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Hi! Sawaddee ka. So this is the first video of the channel. In this video, I’m going to be talking about a plant-based diet and a vegan diet. We’re going to look at the similarities and differences of those two. I’ll also talk about weight loss and the possibility to heal or reverse diseases, as some of you guys might be curious. First, let me explain the word ‘diet’ in Thai. When we use the word ‘diet’ in Thai, we usually mean we’re on a diet specifically for weight loss which is correct, though in English it doesn’t exclusively mean ‘for weight loss’. The first meaning for the word is actually just what you eat, your diet. Now, when I say ‘plant-based diet’, ‘vegan diet’, ‘omnivore diet’, it means that that’s your ‘eating’, so to speak. And an omnivore diet (or omnivorous) has both animal products and plants. It’s the “normal” diet, most of the people are on it. The reason I’m explaining this to you is, not every diet and aid weight loss. In this video and all of my future videos, I’ll say the word diet a lot but most of the times it doesn’t mean that it’s going to help you lose weight. That’s why I just want to establish this first in this video. Let’s get to it! Are vegan diet and plant-based diet the same? They’re practically the same! They both don’t contain meat and animal products. Wait. So what’s with the different names? That’s because they don’t necessarily share the same values, purpose, and philosophy. Vegans are ethical. The purpose of ‘being vegan’ is to stop animal cruelty, animal agriculture, and fight climate change. Veganism is not only a diet but more a lifestyle. They avoid leather, animal-tested products, like cosmetics and toiletries. Anything, really. They basically try to avoid causing harm to animals as much as they can. Veganism is driven by a philosophy. On the other hand, people adopt a plant-based diet for health benefits. They aren’t really driven by a certain philosophy. They only abstain from eating animal products. Apart from their diet, they still lead the same lifestyle. But it’s not like they can’t consume any animal products at all. If you consume animal products only once or twice a week, you’re still considered plant-based. Plant-based means the majority of your diet consists of plants, it should be the basis of what you eat. There should be very little to no animal products. Some people do change from being plant-based to being fully vegan. Why? Well, when you’re changing your diet, it’s quite a big decision. You gotta do some research and learn more about it before committing. And when you do research, you’ll come across lots of information about animal cruelty and what’s behind animal agriculture. That’s how some people went from plant-based to vegan. Now, we’ve talked about the similarities and differences of a vegan diet and a plant-based diet. The next question is, is this going to help me lose weight? Not always. If you don’t do your own research and plan your diet well you’ll end up eating only vegan burgers, vegan pizza, and snacks. A lot of snacks are vegan. You won’t get anything from eating processed food that are just vegan. But there’s a type of plant-based diet that will a 100% help you lose weight. That’s a whole food plant-based diet. In a WFPB diet, you don’t consume any processed food, carbs, sugar, trans fat, and saturated fat. You cannot go wrong if you omit these stuff. But I’ll make a separate video about whole food plant-based. Now, let’s talk about the health benefits. Is going plant-based really better? Are you sure we’re gonna be okay without animal products? Don’t worry about it not being ‘safe’. The biggest organization in the US, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has released its position paper stating that a vegan diet is suitable for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, and childhood. It’s completely safe when you plan and design it well. Apart from being approved as suitable for all stages of life, let’s talk about why you’re better off with a plant-based diet than eating meat and animal products. There are so many peer-reviewed studies and meta-analysis proving the danger of red meat and processed meat. In this monograph, WHO has put the consumption of processed meat up there in Group 1 carcinogen alongside smoking tobacco. There’s another study from Massachusettes General Hospital where they study more than 130,000 subjects in 30 years. They found that vegans live longer and have a lower risk of diseases. Especially, the number one killer in Thailand, cancer. Vegans have a 15% lower risk of cancer. Is eating meat really that horrible? Well, I’ll present only one factor here in this video. Just one of the reasons why I think eating meat is bad. Meat and animal products contain a high level of choline and carnitine. You can find those in plants too, but there are a few hundred times more in meat and dairy. When you consume meat and dairy, the microbiome in your gut will change those things to TMA (Trimethylamine), and when it reaches your liver, the liver then adds oxygen to it making it TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide) This TMAO will essentially make it easier to clog your arteries. When you have a high level of TMAO, you have more risk of getting fatty liver, cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases. The world’s number one killer is no other than cardiovascular disease. People die from CVD more than war and cancer combined. Let’s look at this study where they got 2,000 coronary artery disease patients to test out their TMAO level if it affects their mortality. They found that the higher level of TMAO you have, you’re further away from freedom from death in 5 years. A plant-based diet can lower your TMAO level. In some cases, you’ll get rid of the TMAO eating gut bacteria. There’s one more thing I want to show you. This is a photo of an artery of a patient with coronary artery disease. They monitored the artery to see if it would change after going plant-based. In the before photo above, you can clearly see that the artery was blocked. This is an artery of someone who’s already sick. And after 3 weeks of going plant-based, the artery was cleared and normal blood flow was restored. This is just some of the bad things that can happen when you eat meat and processed food. Just want to let you know before I go, I’m not a doctor, not a nutritionist. I’m just someone who has been doing a lot of reading and researches about the plant-based diet. I decided to collect information about nutrition and share them with you guys in a more digestible way so you guys can take this information and be aware and conscious about what you choose to eat. We should know more about what we put on our plates. Don’t just eat anything because it tastes good or because it’s a trend without knowing what exactly we’re getting from it, whether it’s good or bad. If we’re not aware and conscious about what you eat, eventually we’re the one who gets sick. Anyway, thanks for watching. Please like, share, and subscribe if you enjoy content like this. See ya!

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