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Permanent Weight Loss | Gwen Shamblin Lara | Weigh Down

Thank you. Thank you for the encouragement;
praise God! I just praise God again like always for another day. We are alive and we are blessed
and we have an opportunity to live and talk about God and improve ourselves and make ourselves
to where we are glorifying the One who made us instead of the opposite. And that would
be destroying what He has made. I praise God for these opportunities.
You are listening to Remnantfellowship.tv and this is about overcoming. The show is
called Overcoming. I am Gwen Shamblin and I am the host. I have been thin now for thirty
years. I praise God from a combination of just being in love with God and then also
being able to study dietetics I was able to go in there and see that it was not the food�s
fault. That is was our personal responsibility that
led it back all the way to God�s Word and led it back to taking on what we need to do
instead of blaming others, our mother, our genes. Blaming our situations, our emotions,
but now go back in and say, �You know what, I am to blame. I can do something about this.�
You know why this is so fun? Do you know why this show is something you need to tune into
every week is because when you have the personal responsibility then you have all the hope?
If it is out of your control it is random and you do not know what is going to happen
to you and you are hopeless. But with You Can Overcome, a show that teaches you how
to lay down overeating, how to lay down overdrinking, how to lay down sexual sins, how to get your
finances back in order, how to get your anger under control, how to help your children – to
raise your children so that they rise up to call you blessed and to love the Lord. These
are the things that we will be discussing each and every week.
I praise God and by the way I am loving your comments, loving your encouragement, and the
encouragement has been coming from basically seeing how well all of you are doing. Today
I tweeted out, and if you are not on the tweets, you need to get on them now. I tweeted out,
�How did your thanksgiving go? Was it the best ever or did you do better from watching
this show.� Then keep putting your comments out and we will read some of them today. I
wanted to do a couple of �shout outs� today to Susie in Florida and she is jumped
out at me. She is so excited about getting back and starting in Weigh Down. �Hello�
to you Susie in Florida. Then Lisa in Missouri you lost 35 pounds through Weigh Down now
and what is so exciting about that, that jumped out is that your husband is joining. He is
joining Weigh Down and �Hello� to him also.
Also, I wanted to be sure that you knew about accountability. We mentioned signing up and
getting an accountability partners. Candace can go over that more later, but making sure
that you are calling into the office, because if you just sign up with someone on Facebook
that is also having to lose weight, that is when I said that it does not work. But I have
found something extraordinary helpful; people who have permanently lost their weight as
an accountability partner. Call into the office and we will help get you with somebody that
has been down for a long time. We have had a lot of shows so far, but now
this week we are going to be talking about �permanent weight loss�. We are going
to be talking about how permanent this is and we are going to be talking about the difference
between these quick weight loss programs and programs that are just actually messing you
up and you do not know it versus something that is permanent. Thirty years down and today�s
guest today will be off of � we are going to be talking about Prevention magazine; it
is on the newsstands. It came out yesterday on the newsstand and Weigh Down�.they featured
five people that have lost weight permanently or for a long time and Weigh Down was � two
out of the five were Weigh Downers. Today�s guest will be Catherine Zanoni and she has
lost 110 pounds and kept it off for a while. But before we do that let us invite up our
co-host today; it is Candace Anger. She has got some comments and tech tips. Welcome Candace.
Yah Hay! CANDACE ANGER: This is like my favorite part
of the week. I want to say that I have had my weight off now for ten years and every
year I feel like I am less pulled to the food. GWEN SHAMBLIN: And you are less anxious or
worried that you are going to gain it back. CANDACE ANGER: In fact that does not even
cross my mind much anymore. GWEN SHAMBLIN: It does not mine.
CANDACE ANGER: Praise God! We have got some beautiful responses here that wrote in. They
had an incredible Thanksgiving time. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Okay, let us see. Let us sit
down and talk about it. Let us find out what you know.
CANDACE ANGER: Yes, well, there were so many responses of people who overcame during Thanksgiving,
it was absolutely incredible. People lost four and five pounds over the week, but there
are two here that really stood out. One is Allison from Georgia. She said that she started
Weigh Down on Monday; the Monday before Thanksgiving and she said, �Probably not a good week
with Thanksgiving. Right? Wrong. It was the right week. Today was blessed and wonderful
with my family as we celebrated and my face was not in the plate.� Because you had said
that last week. �What a joy to serve others, have energy, and not have to fall into bed
with a stomach ache after eating.� GWEN SHAMBLIN: Way to go Allison! Yay! Good
for you. CANDACE ANGER: That was one of those tips
that changed a lot of people�s lives I think when you talked about serving others. Then
Louisa from El Paso, Texas, �Last night my eight year old son and I were flipping
through the TV channels and we bumped into The Biggest Loser. As we were commenting about
how grateful we were that now through Weigh Down we did not have to be sucked into any
more man-made rules. One of the participants on the show said he just could not overcome.
My son looked at me and said, �Mom, is not that just amazing that this show is just the
opposite of Ms. Gwen. The Biggest Loser says that people cannot overcome, but Ms. Gwen
said that through God we can overcome.�� GWEN SHAMBLIN: Wow! Is that not neat? Is that
not exciting? CANDACE ANGER: It is beautiful.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Did he also lose weight or am I not clear?
CANDACE ANGER: His mother is � the office called her. Andre is in third grade and he
is homeschooled and they do watch every Thursday. It is Louisa and Andre and we called them
because they are now webcasting into the Remnant services. When we called them and he answered
and I said, �If you remember tell your mom that Candace from Remnant Fellowship called.�
And he said, �Are you with Ms. Gwen?� Like two minutes later Louisa jumped on and
I said, �I am not Gwen. I am not Gwen, but I know her.�
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Praise God! Praise God that the younger generation; they see it quicker
than we do. They get it! They get it quicker than we do. What is his name?
CANDACE ANGER: It is Andre and he is in third grade.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Andre, hello. Keep watching Andre and Louisa. I praise God for that. Other
comments? CANDACE ANGER: I was going to say to stick
around until the end of this show because if there is anything that has been on your
Weigh Down Wishlist we have Twenty Five Days of Christmas. Basically, we want to make sure
that you guys can get anything, but stay to the end and we will tell you then.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Tune in all the way to the end and we will let you know the deals. That
is what she is saying. CANDACE ANGER: If you want to save money,
stay to the end. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Look and see if there are any
other comments or positive responses, questions, anything you want to bring up.
CANDACE ANGER: Yes, there is � there was an email that came in yesterday that a woman
lost 4.5 pounds and she was traveling because she was with her family. She was doing the
accountability like you said. She called the office and got an accountability partner and
that is Shannon. Shannon in Georgia and she ended up losing 4.5 pounds during the Thanksgiving
week. She is down sixty-one pounds. GWEN SHAMBLIN: That is awesome! That is awesome!
Honestly, I do not have a full list here, but I was talking to Erin Moore who has been
collecting these and she says the list is so long and she was just scrolling through
them and just pulled out a couple for me. It is like � something is going on here
that you cannot explain. The Spirit of God is on this.
God must be pleased and the people that are watching and tuning back in and another thing
is that I want to say �Hello�. This is a �shout out�; one more �shout out�
and I do not have all of your names and I want to get them, but it was a large group
of people, they all said the same thing. It was like random. At the same time all of these
people and this is happening a lot I know this year. But they were in Weigh Down five
or ten years ago and then they went out and tried every single diet and then they came
back on. One of them said, �I am bacccck!� Welcome back to all of those.
Let us give a hand to all of those that have come back, even though it was the hard way
to go, but it was the permanent way to go sometimes. When we are stubborn, to go back
and try everything else but having to change yourself is what the thing is. We finally
get around and go, �Oh, so I am going to be eating less food and chewing less?� Yes!
And you will not be disappointed. You will not be disappointed if you do.
CANDACE ANGER: That is beautiful. I remember you saying one time too that when people come
back they appreciate it and they do so well because they have been out there and they
have tried the other things and when they come back they appreciate it so much and they
are some of the people that do the best in the sense that that weight comes right back
off. It is amazing too right when you get re-focused. As soon as you put God first and
do it and your weight � it was like you never left. Boom; and you are right back in
there and your weight is coming off and you are going, �Why did I mess up? What was
I thinking?� GWEN SHAMBLIN: But there is a warning that
comes for those that think, �Okay, the way that I am going to go then is to go try everything
else and then come home.� There is a grave warning with that because if you know better
it is very very scary because I have seen people have a root of bitterness left in their
heart or a root of sexual lust left in their heart or a root of greed for food left in
their heart. Then the next thing you know they are taken over and given over. Or they
think, �I will just go live my life.� Like the parable of the four soils, they let
the things of the world get a hold of it and then they get choked out. (Matthew 13:1-9)
So there is a choking that can happen spiritually. There is a drifting that can happen spiritually.
It was talked about in the Bible and I have seen it all and I can tell you the effect
of doing this much counseling and seeing that much.
I have only become even more afraid, even more careful, be careful it says in Deuteronomy
to follow everything. (Deuteronomy 28) Over and over God�s words were, �Be careful.�
Full of care; careful to follow this stuff. I take everything more seriously. I put more
into it; more effort into all of it, more effort into reaching out. I have only become
I guess, more serious minded and more sober as the days ahead are tough. There is a lot
of people out there hurting. I praise God that He unsolicately, Prevention magazine
calls us up and wants to – and Good Housekeeping. I do not know if you have any shots of Good
Housekeeping you can put up behind me, but Good Housekeeping we have been on the front
cover. How many times Candace? CANDACE ANGER: Two times on the front cover.
Inside it many times, the same thing with Prevention. What is so funny is the same thing.
They go all over the country and they ask for submissions a lot of times from all weight
loss organizations. Prevention did not do that, they just flat our called you. But they
will let any weight loss company in the entire United States send in one of their weight
loss testimonies, but with both issues of Good Housekeeping, not only did they put the
Weigh Down person on the cover, but out of the five woman that they chose, two were Weigh
Down. And they even asked, �What is this now?� Because they are trying to figure
it out; God and weight loss, prayer and the Bible, what? Especially when the writers are
trying to write it they are trying to wrap their mind around it. So finally she called
and she asked, �Does Gwen just make beautiful woman down there in Tennessee?�
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Oh no. CANDACE ANGER: Or how do they get all of these
great looking testimonies? GWEN SHAMBLIN: We are going, God! God! God!
God! God! God! Turning to God then He does make it more appealing and for the attraction
to go back for His glory. When Prevention called I got down on my knees and prayed about
who and what came to mind was two people. It was Catherine Zanoni and Eldith and they
accepted them and today�s guest, we will have Eldith another time, but today�s guest
is going to be Catherine Zanoni. Let us go ahead and welcome Catherine Zanoni from Prevention
magazine onto the stage. Come on up, dear one. Come on. Come on. Praise God! Have a
seat. This is awesome, awesome, awesome. CATHERINE ZANONI: Glad to be here. It is very
encouraging. GWEN SHAMBLIN: It is very exciting. I am very
grateful that you had the opportunity to come from your job. Just how long have you permanently,
since that is the subject for today, kept your weight off?
CATHERINE ZANONI: It has been ten years. Ten years without a struggle, that is what is
amazing! GWEN SHAMBLIN: Ten years! Tell us the story.
CATHERINE ZANONI: Alright. I was thin growing up but started having babies at a young age.
I would gain like sixty pounds with each pregnancy and maybe be able to get thirty of it off.
Just through extreme measures and then get pregnant again so by the time I was twenty
seven, I was about 110 pounds more than I am today.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: How many babies was that? CATHERINE ZANONI: That was after four babies.
I was just hopeless. I tried so many different things.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Do we have a before picture for us? (Screen shows pictures of Catherine
before Weigh Down). That is you. CATHERINE ZANONI: That is even after getting
some of that weight loss with just my own will power, which was never permanent. That
is for sure. Just trying things like Cabbage Soup Diet and Ephedrine that came out; not
even realizing how dangerous that was. GWEN SHAMBLIN: So you were one of the people
that tried Weigh Down, did not leave it, and stuck with it?
CATHERINE ZANONI: Yes. That is right. GWEN SHAMBLIN: So, ten years ago. A lot of
you can identify with ten years ago meeting Weigh Down and all of that, however, like
you say, when the going gets tough sometimes the heat of it all makes people go back and
give it up. You stuck with it. Okay. Part of that � why would you say � part of
it was the right fellowship in terms of you kept around people that were right accountability
partners � right, you know what I am saying. I am trying to emphasis the accountability
now because we have seen damage done with people choosing the wrong accountability partners.
I cannot emphasis that enough. CATHERINE ZANONI: It helps to have people
that have already gotten where you want to be, that makes perfect sense to follow what
they did. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Who was your original teacher?
Was it Debbie Blair or somebody like that? CATHERINE ZANONI: Of goodness, way back then.
I have to think because they did not have on-line classes then. We were still meeting
in people�s homes back then and in churches, churches and homes. It was a friend of mine
at church that I was just boo hooing at a meeting and just at the end of my rope and
she came up to me, very sweet and said, �I know that you do not need to lose weight,
but I really think you would like this Bible Study that I am doing.� I went on to � I
claimed the eighty pounds with Weigh Down, but I definitely was larger at my zenith.
One hundred ten pounds. GWEN SHAMBLIN: You kept the greed of 110 pounds
off, is the point. We are losing greed here we are not losing weight. This is not about
weight loss; this is about losing your greed. Would everybody write that down if you are
watching today? It is about losing greed and that is why when people come in here and say,
�My whole life is changed. I do not know why my whole life is changed because I am
in a weight loss program.� I am saying, it is because you are in here losing greed
and then that affects your shopping, that affects your greed for making sure that your
sexual lust is in the right place, or that alcohol is in the right place or anybody that
is taking too many drugs. You know when you are going into the cabinet too much or whatever.
I do not take anything and if I do take a Tylenol I like to cut it in half, if I can
or just do small. You do not need all of that. You do not need all of those things. But we
do need something to fill up that gap. You turned to God.
CATHERINE ZANONI: Yes, and I definitely turned to all of those other things that you mentioned.
I definitely used alcohol. My whole family lost well over 200 pounds and kept it off.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: How did you talk your family into doing this?
CATHERINE ZANONI: Oh my goodness, I can tell you that my husband was always very open to
having the classes in my home, but when I really started doing it instead of just convincing
everyone to do it; I really started doing it that is when my family really took notice.
Our son was sixteen and he lost eighty pounds so I was definitely passing this down to my
children. We had a five year old at the time that would go to bed asking what he was going
to eat for breakfast. There was definitely going to be a beast, food was being passed
on. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Candace, you were able to talk
Tedd into it. How did you do that? CANDACE ANGER: Good question. I just remember
thinking once I found Weigh Down I knew that there was going to be no other way. I knew
that you could not ever go back to a diet. That was it for me. Tedd and I had just got
married and we got married quickly, so in those three months leading up to where we
got married I really started to put it into practice and I started to drop weight, about
twenty-five pounds. Then when I got married I continued because I still had weight to
go. So, he said that he watched me lose weight and it was confusing because he was seeing
me eat the same foods that he was eating and he testifies about that. But, I did happen
to have the Weigh Down At Home videos playing at 5:30 or 6:00 when he got home from work.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: It does not hurt to have Truthstream going in the background. If you are wanting
to help your children. I remember story after story of these mothers saying that they did
not think their kids were listening when they had it going in the car or when they had it
going in the background. And oh, they were because when they started doing something
wrong, they would come in and start correcting their mother. �Mother, are you hungry?�
CATHERINE ZANONI: I used to put cassettes in Robert�s car, just fast-forward it to
a good spot and say, �I think you might enjoy listening to this.�
GWEN SHAMBLIN: That is sweet. CATHERINE ZANONI: He would start listening.
Now my kids are 18, 19, 25, and 27 and they all eat this way. The ones that were overweight
have kept their weight off without a struggle. Now some of them have children. I am so thankful.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: They are teaching the principles to the grandbabies.
CATHERINE ZANONI: I can clearly see you saying everything that you have said, that we are
born with this and that we unplug it. It has been amazing to go back and reawaken it in
me and my older children and now raising another generation. I know they will never struggle
with the things that we struggled with. GWEN SHAMBLIN: No one can put a price tag
on that in a country where everyone is in an epidemic that is what the scientists say
because they do not know the answers. So they call it an epidemic, a disease, something
out of your control. It would make a horror movie. The United States is right at 70% overweight,
obese; everyone is getting heavier and heavier. In comes into this chaos a magazine today.
Put that picture back up, I want to make sure you get the right Prevention magazine. (Screen
shows cover of the recent Prevention magazine.) Tune into that for a second, she is in pink,
if you can see. She is in pink. It says, �Eat your way thin and then it says double digit
weight loss secrets.� It is in the center. What page is that?
CATHERINE ZANONI: It is page 82 and 83. GWEN SHAMBLIN: You have got that memorized
already. Page 82 and 83. There you go. There is Catherine and Eldith and it does have three
other weight loss methods, I believe are mentioned with things like exercise, yoga, and your
typical exchange lists. However, I think we all know that there is a difference. What
is the difference? Let me talk to you just a minute. What is the difference between Weigh
Down and other programs? Why are we permanently thin? What is the secret? What is the secret?
The secret is going to be that in this let me remind you a verse that is in the first
week of Weigh Down. You can play around with a lot of things out
there like religion and with weight loss, things that are in Colossians 2. It talks
about things that are harsh on your body that you are doing as a ritual and you feel like
the answer is that I have got to really be hard on myself, or whatever. These man-made
rules have no value, it says in Colossians for anything. It says that it has no value
to restrain and there is the secret � sensual indulgence. No value to restrain your sensual,
which is this fleshy indulgence. When you go on diet after diet after diet after diet
I do not care what it is and you go get your stomach stapled and then you go back to a
diet, then you go to eating certain foods, or you go to pills. Not only have you not
restrained yourself or learned how to restrain yourself, everything you did fed your indulgence.
Everything you tried only made your greed for food increase. When you say, �There
is something wrong with me. I do not know what is wrong with me. I do not know why I
am bingeing. I do not know why I cannot stop. I do not know why all of a sudden I am doing
good and then it is 10:00 at night and I ruin everything. I have gone for a week. I have
lost two pounds or three pounds and then I put everything back on in one evening.�
You say, �What is wrong with me. I am condemned!� No you are not condemned. You have made choices
year after year to try anything, but what you have got to try and that is coming back
home to Jesus Christ and that is restraining sensual indulgence. In Week One that verse
is brought out to you. Here is the thing, when you go in there and
start saying, �No.� Titus 2:11 that the grace of God teaches us to say no. N O, no
to sensual indulgence and to ungodly living. It says no. The grace of God it teaches us
to no to ungodliness and worldly passions and to live self-controlled upright and godly
lives. Okay. Look at the big N O; underline that in your Bible. Grace teaches us to say
no. Alright. When you go to go eat tonight, if I was your
accountability partner or one of these people that we know. And you go, �I am tempted
to eat.� I would go, �No, you cannot do that. Absolutely not. It is not in the cards.
It is not an availability to you. It is not an opportunity. It is not a right.� If you
came up to me and said, �I want to go rob that bank tomorrow and I want to rob all of
that money out of there.� I would go in there and tell you, �No you cannot and you
are not going to. I will call the police on you. Right now.� That is what I feel like
I need to do, is call the police on some of you all. You cannot do that. I mean, it should
be totally off of your list from this point forward, that you are able to go in and destroy
the body that God has made, that is not what it is for.
You are here to take care of your body and then cleanliness is next to godliness. People
ask about us, I think one of the comments was, �You guys seem put together.� I go,
�Well, you try being thirty years the same size and going to the Goodwill store and buying
stuff there and going to Planet Exchange and buying stuff there. You have quite a collection
after that.� It does not take a lot of money, but you are the same size. People spend a
lot more money on their clothes then I have, but when you are the same size, your foot
size even changes when you gain weight. So, you are having to � you have fourteen different
wardrobes, but when you go back you can take � you are not supposed to take care of just
the outside, but the inside. It is not about glorifying that, it is about using it to point
up and say, �God is the answer. God is the reason why. God is what it is all about.�
You know what our problem is, is that people are in religions every day that says grace
teaches you to say, �Yes, it is okay.� Grace teaches you that it is okay. I go, �That
is false religion.� That is the religion that I did away with and that I said, �You
scare me. I am getting away from here, running, fleeing from false religion.� Going to true
religion and in true religion grace teaches you to say no. I do not � I tell myself
no and I do get on the scales occasionally to make sure that I am not flattering myself
too much to detect my own sins, like it talks about in Psalms. (Psalm 36:2) There is a use
for scales. To be honest with yourself. Get in there and tell yourself the truth and if
you have said it is okay or yes to yourself when you should not have, then you should
not. So prevention and permanent weight loss is about Jesus Christ and He did not say yes
to Himself. Catherine, what you have done, Candace; what you all have done is you came
in and you went through the books. Not looking for the yeses or the way out. You went into
it with an attitude. All of these people are asking, �What is my problem? Why can I not
do this?� You can say it better than that, you went into it with what � an attitude
of � how did you approach it? CATHERINE ZANONI: I would read The Word really
for the first time in my life. Thanks to Weigh Down. I was brought up in a church, but I
did not read it or know God�s Word at all. I did not have a relationship with God and
that is what Weigh Down did for me. I was not looking for a way to lose weight; I really
wanted this relationship with God. I would read the list of things that you are not supposed
to do and I would think that I was guilty of nine out of ten of those. I have got some
changing to do. Weigh Down was the how to change, it was the how to change and it just
got easier and easier as you were teaching me what God�s will even was. I could apply
that and then I saw positive changes in my mind and then my body and my heart; my heart
changed so tremendously; every aspect. And being thin was and still is a side effect
of all of those heart changes. GWEN SHAMBLIN: You told yourself �no�.
You had indulged in drugs. You said you and Robert had been into everything.
CATHERINE ZANONI: Drugs and alcohol, definitely to cope. I was a young mother, twenty seven
and had four children and it was very stressful. Life was very stressful or so I thought. Life
is still very full, but I just do not turn to food or alcohol or any of those things
for comfort. I love going out to dinner. We had a great anniversary meal last week. It
was delicious, I love that I was hungry. I completely enjoyed it, but I do not use it
to cope or have five anniversary meals a day. I am so content. Weigh Down has taught me
to be content with less of the regular foods. I cannot imagine going back to eating cabbage
soup three times a day. No wonder that did not work. That is not natural. That is not
God. GWEN SHAMBLIN: It is not natural and it did
nothing to restrain the desire eating inside of you. People in the back of their mind have
this desire to overeat and you have got to kill it! You have got to put it to death,
that is all there is to it. Is there tears along with it? You better believe it. Me,
putting my will to death. I cried. Now that is in the first tapes too. That when you are
� I thought of it this way. When the tears are coming out that means your will is coming
out. I would sometimes cry myself to sleep because it was so hard. What you wanted was
not this marriage or not this body or not this life or not this job or whatever God
had given you. You did not want it or you were upset or you were angry. You would go
from angry to escape and escaping with the food or escaping with movies or escaping with
all kinds of things you can escape with obviously. Yet, it did not work.
CANDACE ANGER: Until Weigh Down I do not think I realized how spoiled I was. It was like
the tests would come and I would go, �This is hard. I do not really feel like it in the
middle of the afternoon when I am tired and I have just done this and this to tell myself
no.� Then I would hear your voice from the tape in my mind going, �This is exactly
when the test was going to come. This is exactly the test. You have to pass.� I would listen
to that For This Hour like constantly or any tape honestly or any Truthstream or anything
and it was like at that moment you could actually overcome in that little tiny moment and He
got you over that hump and next time it was easier. You felt so strong afterwards.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: The next thing you know you pass that test and you go, �That was not
that hard.� It is built up in your mind that it is that hard. Look at all of these
people that over Thanksgiving did well. We are starting to get some stats in here and
it looks like somebody just told me, �Thanksgiving, best ever. Ten people lost weight that are
on the comments. There is another five coming in.� I am not sure how many. Thank you for
your comments. CANDACE ANGER: Melanie in Louisiana says,
�Praise God that I lost two pounds from the day before to the day after Thanksgiving.
It may not seem like a lot, but to lose is exciting. I cooked all of our traditional
foods and deserts just ate between hunger and fullness. Thank you Gwen, this is a joyous
feeling.� Melanie from Louisiana. Then Karen, �This was the best Thanksgiving
ever. The first one that I actually lost weight and also got to witness to my family members.
My sister is actually reading the Weigh Down Diet book. Thank you for all of your tips
of how to keep focused on God. Serving is so much better then food.� She said to you.
Then Terry in Ohio, �I lost three pounds Thanksgiving week. I love this show. I have
been sharing it with friends and thank you for making it available.� She says.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: I praise God for making this available and obviously everyone�s help.
Everybody can help keep this going. There is one person that lost thirteen pounds that
just came in. Did you do Terry in Ohio? CANDACE ANGER: Yes.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: That is awesome, Terry. Great job! That is awesome, awesome. �Best thanksgiving
ever!� CANDACE ANGER: There is Lisa in Tennessee
she wrote in, �This Thanksgiving was different. I just lived to serve and love and give as
I am being taught to do.� Which is exactly what you talked about last week. �God not
only helped me with every dish turning out wonderful, but gave us extra time to go out
and pray together as a family afterwards. No naps needed for being over indulgent, just
perfect peace and truth. A true Thanksgiving with devotion in our hearts with new friends
and family. Praise God forever for His love and His goodness to man.�
GWEN SHAMBLIN: I saw another one Rebecca in Tennessee. Here we go guys. Very very good.
But what in general they are saying the same things that Catherine and Candace is that
they are saying no over Thanksgiving and they are all acting like it was better than it
would have been if they said yes. If you had gotten up Monday morning after Thanksgiving
and got on the scales and put on weight. So, that no ironically turns out to be better.
Are you happier after all of these years? CATHERINE ZANONI: Yes, this is the eleventh
year that I do not have to resolve to lose weight. I mean, that is amazing. I can take
a trip and just pack anything in my closet. The benefits of it are amazing and it just
becomes so natural. I just am not interested in food at all. You could have told me ten
years ago that would ever happen. But I just kept doing what God wanted, kept
denying myself, kept saying no when I was not supposed to be eating and did all the
practical things; setting your watch, waiting ten minutes, you will pass that test. Or eating
on the smaller plate. Start by only fixing myself half a sandwich so I did not have to
tempt myself to stop in the middle of the sandwich. All of those things are very practical
so that now today, it is just very normal to eat small amounts.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: You said you had lost weight even in this last year. It has continued to
come. So it is not like what is going on if you keep these practices going you become
even stronger in it and not weaker. CANDACE ANGER: Yes.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Whereas people that are aging in this country are finding themselves more
out of control than ever. Desperate and out of control so it is opposite world. You have
got to get the right accountability partner, you have got to get the right principles,
these principles have not hurt anyone. Weigh Down is the same program that it has been
from the beginning; never changed. I am stronger for it. I have continued to put it into my
heart. Whatever you put into your heart, I am telling you it is very scary; whatever
you put in your kids heart, whatever they are watching, whatever you are doing; you
have got ten solid years, eleven years; is it going on eleven?
CATHERINE ZANONI: I just celebrated ten years. GWEN SHAMBLIN: Ten solid, ten years of putting
in the right information and look at the results. CATHERINE ZANONI: I still � I am a Truthstream
subscriber. I have got cd�s in my car, the best thing about my car is that it had a cassette
player and some of my favorite talks were on cassette so I could still listen to my
cassettes. I still do that every day. GWEN SHAMBLIN: People are looking for magic.
To a certain extent God has given it to us. CANDACE ANGER: Yes
GWEN SHAMBLIN: The Word, Truthstream, and all that. Where it is coming back and taking
The Word, reading it to you, interpreting it for you, and putting it in a very good
practical type of thing so that you are able to digest it and put it into your life. It
is feeding yourself spiritual food that works. You are looking for an answer, we have found
it, and God has given it to us and I praise God for it. It can be yours too. We say, �Stick
with it!� CANDACE ANGER: Even if you have done a class
before. It is different each time you take it because you hear something new. The Spirit
is amazing. Even when you were talking yesterday about the prison ministry and they are doing
the Strongholds class, which was a class that I did ten years ago, and they are changing
from it today. It is just timeless. Even if you have taken the same class one time and
the next time you take it you hear so many new things, it is so neat.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: The first things that I was confronted with when Weigh Down first started
years and years and years ago and this man came to me and just said, �Okay, we are
going to offer it here at our church.� It was not a church where I went, but he goes,
�But, we do not believe at this church that could ever permanently lose weight.� I remember
bringing the Scripture and he had never seen it and he did not know what to do with it.
This is found in 1 Peter, chapter four, verses one and two. It says, �Therefore, since
Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because he who
has suffered in his body is done with sin. (Done with sin, you are looking at it.) As
a result, he does not live the rest of his earthly life for evil human desires, but rather
for the will of God.� (1 Peter 4:1-2) What a packed verse. What a packed verse.
This is telling you everything. Number One, suffering. When you suffer in your body. What
is wrong with a little bit of suffering? Oh, come on. We are crybabies. We are all crybabies
in this country. We have such an unbelievable life, why not � you are suffering for being
overweight. That is the suffering you put on yourself. I am talking about the suffering
that God gives us and the yoke that Jesus gives you is lighter than the yoke of the
world. Take His yoke; the yoke on your neck. Take His guidance because His guidance is
easier. It is easier for all of us to eat when we
are hungry, you wait for a growl, and I waited for a growl. It keeps happening during this
show. I do not know if there is a reason for that. We just are fine. We know that we are
fine and that we are not going to die. We will get to food later. It growls a little
bit and you do not have to hear it; it is a feeling. It is a twist.
What happen is acid comes out of the stomach and knots up the muscles and it twists and
it writhes because of the acid. It is a feeling. You feel tired sometimes and faint and the
stomach – if you are really overweight it is very slight and that is just because if
it was really needed the body would keep on writhing. It would be a lot stronger. But
when you do not really need it, it will be a little bitty stomach growl, if you have
a lot of weight to lose and then it will go and take stored food off of the body. It starts
using up all of the – it is kind of like a refrigerator or a freezer that you have got
in your body from all of this extra fat. It goes and takes food out of there and that
is how you lose weight. It is not that big of a deal in the beginning, but you cannot
become anorexic with this because the body will � if you are obeying the body you will
be growling all of the time. Growling in the night and nobody wants to live with that.
�Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude.�
(I Peter 4:1) Arm yourself with the same attitude. Christ suffered in His body. You suffer a
little bit and then, �because he who has suffered in his body is done with sin.�
(1 Peter 4:1) Here is what happened when those people left ten years ago � they did not
want to suffer. I understand that, but what I found is that you suffered much more taking
on the yoke of the world and living for sensual indulgence.
All that had no value, bottom line, what happens is when it has no value then you are then
going to be more ravenous and more greedy for food. Can you turn it around? You absolutely
can! Do what Catherine did. Do what Candace did. They both, ten years ago, same time,
stuck with it. They kept listening to Truthstream because in Truthstream I am in there telling
you, �You can suffer a little bit. Oh, come on. You can do this! You can tell yourself
no, just no.� When you do that you will wind up understanding that the suffering that
God gives us is a lot less and a lot more fun, a lot more enjoyable. This life is incredible.
Praise God! Praise Christ for suffering. Praise You Jesus Christ for letting us find who You
are. It is far better. Are we in agreement. CATHERINE ZANONI: I totally agree with you.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Any final words from you Ms. Catherine?
CATHERINE ZANONI: Just, the freedom that I found and the hope that I have in knowing
that I can be personally responsible for my choices that has just been huge. It has been
life changing. It gives me so much hope to know that if something is not going right
I can make the changes. Weigh Down is the how to do that.
GWEN SHAMBLIN: Okay, any final tech tips or any final information?
CANDACE ANGER: Yes, I have got one tech tip, which is to join the Weigh Down Facebook page,
if you have not done that. There is a group page on Weigh Down. Go and join there. We
are just about to hit the over 3,000 mark. If you go join today that would be like such
a joy! GWEN SHAMBLIN: I want to thank you Catherine.
Thank you Candace. I want to thank you all for joining us today! What an unbelievable
day that God has made for us today that we can something about. You, if you keep really
hanging on and clinging onto God and His Son Jesus Christ, you too can overcome.
Until next week I expect to see even more people joining and overcoming for the sake
and the glory of God and Jesus Christ. Until next week. Bye bye. 11

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