new subjects of the experiment are not the ones being tested, they are just being used. The real test is to see how good the main 4 have become and how good they can be in the situations they are in. They are all put in tough spots which proves they are being tested on how good they can be when things are against them or when they are put with people they hate. This explains why Michael fakes the nervous attack. It was part of the plan to make Eleanor the leader. When Eleanor figured out Michael faked the nervous attacked Michael got a little nervous because he thought she figured everything completely. Luckily, she just figured that one part and that was it. Michael acts very strange and serious and seems like her knows something else is going on throughout the episodes.

  20. Obviously their gonna win but even if they don’t they should get to the good place just for trying to save the universe without thinking of themselves

  21. I actually have a suspicion that the experiment is actually judging the original 4 (and maybe Michael and Janet) and whether they will make self sacrifices (like Elanor giving up her relationship with Chidi) for the sake of humanity. If they will put the rest of humanity above themselves.

    The judge isn't actually under any obligation to tell them the truth about what the experiment is. Love this show. <3

  22. Eleanor calls Chidi her ex. Does this mean Jeremy Bearimy where Eleanor and Chidi are together after the experiment is completed is "dead" as well?

  23. I dont know….i am kinda suspicious that they arent showing much of tahani and that John Wheaton guy…🧐
    And also the tricky devil comment…what is up!? And the camera seems to focus on one person….. subtle ways to tickle the sub conscious or something? Maybe the camerawork has underlying motive? it seems so off and errrrrr

  24. I just realised… Eleanor is basically The Good Place's version of Jesus. She went through years of suffering to finally save the humanity and open the gates of heaven for the people again.

  25. Ohhh. So the Good Place is basically a magical girl anime. Eleanor has a hero’s destiny and is able to transform into a pantsuit.

  26. Eleanor: “I’m trash.”

    Micheal: “As someone who cares about the environment, I’m here to pick you up and turn you into something better.”

  27. It's like they're using the "chosen one" trope and putting it on its head, because Eleanor wasn't destined for this. None of the Soul Squad/Team Cockroach was supposed to do this. Michael simply just wanted a new way of torturing people and in the process they're on the cusp of changing the entire afterlife system. There wasn't some cosmic reason before the show started that they would become the saviors of humanity, it was an organic process that we were with them all along that makes its believable that the only people who can do this is a "girl from Arizona" and her friends.

  28. This scene always makes me tear up because its so human and how far she's come in the course of the series. Real character development for both of them and a real genuine moment

  29. She's RIGHT! She cannot do this. Women are middle managers, NOT leaders, they don't have the cognitive talents or spatial intelligence to handle what men can, and very few men can actually lead without falling into a hole. I'm just amazed President Trump is doing as well as he is, given the Democrat vipers swirling beneath him.

  30. The only one true savior of the world is Jesus Christ. Not a girl from Arizona.
    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life”

  31. Michael's genuine kindness is a beautiful thing to see. I would argue that it's a miracle of sorts that Eleanor has helped to bring about. That's the kind of miracle I can believe in – not raising the dead or parting the water, but the simple power of one person to touch and transform another just by virtue of being in their life.

  32. Mother forker. How can a show that started about a demon running fake heaven only to get defeated 802 times be one of the best written dramatic comedies in decades

  33. "You beat me in three months…"
    Its that pure bluntness that Eleanor needed to be told "Hey, you're better than this" when she didn't want to hear it

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