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People Eat A Raw Diet For A Week • LIFE/CHANGE

– We’re literally just
like herbivores for a week. Is that what this is? (energetic rock music) – My diet’s not very good right now. I eat a lot of Taco Bell. – I feel weighed down and tired and I just wanna get more energetic. – I just eat cookies and things that have tons of sugar in them. Because of that, I feel like crap. – Honestly, I want to see
if I can do this long term ’cause I think this is the
healthiest diet on the planet. – I’m Jason Wrobel, I’m a
celebrity vegan and raw food chef and author of the book Eaternity. There are tremendous
physical and mental benefits to choosing a raw vegan lifestyle, and that’s partially because
the food that you’re eating, there’s a ton of minerals and enzymes and vitamins and proteins, amino acids, antioxidants. – What is 118 degrees? – How am I gonna keep track of that? – I mean, I try to do that anyway. – That sounds expensive. – Oh, we can eat animals? – Does sashimi count? (upbeat music) – Let’s check out my lunch. – I personally recommend experimenting with a lot of different raw vegan foods to see what combination and
amount works best for you. – So, I’m on this raw diet. – Yeah. – And I’ve eaten six bananas. – Jesus Christ. – Why are you eating so many bananas? – ‘Cause I’m on a raw diet and I don’t know what else to eat. – My stomach is full but my
brain wants something cooked. – And its important to dial into the foods that make you feel best. – I can’t stop thinking
about the pizza rolls that are in my freezer. – [Steven] Pie, pie. More pies. Pie. People enjoying pies. – Variety is the key. Nutrient density is the key. – I’ve just been eating bananas and apples and cashews and nuts. I’m on my way to go grab some sushi. – Yeah, I think I’m gonna
just do this every day. – Okay, this is really
amazing, this is crazy good. Raw pad Thai. – [Voiceover] So this
is the raw foods aisle. – I just paid like $10
for this fucking wrap. – Today’s gonna be a day of torture. My friends are gonna
be eating a ton of food and I’m just gonna watch them. All right, the only thing I can eat. Oh wait, I almost put it in that ranch. – Lunch was 10 oranges,
like Cutie oranges. Every time I expended energy in any way, I needed to eat again ’cause
it was just rushing through me. – These are vegetables, right? – I feel weak. – Honestly, I feel really physically weak. Everything, literally everything’s
either cooked, processed, It’s so annoying. So annoying. (funky dance music) – I’m here today to make
chocolate avocado pudding all raw, all vegan, super creamy. Grab the hemp seeds, we’re
gonna throw those bad boys in. Go ahead and take the spring water and add one cup to the blender. Throw it in the hatch. Yeah, high tech, baby.
– [Women] Whoa. – [Brunette] It’s so smooth. – [Jason] High tech. – Well, here’s the thing, I
don’t like preparing food. – By and large there’s not a
ton of convenient raw options so you do have to get good
at preparing your own food. – When was the last time
you went to McDonald’s? – 1996. – Oh my lord. – So, we got our base ready and let’s go ahead and add
the rest of our ingredients. A half cup of our cacao powder. Grab the coconut nectar and
we’re gonna add a half cup. Grab the vanilla extract right there, and we’re gonna add a
half a teaspoon of that. Next we’re gonna throw in
some extra virgin coconut oil. – This is like, thick,
this is like, I mean– – If I had a dollar for every
time I heard that. (laughs) – We gotta throw a pinch of salt in there. Then we’re gonna do two
avos in this recipe. (mixer whirs) – [Blonde] Whoa.
– [Brunette] Whoa. – [Jason] And let’s check the consistency. – [Steven] You would think that this is– – [Jason] Straight up
like jello pudding, right? – Yeah, I mean its
incredible, look at that. – [Woman in Plaid] It’s
so fluffy, oh my gosh – Wow, okay. – It tastes really rich,
it’s fluffy but it’s dense – Mm-hmm. – I ate like 20 bananas in this past week. How do people maintain this lifestyle and are like, happy about it? – So one of the ways
that I thrived for years on a fully raw diet was
just a lot of variety. I know this is much to your chagrin, but actually making food at home is kind of something you can’t get around if you’re gonna be fully raw, you know? – Thank you so much. – It’s my pleasure, enjoy. Thanks, ladies.
– [Women] Thank you. – I lost three pounds. – So my skin actually got a lot better. It cleared up a lot. – I disciplined myself
so much during the week that I don’t really wanna give it up. – I think maybe in the
future if I have more time and more money, I might revisit raw. – It made me think about what
I was putting in my body. I think I could have liked it if I was better at preparing food. – I have a huge respect
for people that are raw ’cause I think it’s really hard. (laughs) – I’ll probably implement
more raw foods into my diet. – But I’m done with this, I’m out! – I don’t think you should eat another ba, how many bananas do you have? Stop it! (thud)

100 thoughts on “People Eat A Raw Diet For A Week • LIFE/CHANGE

  1. Uncooked rice grain? I'm a carbs person. I mean, I'm a rice person. Without rice, I would be…. I can't even imagine that

  2. "We're herbivores for a week" you know humans are frugivores right? We're not carnivores like so many people claim lol

  3. Wow they made this diet look horrible! It’s not, people actually do it and love it. Help them know what they can eat so they don’t starve themselves like wtf.

  4. Why did it say they could eat animal products if they’re raw? Did they answer that? I’m confused I thought this was vegan?

  5. No such thing as a raw almond in the US, FYI. They're advertised as such because they aren't roasted, but they aren't technically raw. Because lawsuits.

  6. You know I would totally do this except for that I love rice(and chese) but also I'm a athlete so I eat a lot of food and meat which is about 1/4 or 1/5 of my diet

  7. God I hate seeing people try veganism or raw veganism or whatever and not look at how and what to eat! Makes it look so difficult and unaccessible.

  8. I LIKE THE VEGAN-ADVISOR GUY !!! I mean i want him with me all the time so that he can teach me how to cook those healthy meals

  9. Can't imagine depriving myself of delicious pasta, roasted potatoes, mash, fritters, noodles, lasagne, stirfry, etc.

  10. A little bit of knowledge before hand would have helped tremendously. It’s obviously not going to work out or make them feel their best if they’re not getting the nutrients they need.

  11. You sent them into this without a structured plan. This doesn't represent the actual benefits or help them find means of creating good food. Give them a plan next time that introduces proteins, carbs, and fats not just small servings of fruit for 12 bucks from Wholefoods.

  12. Why does it seem like every food challenge someone does it's always at a time where the office is providing great food, like buffets, pies, etc. But obviously they can't eat it😂

  13. I cannot cook, I do not want to eat crap, so I basically – but unwillingly – ended up with an almost raw diet.

  14. Every food challenge diet
    Till day 6 : Oh I am dying , this diet sucks ,life sucks blah blah
    Day 7 : Oh my skin is so great ,oh I lost weight ,Oh I am gonna miss this diet so much blah blah

  15. There is Michelle Khare's video and then there's is this….there is good, well-thought-out content and then there's Buzzfeed.

  16. A doctor told me once that raw vegetables and fruit has an energy feild around it unlike cooked or processed food. If you eat raw food youll ingest that energy too . No wonder so many people I know who eat raw seem to have much more vitality 😀

  17. You can be very full… but your brain always has a mind of its own! You feel weak because your brain is coming down from your constant high fat/salt/sugar… going raw, detoxifies and heels your body!

  18. On day 7 they got diabetes. It's sad most people are like this. They could of had so many amazing foods. The only raw food part was strange grass fed meat is fine to eat and very healthy. Eating fruits all day will shoot up your insulin like crazy

  19. Suppose being raw vegan was the standard and a normal diet was as uncommon as raw veganism, then what these people did seems almost equivalent to trying the "normal diet" by eating nothing but dry toast for a week. No wonder you felt terrible.

  20. If you are going to have a job do it properly, put effort into what you do. Do research and actually try, it's so easy to find raw recipes on the internet.

  21. Isnt almost every Ingredient that went into that "raw" pudding processed? Like… even the water is processed. Nothing is raw unless you literally plant it, pick it, and eat it. Vanilla extract is extremely processed as well as coconut oil. So…

  22. Were the participants not allowed to research raw vegan meals, or a list of foods allowed on the diet? Like I’m genuinely confused about why these people were so lost in the video.
    Is it like this in all of buzzfeeds diet videos? It seems like a lot of them don’t know how to cook or meal prep either. Are these just requirements to participate in the video?

    Also why does buzzfeed only bring “fans” of diets, or nutritionists instead of dietitians or professionals in to discuss pros and cons of the diets that they’re going to do? It’s not just this diet video it’s nearly every buzzfeed diet video you see it.

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