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100 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg: ‘Let’s Put Forward Somebody Who’s Actually A Democrat’ | NBC News

  1. It is a bummer when the polarized majority of working Americans is against the 1% billionaire class and corporate shills like Buttigieg, for you anyway.

  2. Why does Mayor Pete keep bringing up the fact that he is "the only non-millionaire on this stage" dude you're only 37 and you haven't written a best-selling book. Bernie officially became a millionaire when he was like what over 70?

  3. Pete is a corrupt, professional boot licker for the wealthy establishment. He wants nothing more than to serve his corporate masters.

  4. PETE FOR PREZ!!!! – On a serious note, he is the ONLY one Capable!!!!!… The World Needs Pete to THRASH the current Orange-Blob!!!

  5. Nevada calling on everybody to vote for Pete Buttigieg! Let’s turn the page and unite the country, a house divided cannot stand! “We are the rising tide” Numerous Polling shows that a radical progressive cannot win and an old run of the mill politician simply won’t win, just look at how Hilary lost in 2016! We need a healer not a divider Pete Buttigieg 2020! Vote Pete, make a difference in our future! 🇺🇸🙏🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏻

  6. Ahhhh the hate trolls and bots are out in full swing, Pete this means you are winning and people are afraid or they wouldn’t be on your Twitter 🇺🇸🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏿💪🏼 President Pete 2020

  7. ‪Since President Pete just won Iowa and clearly didn’t rig anything since he won Iowa by 2 delegates! And now practically tied Bernie for first in his own backyard of NH Pete be knocking hate trolls and Bernie Bots like…..Go Pete Go! They hate you because you are winning! 💪🏼🇺🇸‬

  8. youtu.be/aTRSgmQI3Lg Every doubter of Buttigieg needs to watch this recent video of a South Bend resident stand up for Mayor Pete and the massive integration steps he has taken! -spread it

  9. This is what you will wake up to DNC Super Tuesday: Bernie Wiins B U T Killary/BlewitBurg but out the DNC. Either way. TRUMP WINS. DemonRats LOSE

  10. Barack H. Obama received contributions from Billionaires and Wall Street folk. Are we (Democrat’s) saying he was a bad person or bad president for it ??

  11. Buttigieg has become a puppet for the Democratic establishment, making him their primary choice. Which means the working people are being compromised by the DNC in order to keep the status quo! Only person I trust is Bernie because he's been consistent his whole life to fighting for justice wherever and to whomever it was needed!

  12. Mayor Pete is wonderful, a 78 billonaire and a 77 socialist who is a millonaire himself, what a dilema, Pete Buttigieg is the right choice for President.

  13. Nothing comes free in this life. Dont trade our liberty so many have fought bled and died for for an empty promise of something free. we will eventually run out of other peoples money.

  14. Pete is the best candidate. Buttigieg is brilliant, articulate, humble, hardworking, and he's a Veteran! What's not to love!!!

  15. Love Pete!! He is the best of all these candidates. We have zero chance with Bloomberg or socialist Sanders and I do like Warren though. Biden too old and Amy too inexperienced. Pete is so articulate and intelligent and YOUNG! Gee does America need a change!!

  16. I would have felt better had he said lets put forward a person who is actually someone with strong beliefs for our democracy…

  17. Pete is a good speaker but I think he is selling a dream ., he sounds like he rehearsed in front of a mirror with an Obama picture in the back ground , I think Bernie or Amy are more prominent to do the job that is being proposed

  18. Właściciel kurczaków jest do kitu, denerwuje mnie już sama jego twarz. Tylko Bernie może pokonać Trumpa. Bernie!

  19. Ohhh! Not, not, NOT cool NBC. Leaving the end of Pete's last sentence on the cutting room floor was a 100% transparently disingenuous attempt to twist the meaning of Pete's words. I will be back with the quote… (from NBC's transcript)

    BUTTIGIEG: Yeah, but the vision I'm putting forward has the support of the American people. We can actually deliver health care without taking it away from anyone. We can actually empower workers and lift wages without further polarizing this country. And we can build a movement without having legions of our supporters online and in person // attacking Democratic figures and union leaders alike.

  20. Pete should, like the people Who voted for him, start investing in stocks, more precise, companies that deal in water all around the world. Because of people like you, bloomberg, Hillary, Bill, and obama, the world will not be able to deal with the climate crisis. Water will soon be the reason why we go to war. Everyone Who voted for Hillary in 2016 should be ashamed for what they have done.

  21. Pete's last few punches before his campaign collapses completely. I'm going to enjoy seeing him losing badly in more diverse states

  22. ‼️‼️‼️JUST VOTED FOR PETE TODAY!!! Been waiting a YEAR for this‼️‼️‼️
    ‼️‼️WIN THE ERA‼️‼️

  23. Pete Buttigieg – no policies, no plans, no ideas. Just criticize others. It is unbelievable how many self-proclaimed "Democrats" support such a self-entitled racist narcissistic fraud like Pete Buttigieg. It just shows how real racism is in America even on the "Democratic" side.

  24. That stupid argument of Bernie's keeps getting repeated ad nauseam. 46 billionaires = $128,800 MAXIMUM, which is teeny tiny fraction of the millions donated by regular people like myself. Bernie is trying to equate that to the corruption of the Republican Party. Really?!?

    If you like Pete, please go donate whatever you can at https://peteforamerica.com/ and prove to everyone that we can rally behind this campaign and make Pete the best president we've ever had. Remember, it takes the whole country working together to get things done. Don't just elect a president and walk away. You still need to make you voice heard for whatever you think hasn't been fixed, that will benefit all. And vote BLUE on all midterm elections. We will need a Democratic Congress in order to get anything passed.

  25. So we should have a guy bought by billionaires from a tiny town with big slogans? I think Bernie is the only one that cares about workers

  26. Pete wait your turn, America don't needs a trainer…..just wait…another 8 years….Pete….and we don't need Bernie Sanders…he is a mad man….

  27. The word polarizing is the last word I'd use to describe Bernie. The man stands for the entirety of America and it's people. How is that polarizing when Pete stuffs his pockets full of billionaires money?

  28. Pete is right. Bernie is hitching a ride on the Democratic Party and complaining about the driver all the way. He will destroy the Democratic party if it doesn't bend his way. My friend in college tells me his friends tell him: "If Bernie is president we won't have to pay our student loans."

  29. Everyone on here talking trash about Pete's appearance. Sanders looks and sounds like a grouchy old grampa yelling 'get off my lawn'….Why do young people love him so much? He's not very cuddly…

  30. For real, I can't believe only one candidate up there actually stood up for democracy! I was appalled when nobody shared Bernie's view that the will of the people should choose out candidates. I will certainly be voting for the only person on stage who advocates for democracy! So in that regards I agree with Pete.

  31. No substance Pete the cheat. Was truly exposed in iowa financing the app that screwed the whole primary. cia implant. no substance.. just words coming out that mean absolutely nothing bc he has no policies or vision.

  32. Social democracy is not necessarily against capitalism. We have our capitalism in the Netherlands and in Germany and that is fine. What social democracy recognises however is that there is also a thing called Market failure: situations in which a free market is not a solution because they ultimately take away the freedom of the individual. Social democracy freed us from allocation by heritage, money, state of health: basically dumb luck. I would claim that in the US people are more bound by the social economic status they are born with and are thus less free to develop and empower themselves than Europeans are. If you really want to become the land of the free, provide people with the opportunity to make the best out of themselves by giving them hope and a goal in life. You might learn that the economy fares well by it.

  33. No, you gotta wake up as a person!
    The world is a mess, and people are barely surviving!
    We need a major change, and you aren't the one who can achieve that, pete.

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