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Pistachio Nuts Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

Have you ever heard about pistachio? Have you ever tried it? A little less popular than walnuts and other
nuts, pistachios can make all the difference in the health of those who eat it. Did you know? Pistachio has been pointed out as a great
ally of good health, not only for helping with keeping your body in shape, but also
for its contribution to the functioning and behavior of the body. Derived from the seed of the Pistacia tree,
original from Central Asia, it is a type of nut frequently consumed all year long, toasted
and salted, like peanuts. It is also used to make ice-cream, salads,
chocolate, pudding, and other sweets. Some of its benefits are: Regulates the intestine
Pistachio contains fatty acids and fiber that help in the intestinal transit and in the
reduction of “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Prevents heart diseases
Because of its minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, phosphorus and
monounsaturated fats, pistachio helps dilate the blood vessels. It unblocks the arteries, and increases the
levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL), reducing, thus, the risks of heart diseases. Anti-aging action
Pistachios are rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, and vitamin E, which help protect the body
against the harmful action of free radicals. Protects the nervous system
Being a source of vitamin B6, pistachio can promote the health of nerve fibers, contributing
to the proper functioning of the nervous system. This vitamin also benefits the behavior and
nerve impulses, which preserves the nerves and their actions individually. This way, pistachio helps with messages and
reactions of the nerves. Improves sight
Source of zeaxanthin and lutein, important antioxidants that act on the protection of
the body against free radicals, pistachio acts preserving the cellular health, contributing
to good sight. Makes your hair prettier
If you wish for healthy hair, know that the benefits of pistachio can help you. It stimulates hair growth, making them stronger
and more flexible. Besides that, since it has biotin, it is great
for people who suffer from hair loss. Contributes to a more harmonic skin
Rich in vitamin E and selenium, pistachios help protect the skin against UV rays and
diseases that affect the skin tissues. It treats and prevents acne and scars, keeping
your skin beautiful. Besides that, pistachio is also a great natural
moisturizer, contributing to the aging effects on skin. Now that you know the benefits of pistachio,
you should also know that every type of nuts has a different mixture of nutrients, so it
is better to vary their consumption. There isn’t a recommended amount for the consumption
of pistachio. The suggested amount is around 0.7 oz. to
1 oz. of nuts a day, which you can eat as a snack. When buying pistachio, opt for those with
shells, and pay attention to signs of mold, humidity or damages caused by insects. This way, the risks of buying pistachio contaminated
by aflatoxins is smaller. Aflatoxins are substances produced by fungi
that contaminates the foods without changing their flavors, and if consumed constantly
over long periods of time, can increase the risk of liver cancer. Now tell us, have you ever eaten pistachio,
or any dishes that had this oleaginous nut as an ingredient?

22 thoughts on “Pistachio Nuts Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

  1. I love pistachios but I didn't know about the benefits. I know people that can benefit from it. Thank you for sharing 🤗♥️

  2. I been eating and pistachio since I was little girl. I remember you can get a hand full out the gumbow machine also they good

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