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[Advanced Healing Institute
Arthritis & Sports Medicine Clinic
advheal.com] Hi guys Dr. D again from Advanced
Healing Institute. This is our third and last video on arthritis and in this
video, we’re gonna talk about rheumatoid arthritis and its treatment. So as we
mentioned before, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune inflammatory process where
your body actually attacks itself. So the goal of treatment in rheumatoid
arthritis is to stop this autoimmune process, mainly by medications. The first
line of medications that we use are the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
such as Advil or Motrin, just like in osteoarthritis. The other medication that
we use is oral prednisone or oral steroids, so both of these help suppress
the immune system, but as we know, they can have a lot of side effects so they
are usually not used in the long run. The next class of medications include the
DMARDs, which stands for disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs,
and they fall into two categories, the non biologics and the biologics. So the
non biologics basically help suppress the immune system from attacking itself,
such as methotrexate and cyclophosphamide. These agents are used
as first-line treatments. If the result is not good, then the biologics may be
used and biologics are basically newer, more specific agents, which instead of
targeting the entire immune system, it actually targets the cells that are
attacking your ownself. So they’re more specific, they have a
more rapid onset of action, so they can also be used. So basically it comes down to
your individual response, including the side effects that you may have with, with
the certain medication that you use. Finally, in
terms of injections, steroids are used to help people suffering from rheumatoid
arthritis because they help lower the inflammation. Platelet-rich plasma is not
used, as you can see platelet-rich plasma have an inflammatory component and that
is what we’re trying to suppress, so really the mechanism of action doesn’t
go with what rheumatoid arthritis does and may actually worsen the flare up.
Hyaluronic acid also is not used cause that’s lubricating the joint and it
doesn’t really address the issue of the inflammatory component involved with
rheumatoid arthritis, and also surgery. So in the severe cases, you may need surgery,
such as arthrodesis which is fusion of the joint, which stops movement between
the joint and when you fuse and helps stop the pain, or replacement of the joint,
arthroplasty. So hope that helps answer your questions and continue to ask your
questions through the website, thank you. [Advanced Healing Institute
Arthritritis & Sports Medicine Clinic

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