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Pavakkai Curry In Tamil | Bitter Gourd Curry | Recipe in Tamil | Gowri Samayalarai

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Bitter Gourd (Pavakai) Curry Recipe Bitter Gourd is very good for health and kills germs Bitter gourd is very useful for Diabetic Patients Wash the Bitter gourd and slice it as shown here Remove the seeds Slice it like this 250 g Bitter gourd 2 big onions chopped 2 big tomatoes chopped Heat the pan with 3 spoon oil and add the chopped onions Saute it for a minute Add Tomatoes add 1/2 spoon turmeric powder 2 and half red chilly powder 1 spoon coriander powder Add the sliced bitter gourd Add required amount of salt Add little water Allow it to boil in medium flame and close the lid After 6 to 7 mins it is cooked Add 4 to 5 Tspn. jaggery Mix it well Add curry leaves Cook it in high flame on open lid Add salt if required as per taste If required add more jaggery Consistency of the gravy is up to your requirement Now the delicious bitter gourd curry is ready try this recipe at home and send us your feedback

49 thoughts on “Pavakkai Curry In Tamil | Bitter Gourd Curry | Recipe in Tamil | Gowri Samayalarai

  1. i did spl veg biryani it was very tasty…amazing …bt i have one doubt if i want to make more than three or four persons hw i prepare masala tel me the measurement

  2. Hello gowri ma.. Very nice video..Will try and see if my kids will eat.. Ma but u r not replying to any of my comments in different videos.. Plz reply gowri ma

  3. please mam you give tips other things also like saree organization jewell box show case craft making from waste pls mam try it

  4. Hi Gowri how are you. I didn't go to work today. So just now try this recipe. Came out very well as usual. Now you don't reply my comments. Did you forget me.😔

  5. Hello,Mam I tried all podies super,bread toast super o super,yen veetu samayal arayil ungal samayal,all credits to you

  6. Hai mam.murungai poo sambar panniyachu.romba nallarunthichu.entha curry koode pakaruthuku nallaruku.ethu seythitu sollidalam.en Tamil purinjutha.enaku konjam doubt eruku.gn mam.

  7. nice madam I like pavakkai but boring to hav fry and now this is new to me i will try this 2marrow itself

  8. hi mam… how are you … today I prepared green peas pulav by watching your video .. came out well …. and also pavakkai recipe looks yummy 🙂

  9. hi akka i eagerly waiting for other organizing videos please. upload some organizing videos. your. kitchen. dining fridge videoes very nice.

  10. அக்கா அரைக்கீரை போன்ற கீரைகளை எத்தனை நாள்,எப்படி பிரிட்ஜ்ல வைப்பது?

  11. nice receipe, we can steam the bitter gourd , and prepare the dish , this is my suggestion, what do u feel

  12. i feel you are adding so much raw sugar….How to give to a diabetic patient????Anyways it looks yummy..

  13. please teach some pastes to mix in rice and storable for at least ten days .will be very useful for hostelites and for wives who leave their husband and go to native place during kids summer vacation

  14. மேடம் உங்கள் சமையல் அனைத்தும் எளிமையான முறையில் இருக்கிறது நன்றி 🌺🌺🌺🌷

  15. I tried tis recipe today nd it came out very well…bitterness was mild…i cook rarely and wenever I cook I refer ur videos for recipes…

  16. Thanks. After long years, purchased bitter gourd. In the recipe, I tried imly water instead of plain water and it has come out very tasty.

  17. tanku madam na video pathu than na ipo pavakai samachutu iruken redy anathum saptu pathutu tast epdinu solren

  18. Mam ,u shud have dry fried the bitter gourd first and u shud be added in the gravy then bitter gourd wil not bitter much.

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